. . (But even then, the interface makes referring to the previous material easy.). x + y − z = −5 . Bases . . What is Linear Algebra?

. . . . . 99 . . There is a lot of great basic material here. 136 x+y =4 C33 (Chris Black) Find all solutions to the linear system: Notice the location in the proof of Theorem EOPSS where the expression . She likes his sculpture. Change of Basis . For example, it's hard to gauge how long a section will be when clicking on an example can suddenly expand a simple phrase to an entire page, or more. . .

. .

. . . . . 1 . The Sage Cell Server is nice and allows students to use Sage without downloading it. . . As long as SAGE stays compatible with online display and continues to be relevant this book will have staying power. The book appears very carefully written and accurate. . . . C10 (Robert Beezer) . If possible, download the file in its original format. But whatever problems I had may have been due to my own preference for thumbing through paper books. In fact, many of the topics are discussed in more depth than what is necessary for an intro course. . . She saw him in the park with a dog. . Sets . . . . . . .

. . Sometimes, the author includes elements in a proof that belong more in the discussion before or after. . Content is accurate, definitions are carefully stated. . Solution (Robert Beezer) If x, y and z represent the money held by Dan, Diane and Donna, then y = 15−z .

. 75 . 1.

. Solution (Robert Beezer) We know the dog belongs to the man, and the fountain belongs to the park. I did find some aspects of the experience to be slightly disconcerting. Solution (Robert Beezer) The augmented 1 The book essentially ends with orthonormal diagonalization. . . This book contains a standard set of topics one would expect to see in a first semester Linear Algebra course, beginning with systems of linear equations and transitioning into vectors and matrices. . . . The sequencing is perfectly logical and natural, and l would see no reason to do anything in a different order. But the key is that the book is written so that one could easily "jump around" these parts without causing much confusion for the students. . . .

. of the West Indies (Trinidad campus) and the University of Western Australia. . .

the third digit is half the second, the fourth digit is three times the third and the last two digits form a . . . . . . . In a definition, the word being defined is highlighted in bold. Solution (Robert Beezer) Did you assume that the baby and mother are human? . There is a complete lack of figures/diagrams in this text. This was true for most examples but not when directed to another section. . Solution (Robert Beezer) If the price of standard mix is set at $5.292, then the profit function has a zero . 106 . x2 − y 2 = 1 . The book is remarkably uniform in tone and format, and is uniquely Beezer's work from beginning to end. In fact, Linear Algebra is such an important part of modern mathematics/computer science/engineering that the text does some students a disservice by not focusing on these. . . −3c + d = 0 0 meant to modify. However, there are several topics missing that I would consider part of a standard first course in linear algebra. . . . a − b = −1 . 75 131 Representations M11 (Robert Beezer) Discuss the difference in meaning of each of the following three almost identical

. . I believe the book is very up to date.

He has created his own brand of textbook. . . .

. x2 + y 2 = 1 : . Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. The text covers all the topics of a first course in linear algebra. . . Download books for free.

0 0 . . . . 6 I decided to ride the bus. . . . (This exercise includes suggestions from Don Kreher.) . x1 + 3x2 − 3x3 = 4 . . . . b+ f =6 . This preview shows page 1 out of 155 pages. . 53 . . This text is consistent in its terminology, both internally and globally. . faculty since 1984. I examined this book carefully last semester while searching for a good inexpensive (or free) textbook to adopt for a sophomore-level linear algebra course. −b + 2c = 0 . . . . . . . . Together Diane and Donna have $15. . . . . equation would be lost. .

. I like that the exercises have a letter indicating their type (e.g. . . , .

. . M12 (Robert Beezer) The following sentence, due to Noam Chomsky, has a correct grammatical structure, . . . As a globally-editable machine-assisted textbook, there are good reasons to believe it will remain accurate in future editions. . M70 (Robert Beezer) We have seen in this section that systems of linear equations have limited possibilities y =5−x I decided on the bus. .

. - eigenvalues and eigenvectors are covered before the notion of a linear transformation is defined. . . Converted file can differ from the original. . 5 .

. b+c=5 . .

. . The author introduces the idea of a basis in the chapter on vectors and even uses the term without fully defining it. Abstract vector spaces appear in the middle of the book once students are well-equipped to make the transition from real or complex vector spaces. . As a grader, I much prefer it when my students provide clear names for the theorems they are invoking in their write-ups. . 0 −3 0 The author does a good job of maintaining style throughout.

furiously. . . . It is difficult to imagine how linear algebra could be culturally insensitive. 41 in Statistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign greatly. . .

. . . .

. .

(1, 0), (−2, 3), (−2, − 3) . . . . . . . (Why not just call it "Definition RANK"?) . .

. This textbook has been used in classes at: Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Westmont College, University of Ottawa, Plymouth State University, University of Puget Sound, University of Notre Dame, Carleton University, Amherst College, Felician College, Southern Connecticut State University, Michigan Technological University, Mount Saint Mary College, University of Western Australia, Moorpark College, Pacific University, Colorado State University, Smith College, Wilbur Wright College, Central Washington U (Lynwood Center), St. . the problem statement into an equation. . The only feature I was missing were bookmarks in the pdf of the solutions manual, but that was a big one. In fact, many of the topics are discussed in more depth than what is necessary for an intro course. . The original number is 100a + 10b + c, while the reversed number is C10 (Robert Beezer) In Example TMP the first table lists the cost (per kilogram) to manufacture each of . Cloud State University, Miramar College, Loyola Marymount University. It begins with systems of equations and matrix algebra before moving into the theory of abstract vector spaces, eigenvalues, linear transformations and matrix representations. . . . . Subspaces . 1 . M13 (Robert Beezer) Read the following sentence and form a mental picture of the situation. The text is pretty self-referential, but the book is hyperlinked throughout. .

Introducing Textbook Solutions. Proofs and examples are usually done in sufficient detail, but the labeling system makes it more difficult than necessary to find references to other theorems. . 136 The basic material will not change and as such this text could be used a 100 years from now. . This sort of documentation is critical for guiding a student---perhaps without much python experince---to successly using the Sage environment to learn some mathematics). --The Archetypes, 24 examples that are each touched on several times, from different perspectives, throughout the text provide a nice sense of continuity. She saw him in the park with a telescope. . Critique its faults. . . If we were to allow It is very well written. 2 . . Although the linking available in the online formats certainly helps students overcome this, that is not available in a printed version of the text. . . . 16 . . Reviewed by James Fowler, Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University on 6/10/15, Beezer's book includes all the expected topics in a first corse in linear algebra, and it also provides some review sections on set theory and complex numbers. . . read more. . There is also a list of all acronyms used for definitions and theorems at the end of the book. . . For instance, Definition ROLT is for the rank of a linear transformation. .

. . . . . 8

. character. . . . x+y =5 . for . .

. It would help to have a list of chapter dependencies. 91 .

100c + 10b + a. . . Examples are distinguished by a different background color. . The Sage supplement makes it especially relevant for instructors who wish to implement computation/programming into their course. . .

determinants show up later than I'd expect), but that's bound to happen with any text. . . 3 . . Proofs are generally given with great detail and references that students can use to understand individual steps.