Definitely one of the better shows in the last 10 years. He came into the event with plenty of confidence, as Generation Iron highlighted: Brandon Curry At Olympia 2019 Press Conference – “This Year Ain’t Open, It’s Mine!” #Olympia2019 #Bodybuilding #BrandonCurry #GenerationIron Old School Labs™ products do not hide behind proprietary blends, contain no artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors, and are manufactured using only high-quality ingredients. Bonac and Choopan had their conditioning on point, and the latter in particular still has room on his frame to add size. LOVE YALL as always and I cant wait to see as much of you as I can really soon. The incredible Dexter Jackson was competing in his 20th Mr. Olympia contest. This year, Bonac was ripped and striated and he was a strong runner-up in the biggest contest in bodybuilding. He is so densely packed with muscle, including thickly knotted abdominals, grainy, massive quadriceps and huge arms. 10. The 55th Mr. Olympia took place at the Orleans Arena on September 14th, 2019. It will be very interesting to see if Brandon Curry defends his title next year. Dude had a rough year personally but persevered in the end!???????? With 29 professional wins, Dexter is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Thank you to all my sponsors @yamamotonutrition @trifectasystem @vqfit and a very special thank you to @_chriscormier @brandongerdes & @sammi_sam_m for a relentless support balance that I am so lucky and appreciative to have from you guys!! 2019 Mr. Olympia Results And Prize Money For All Divisions. 9. These athletes’ work ethic is off the charts! #MrOlympia2019 Please log in again. Cant wait to hit that stage one day. Tarryn Garlington Here is a look at the final group of Friday's pre-judging, featuring four of the top five finishers: Top Four at the #2019mrolympia

This was AWESOME to read. #bodybuilding. Check out the official results below! The 2012-14 years were not a good time for Women’s Bodybuilding.

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Brandon Curry, the 2019 Arnold Classic champion, displayed thickness, mass and shape to become only the 15th Mr. Olympia in the history of the sport since it began in 1965. Watch ‘Untold Stories’ , Warriors superstar spoke to B/R about his golf obsession before Capital One’s The Match: ‘Could I have made it?’ ➡️. Mr. Olympia 2019!


Shanique Grant the two time Olympia champion wins again the 2019 Women’s Physique Olympia! This year’s show was special in its own right and its own way. 7.

Keone is a young, promising competitor in the Classic Physique division. He has all the qualities of the ideal Classic Physique – muscle mass in the right places, excellent symmetry and shape and incredible conditioning.

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Winklaar looked like one of the biggest men on stage, but his conditioning lagged a little behind that of Curry and Bonac. Carly Starling-Horrell, $ 6000 . Keone was in good condition for the 2019 Classic Physique Olympia and he also did a very good job presenting his physique by including such difficult poses as a lunging front double biceps. When people throw stones at you, covert them into milestones. I guess the judges were looking for something different. 5. Let us know your thoughts below on this year’s Olympia and what you are looking forward to for next year’s Mr Olympia.

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The 36-year-old beat William Bonac … Brandon Curry made good on his status of 2019 Mr. Olympia favourite on Saturday, winning his first-ever title. Figure Olympia! So wild how good genetics, hard work, discipline, science, and technique are all combined into one sport ! The audience at the finals gave him a great reception as they quickly recognized a top quality physique when they saw one. So happy to see him take the title! The 2019 Mr. Olympia has wrapped up, as bodybuilders from around the world have taken the stage to show their incredible physiques. Copyright © 2020 COSIDLA Inc. All Rights Reserved. #thankyou, A post shared by Breon M. Ansley (@breonma_) on Sep 15, 2019 at 7:00am PDT. I wish they would do something about the compensation for theas athletes but, it’s getting better. He could have placed even a little higher than fifth tonight and he definitely has a bright future in the sport. Not everyone was impressed by this year's contenders, however, and Muscle Phone thought Heath could easily have added another title: .

Regarded as many as the super-freak of Bodybuilding with his incredible arms and crazy size, he looked watery and flat at the prejudging on Friday night but rebounded nicely on Saturday with a much drier physique but it was too late. The 36-year-old beat William Bonac to the top spot and the $400,000 main prize, per Derek Hall at Chris also supplemented his physique with a very good posing routine that had great transitions and classic poses.