Digging A Hole To China?- Virtual Families 2- Part 3 - YouTube Digging a Hole to China?- Virtual Families 2- Part 3 Gamez Playz. How to win at harvest master farm sim guide festival. Now have the man go back to working on his career ONLY. Ok so I am on my 10th generation, abd my little girl Siberia tried to dig a hole to China! Is this normal, or am I just crazy? It will take a few tries to inititate this but praising good behaviour will help a lot here.The children will only come back from college when you go to the 'Family' menu and click on the 'Start Next Generation' button (it's blue). The first time right after a marriage is an almost guarentee of successful pregancy. When I bought the new TV, it still didn't come back. Gamez Playz 8,553 views. The hole will disappear soon. You really just have to wait and see what happens. Any lower and they could run out, any higher stuff can go bad. It's filled up now, It's was just the first time that it had happened. The game is pretty idiot proof this way, but since this is a guide, I'm going t. Wish, want, and will discuss books forever. Dig VF3 Is there a way I can dig up the mounds in Virtual families three ?because I’m assuming that it’s the same as in Virtual families two where you had to get the rockhound certificate to dig up bones but I haven’t seen any certificates how do I make it come up? One of the children from your little peeps dug the "hole to China"...keep the hole...before too long one of the children may want to go "play in the yard" where they'll start kissing gophers. In VF 2 you have to wait for things to be unlocked.

Digging hole to China leads to gopher it , when childs starts to play with gopher use green hand , after that on own a parent will fill hole . I punish them for digging holes (to china) and if you drop an adult on an existing hole a few times it fills up - though I have never seen an actual graphical, note or other indicator that they are filling up the hole - it just is back to grass. - … Daillies If I'm honest I just click all the exclamation marks and see if I can do anything.

Answer from: PoopThis is a hint, If you buy medicine or something you don't want, drag it to the garbage can.

Virtual Families 2 LEGIT Money Hack!

Is there another way instead, where you click a kids detail button, then you click the button on the top left corner of the screen, and then last you send them to boarding school, or online learning classes, and when they grow up, you pick them for the generation allowing that person to be able to put together the fossil, and then you get the goal? Also, if you hadn't noticed the hole yet, your adults will take it upon themselves to fix these as well.Also, in regards to the 'Sleeping Dragon' Trophie, your child will choose to do kung fu all on their own, but it will generally happen outside the back door, not far from the kitchen.The TV Remote is a clever little thing. Big Fish Games Forums > All Game Forums > Virtual Families . Eventually your 105 salary would be 210 at mastered level and the 15 salary would be 690 at mastery.

If you praise them you'll get a trophy. Answer from: KelsiePraise a child whilst it says "playing in the lawn" there you are done! mu little guy tried to dig to china thus leaving quite the hole in the yard.

I tried to show him the shovel to possibly fill the hole but my reasoning didn't work. In order of importance, 1. young, 2. have same level of "want kids" as your person. Answer from: ThatOneChick Well first you have to have a child and that child has to dig a hole. Once in a while, one of your children's action bars will read 'digging a hole to China'. This doesn't need to be done until you have no adults left in the house.

Yes..TWNADINE.. the exact title says something to the effect of having praised some one for chasing a gopher. I have the certificate so i can get fossils. Otherwise, you are the manager of your own farm!

Answer from: silver456If a child's action says 'Playing in the lawn' thats when they start chasing gophers. You earn a Trophie for finding this 10 times. It is on the 10th of the month, from 10:00 to 16:00 on the clock. anyone have any other ideas? I find they are easier to get if you have more children. In VF 1 the career rooms could be maxed on the get-go. As well as the flower pots out front.

They will get out the watering can from the open shed and water them all on their own.The holes in the yard are from gophers. Answer from: HyperIt's normal, don't worry bout it. Answer from: ThatOneChickWell first you have to have a child and that child has to dig a hole.

Then they will head up to the top right lawn and dig a hole. It's getting kinda repetitive & boring. Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House - Gameplay Review Trailer. :( Also are there any updates for this game? Answer from: Hot BabeTrust me my babes do that all the time.

Eventually it will go away. That is when the child is chasing the gopher.

The Best Way to play Virtual Families 2; I love the Virtual Families Games (VF1/2) so I thought I'd share some tips for you. 4:16. They will go have a baby. Okay that and my fantastic guild whom I love. That's more than two people's salaries combined. Answer from: help meI found and bought the "rockhound certificate" that says i can dig up fossils. Festivals A great way to make money! No cure! I usually take a break around after this.

Virtual Families 2 - Our Dream House for iPad.... How to dig up the fossil collection - those brown patches in the yard: Must purchase "Rock Hound Certificate" when it comes up in the Flea Market. You can grow, fish, and care for your animals as you see fit! My kids always do that! You'll notice in one of your goals it says something about praising one of your people for chasing gophers. The first generation is like that. Answer from: MMNo ive had this come up too. The strategy, that no one has said, is this: have at least 4 children (still children). Sometimes your people will patch the hole up, but they do it on their own, and the gophers come on their own as well. If you are playing VH 1 that is what I would recommend buying. After purchasing this you can finally start collecting those bones! None of my little people can do anything with it/nor recognize it when dropped on it. As well as the flower pots out front.

So, without further ado, here are some tips I picked up from playing. The female is unable to work for a "year" of game time. In the beginning, achieving a high salary as early as possible is crucial. Try to get all of the praising achievements done too. Question asked by Guest on Oct 1st 2015. Honestly I play this because of the graphics. The trick is to praise the above two behaviors as hard as you are praising the adults for their work on careers.

Now, emails should start coming in with marriage proposals. It serves no other function as far as I can tell. Whenever one goes to "dig a hole to China" AND "playing on the lawn" (either of these actions, and you must praise both of them often), praise them. I did this for two days. How do I dig in the dirt piles. Whenever one goes to "dig a hole to China" AND "playing on the lawn" (either of these actions, and you must praise both of them often), praise them. Answer from: swagger girlWhen one of the little kids go play in the lawn praise them because thats the gopher goal, Answer from: Anelim namarcaGet kids they will play on the lawn so praise them and you have got your goal. I have had a second hole appear that a gopher pops out of!!!

Not fair because mine doesn't!