Would you like to login to post your comment? Conscious level, and measurements of pulse if you are confident taking it are often useful. Your mobile phone number and that of any others in the group, radio channels if you are carrying them. It can reduce the severity of everything from a mosquito bite to a rattlesnake strike to a scorpion sting to a hornet attack — no need to orally suck out venom or cut an X into the skin. I have just returned from my first trip to Snowdonia and now believe what I have been told about the ill prepared people that go up the mountains. By continuing to use the website, you consent to our You're four hours into a walk in one of Scotland's remoter hills. Picture the scene. For a second year Dr Raj Chatha attempted to organise this disparate group, ably helped by Denzil Broadhurst. Retail Price £4.50 . Dr Steph Mackie If you do need help from mountain rescue or other emergency services, there are two things to consider – how will you attract attention; and what do you need to tell them? Apart from Ibuprofen and paracetamol carry some calpol in liquid form for children. The Manual may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. The cars’ first aid kits hardly need an explanation, nor does the larger well-stocked kit we keep on hand as the primary go-to for day to day injuries, burns, stings, and so forth. Without warning, your mate slips on a wet slab of rock and falls awkwardly. walking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death.

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Website designed by. Although rare, sometimes more serious incidents involving people with serious injuries or illnesses do happen. Ice axes or walking poles can be used as makeshift splints for broken arms or legs. INSURANCE, British Mountain Medicine Society Science Day 2019, Friction blisters: prevention and treatment, Health benefits of climbing and hill walking, Support package for clubs running virtual AGMs, How to watch Molly Thompson-Smith and Will Bosi in Moscow, Dinorwig parking to be restricted | Parcio yn Dinorwig am ei gyfyngu. For bad stings from bees, or, say, scorpions, or if you are bitten by a venomous snake, an Extractor Pump Kit isn’t just a matter of mitigating discomfort, it might be the difference between unpleasantness and serious medical danger. When you do manage to get in touch with the emergency services, they will be able to get appropriate help to you if they know a few key pieces of information: If you don't have any prior training, or you're a bit rusty, it might boost your confidence to have a small laminated card with emergency instructions in your first aid kit. Sanitary towels are a cheap, light and easily available substitute, though you might not look like much of a hardcore tough guy with one stuck to your oozing head wound. Don’t call me crazy — I can justify every first aid kit I have.

CLEARANCE Travel Micro First Aid Kit. Small pods of sterile water or saline can be bought from most pharmacies and these are useful for washing bits of grit or chemicals out of the eye; they can also be used to wash out wounds. A pair of tweezers is useful for pulling out thorns and insect stings. It is a rare person who has never had a blister, cut or sprain, and although not serious many minor injuries can make your day miserable. Wilderness Medical Training They are often easily treated though, and it's worth considering carrying a few things to deal with often-seen problems: Although more serious injuries don't happen nearly as often as the above cuts and scrapes, there are a few things which can help to look after a “walking wounded” casualty whilst you help them get back to safety: Triangular bandages to support injured arms are often found in first aid kits. First aid kits in any form should be as basic equipment in your rucksack as your spare socks, if not so you can help others then so you can be helped yourself. St John Ambulance