You will find 10 best act prep books and related products in the table below. The Official ACT Prep Guide 2020-2021. The Official ACT Prep Guide.

Again her verbal-tutoring skills shine forth as she covers the ACT Reading section. Other perks include free ACT homework help and Exam Club, a free service offered for “alums” of Testmasters who want additional practice or brush-ups before the exam. I put these books into careful order – so start at the top, and work downwards. This book is the absolute best for realistic practice that teaches the exact ins-and-outs of the official ACT test. This is a great choice for students who know they need to buckle down and focus on the ACT Math section. Many students benefit greatly from video tutorials as part of their ACT prep; video offers the best of both worlds, letting you learn visually and auditorily at the same time while being available anytime, anywhere and on any device. Experience increased confidence, speed, and accuracy on the ACT English test. Don’t forget to check out our companion list on the 17 best SAT prep books ever written! This has not influenced our choice of books. It would be so nice if the official ACT prep book had more than just three practice tests, but unfortunately it just does not. Contact us today for a FREE personalized consultation for your ACT and SAT Prep. A Premium package will allow you to study for six months for $299. Click Here to return to the main book list.

The Best ACT Prep Books | A quick review of the top ACT test prep books including a comparison table, short review summaries and a suggestion buying guide. You’ll quickly realize that the Essay is actually pretty easy, as long as you understand what you’re supposed to do. Well, that’s partially because of how much experience the author has at teaching ACT prep. PrepExpert offers the best variety on the market in terms of intensives and short-term, in-depth ACT prep. Before you go, be sure to join our ACT Prep email list! Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. Three-week intensives, called “Fast Track” courses, are also regularly offered in online classrooms for $799. We can help you plan for 1-on-1 ACT Tutoring, practice testing, or small-group ACT Prep Classes. These are annual passes and self-paced courses, not organized around any particular test date. Discounts are available several times a year; just check the website regularly for updates. But, that means most high school students can benefit from this book. And their premier ACT prep book doesn’t disappoint: Barron’s ACT is a solid all-around book for ACT prep and practice. I’ve never met a student or ACT tutor who really used the first half of this book for anything. You’ll get a refund if you don’t improve your ACT score by four points or more. Six-week courses are the “flagship” ACT intensives offered by PrepExpert and include 100 key strategies from a perfect ACT scorer and 60 hours of instruction. Since ACT Math is a common trouble area for many of my students, I picked out two of my favorite ACT Math prep books. With smart strategies and diligent practice, the ACT Science section is actually fun and easy. The practice questions and reading passages in this book all meet a high standard of realism and authentic ACT flavor. It’s best for students with ACT scores currently between 15-30.

Luckily, this book is the perfect blend of content lessons and ACT-style math practice, and highly recommended for all students who want higher ACT Math scores. Get private SAT or ACT test tutoring online or in-person. If you’re looking for a better score, more confidence, and a deeper understanding of either the ACT or SAT writing assignment, get this course right now - I guarantee that you will not regret it. The problem is, the current edition of The Official ACT Prep Guide is sorely lacking in practice tests. That’s because English and Math are more “rule-based,” and it’s easier to make flashcards for them. Pros It has the best set of ACT practice tests you can get anywhere, period. Kaplan’s video tutorials, led by their instructors, are some of the best.

It also fully prepares you for the SAT Grammar section at the same time. Alternatively, you can work with a Kaplan tutor to craft a full-length ACT test prep course either online or in person for $2,599. Disclaimer - I’m the author of this book. It’s also well-organized: there’s a nice blend of A) specific lessons organized by topic and B) realistic, ACT-style practice tests with all topics intermingled. You can use it to study for either the SAT or ACT essay, or for both. An Express course costs $129 for two months of access, while a Standard package costs $249 for four months. In addition to the wonderful ACT English guide mentioned above, Erica Meltzer has also produced The Complete Guide to ACT Reading. Why so popular? You can also get it as an online course here (complete with quizzes and video lessons!). It can be tough to improve your ACT Math score without a tutor - math doesn’t always explain itself well in written form.