Additional Grammar Rules I. Wordiness/Redundancy Shorter is better. J��3wkůj6�E�BA�������CJKo�(6�'b�y�|�"���n��N�_�c�Z��8�F�q7, {��S�P���*�8�+"ͨPb� 99��ԿA$�ۨүQ���D������7�[��x��V%��ơ��8�߀��#{��H�j��ț�Ok���@�#Ai�FQZ�Yw���=r�B葤�ӎ��|���=�����H�U�:H���2��A`��# �h��!��GL��1 %��������� When multiple answers are grammatically correct and express the same essential information, the shortest one will virtually always be correct. Use commas for lists or for a small pause or shift in a sentence Examples: Sarah, his girlfriend of three years, walked out on him after his Facebook addiction became too difficult to handle. Must move quickly – 75 questions in 45 minutes You will get a separate English score with the Comma errors are all over the ACT English section. 8�����*b�~^�?mG�I���o��%��U�^��#� >�T:�÷#��)�ɱ{-� SS,���-���(���}�� g��q*��866�*N�&v�P�c��C�D5vAU� ���o����c{~+��H�"!�������ob�|��;�S[S�����0��9���� �]?�c�l�B�84E����;C�!�-:穢�:C(d�u��Q�O2Dlg�u�l��$r�7U��D�|���j�;���ވ^ 2��V�C����]F S�R����b�+?S��Š�޹���ӎ!XS�d�4�u�,�Uu~D5�����&�t���^3�ݣt!Pۺ��6rJ*�Զ/�a��]�L!_n�o)+\�M��-�0� �cs�U�7(�����)�A\W��g�x���oD�cx�3���E1�k5)�>�$�5pp��&�b� �%��9fB3%��E�f�6�OX�f��BZa���ZWm96=�'RV�����r��2�ڳL� ~�T��n�������D�r\�>�ɠD>>� Broken up into 6 passages.Most questions can be answered by only reading the corresponding sentence.

You are asked on this ACT test to correct sentences identified within a passage. x�\ےܶ}�W���يE�ݩ;�ey���Aٵ�Iv���J����2��&fH`H��*)��^���n���|c~4v0֙��L� ��{�g���7��~o��X�m�bv�\�GUY��q ��*m8�|,v��|g�4��������e��xt���џ��w|Қ�ᒆ��+�e��{߇[�?��_`ޙ��Q2�1ӘU��+��r]\�d�V���7¢o�ʕ;��#��'vm^ȋ:�+�ͤ���ф��ɠ��?�g�鱼���U�)Ê�u��:Iy;3�2�&� �7^CŢY5�X�S ���i�-u����60�~�����&'!rUYU=l��t;�?�]\�.O�7� L?�f�����i������` O���3�_�`� 5Q ��5߿꯼�A��/]/v�����w!U�_��zvO����7}S�Ύ�"� (��rXT�B�RM3�lU�C�N� Qȯ������ćۯYC����8u}�������B��I�e�z5�{15 The objec-tives of the program are to build self-confidence, refresh cognitive skills, identify strengths and weaknesses, and give practice in working with test questions. Note that most of these questions can be answered visually. S�8g�hRSD��+�P�FO}Bߙ;��]Ȑ����<0r-��B��'l>4�r�ȍ�E[�AH��d��E!� �O�1��2�:�&a��"e�� PA@ނ$3]�.upUn�l)9Տ�����:`�5Q#�R��������V���.9̈́Λ��щ��+?�@��yOk��_^�q�����!rD��zg�0*�|���87- He was merely ignorant, not stupid. The older tests are reportedly less accurate, so use them mainly for practice and not to predict your score. + u�Ժ�g@&꓁�٢o_��zt��RJ��(�gJ�D�Kh͋�_�֏���[i�[�`�|���_Z��F���)�s[�G݅��LGW�t��v��o}��HD�)1\e4$`���Aȑ�a��l�!�6�#o��2��U�(js���#�HH�Q1s3uw�P�]�@L=���fz�b��귒��>��1�G{����3��k)���/�~�f������[鈜�2��2�2F���rL�����APm`q�Y�4xZ8�b7I�EK�GAi"��^�w^P�oU7� �Q`�[p&��8m�\Qɣ"��/���Ѕ�vm��un��^MNC�H��%��u�W�K29L�`�2`��LZ expository writing: punctuation, grammar and usage, sentence structure, strategy, organization, and style, and a writing test section. Here is a brief review of the comma rules relevant to the ACT: 1. There are pdf versions of the full ACT downloadable practice test here.

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The newer ACT downloadable practice test is a more accurate indicator of what score you should obtain on the official ACT.

This is the absolute #1 rule of the ACT English section. 4 0 obj ��0���C�L7��nA�j�H9Hx�� @Q�{ �@��7��p��)vz�M"C|A�D�^A�Q���B�3vpQy�� 0s�/A ~��?jz�-pN�t��o ]�� C���0����9�LU�Z��;�C�� .��aMӖ}�6�3gHh]?Pj[0��)���?�ꚲ��(/���L�qT�bG]S�h��p�R��o!B8��� ���o�idz�+��A� ��D궄�V �,��tBѴ�B�,! She lives in South Orange, New Jersey. Practice Tests . Nancy Hirsch is a writer and education editor in New York, New York.

I'G� Just simply click and download the pdf. �2Q��XZ�� ��h"F�����FjP�v}���?f�,s*�oDVU��b 8����A�x�_������s- stream ACT English 1 ACT English Test The multiple-choice English test focuses on proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence flow. The passage precedes the questions and each sentence is number in the passage.

;#��JR)ʂ�� �#��T�ٮ��Oɺ1#�/�L�pDX�gԗ�Z�. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Melinda Grove is a high school math teacher from New Britain, Connecticut. ) �(�R��khw֠1�m�5����ϟr�#P�@k)�=�EO�1���ʉB��F9�w�E���Tt���\�w�9XO About the Authors Elizabeth Chesla is the author of TOEFL Exam Success and many other writing and reading guides and test preparation books. About the English section Most predictable section on the ACT All multiple choice testing on various rules of grammar and organization.