having been to Germany several times, i was itching for a slice of authentic culture. Instead, you might schedule your reservation for 20 minutes before a show begins so you can enjoy the music while you’re prepping your first plate and then enjoy an encore over dessert. Biergarten Review. We loved it at Christmas last year and are excited to experience it again. Biergarten, the table service restaurant located in EPCOT 's Germany pavilion, was a place that I passed by for years. This could be because the restaurant was slammed on the second visit (with sometimes long lines for the buffet), so food was being turned over at a much quicker rate. Is it still worth the money? Most of these are “salads”. I will definitely explore ‘chat help’ in the future, and am looking forward to the Biergarten experience…with music and entertainment! Make sure to share it with your friends! I’d say the same thing on the pork schnitzel. Seasoned potatoes are served alongside the sausage – perfectly crispy and nicely-seasoned. For appetizers, you’ll find a selection of cold items available. Along with what looks like Brown Sugar and Mustard. All Rights Reserved. That setup is accomplished with the façade of various village buildings lining the walls of the dining area that encircle the polka band stage.
So, no I don’t have tons of pictures. That’s the only indication of a restaurant you’ll find on the outside of the pavilion. We’ll venture through these unassuming doors and find out. On the opposite side of the garden is a meticulous re-creation of the best of sixteenth-century Rothenburg, complete with its residences. Last modified: December 28, 2018 Filed Under: Blog, We dine here every year for the Candlelight Processional and are never disappointed! I’d say that it’s the Bud Light of Germany, but it’s actually the Bud Light of what used to be Anheuser-Busch. It’s all really well thought out and executed.
The only thing I would add is a photo op with Mr. Pricklepants. I’m glad to know I didn’t just dream it. The atmosphere is so fun and inviting you’ll want to make new friends. Yayyyyyy! So, now that we know it’s a buffet, how is the food itself? Since I give a lot of weight to ambiance at Walt Disney World restaurants, I consider Biergarten a winner. The menu rarely changes, if ever, and it amazes me that the band has probably played tens of thousands of sets yet they always seem to be having a great … It has good beer, good sausage, good potatoes, and good times. After our first visit, I wasn’t terribly high on the food at Biergarten, but I found it to be considerably better the second visit (and have increased the restaurant’s score to 8.5/10 as a result). I actually dined here solo, so I was concerned people would have a lot of questions or judge me. I promised my 3 year olds pretzels and when we got there, only had pretzel rolls. Even though you’re inside, you feel like you’re sitting outside on a bench in a small German town while a little German band performs. The Schöfferhofer Grapefruit is half juice, half beer, and tastes like a fizzy grapefruit drink. The husband is a German Beer fan having spent time in Germany going to the Biergartens while in H.S.!! You may even wait 20-30 minutes with a reservation. The highlights, I think are the Pretzel Bread, German Potato Salad, Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Pork, Rotisserie Chicken, Spätzle, and of course, the various sausages. Epcot allows you to do just that. If this is not your thing, you may want to reconsider. This review covers two visits to Biergarten, the most recent of which occurred last year, after which this review was updated/basically re-written…. However, once you step inside, you’re inundated by the sounds of the traditional oompah music, other entertainment, and a Bavarian Village setting (outside, no less!). This isn’t your traditional creamy type of mac and cheese. Cheese, Margarine, Sausage Selection, and Liverwurst. We’ve never had to do it at Biergarten (we travel in a wolfpack, and usually take up 2 full tables for our group) … but when I went to the original Hofbrau Haus in Munich years ago, I got seated right in between some locals having a great time and a group of Australians who were positively hilarious. During this particular meal, Brer Taylor and I were sat with a family of five and didn’t say a single word to them the entire meal. Here’s the menu board from when I reviewed the restaurant around the same time five years ago. Some of that family may be your strange uncle, but he’s still one of your clan.

Beck’s Pilsner is pale and light, sweet and golden with a thin mouthfeel that makes it easy to drink. It is fun for all ages. I am not a drinker. I ate my weight in that and pretzel bread alone, in your honor. The inside of this restaurant looks like a traditional German village. The cold part of the buffet also features a cold sausage and liverwurst. The login page will open in a new tab. have it going later into the evening. For those of you (like me) who aren’t big beer drinkers, you can enjoy a root beer (as I did) during your visit. I admit that I am not the biggest fan of the small dumplings, but a little spoonful of the spongy dough is fine alongside all the meat, particularly accompanied by the Red Wine Sauce that’s sitting basically out of frame. The Biergarten theme and ambiance is 100% top notch right from the moment when you turn the corner and enter the German pavilion.

They were already about two-thirds of the way through their meal upon our arrival and then left when we were about half done with ours. Once you get your pager, even when you have a reservation, you will wait. The restaurant is decked out in Christmas wreaths, trees, and lights for the season. I find the food quite enjoyable but it’s definitely not on par with Le Cellier, for example. Here you’ll find options of a frankfurter, potato dumpling, macaroni and cheese, spatzle, and a red wine sauce (left to right in the picture). I really like Biergarten, it is old school EPCOT in a good way. The Biergarten theme and ambiance is 100% top notch right from the moment when you turn the corner and enter the German pavilion.