Notes: Not the best SP ever but not horrible and near town, so you can go there if you lack anima or randomly get bored. Notes: quite slow kills, challenging fights. Lasts 60 sec. Also an NPC pops here every so often. Notes: Not the best camp but not horrible. Hi, I’m Azury Ariella of Wutai, and I have created this. This camp is great up to rank 35 since there are so many of the puks that even if you only get 100sp per kill you end up killing them so fast it averages out to great sp. When you use weaponskills for damage dealing, you may want to enhance your attack and accuracy with skills like Raging Strike, Ferocity, Hawkes eye, etc. It is definitely not the ideal set-up, but my personal one. Suggested Rank: 15 – 30 Location: Southwest of Thordan’s March Mobs to Kill: Saltspray Pteroc (puk): Rank 22-29 (Loctation: east and north side of Ixali encampment) Goblin Thug: Rank 32-35ish (Location: west side of Ixali encampment) Note: somewhat slow respawn rate. Your email address will not be published. 3 – What abilities should I use? Which is harder to play optimally: melee DPS or caster DPS? You can also kill Plains Footpad in the tunnel to Owl’s Nest (they drop buffalo leather +3 which sells very well). Not the -best- sp though. Ranged jobs are fairly strong against them (arc, conj, thm). Abilities can be used with all classes unless stated otherwise. This is honestly my favourite camp in the game. Leather comes from animals, not rocks, trees, or fish. Thank You ^-^.


—— This guide will be made up of three parts —— Part 1: Learning to Solo Efficiently ++ Part 2: List of Solo Camps / Locations ++ Part 3: Helpful links + Other suggestions (duoing and partying tips) ++, Sections: 1 – What has changed? I've heard the conditions are 2am and rainy; I can assure you even with conditions met, not guaranteed to pop at the spot you camped.

The diversity of choice in abilities and the cross-class system allows for many other styles to be developed, and for individuals to shape their own solo experience. You can use every camp listed in this guide. I will still get the -exact- same SP from that mob regardless of killing it in half the time. DoW Only, Shock Spikes – Learned @ CON Rank 8 – deals lightning damage to enemies when attacked and can stun them. They aren’t too hard to take down but can knock you back. As this zone's level range falls squarely within the lower 30's (excluding Castrum Occidens), the zone is a popular destination for training with newly acquired job crystals, including the extra jobs added with Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. Ul’Dah – Thanalan Nanawa Mines **EFFICIENT**, Suggested Rank: 20 – 30+ Location: 5-3, 6-4, 4-6 Mobs to kill: Cellar Puk: Rank 30-34 (will o’ the wykes can spawn in place of them rarely, drops coral +3 for crab bow). Step one: Open the menu in game.

Notes: not the greatest camp.

Gridania – The Black Shroud Tam-Tara Deepcroft **EFFICIENT**. For example, if you have Bloodbath you might want to save tp for when you need to heal. If you already know of other camps or find other camps, it would be awesome if you could post them in this thread. They are -ALL- over the place so you should never run out. Boars are level 20 in east shroud. Amount is halved-ish if not PGL, Bloodbath – Learned @ MRD Rank 6 – Regenerates 75% of next attack in hp if MRD, 60% if not MRD. Following the list will be an example of my personal lancer set up (which coincides with the example used in the previous section). Once you start fighting mobs without resting you get into a pattern or you learn when to heal and when to use abilities. A watchtower and lighthouse for the eastern coast of Vylbrand. Start with squirrels and does and if you can handle them go to dread wolfs (which are through the small pass to the east nearer to Owl’s Nest. Mobs to Kill: Sphene Doblyn: Rank 55-59 (150 sp on a R55 @ rank 50).

For example if you are a Lancer you will always want Life Surge to be up to help you keep your health at max. A rainforest glade located in the eastern part of the zone.

South Bloodshore: 25 Costa del Sol: 30 North Bloodshore: 35 Hidden Falls: 35 Gulleye: East Agelyss River: 40 Raincatcher Gully: 40 The Juggernaut: 40 Red Mantis Falls: 45 Gulleye: Rhotano Sea (Privateer Forecastle) 50 Rhotano Sea (Privateer Sterncastle) 50 Gulleye: North Isle of Endless Summer: 50 Western La Noscea: Swiftperch: 10 Skull Valley: 15

Also See: The Best… This section about a location in Final Fantasy XIV is empty or needs to be expanded. "While I make no habit of charity, I could not well abandon so goodly a wench to rogues.". You might get annoyed constantly having to change your ability sets when you switch jobs.

Suggested Rank: 39 – 46 Location: 19-10, 27-10 Mobs to Kill: Young Raptors: Rank 45 – 46, Suggested Rank:40 – 50 Location: 16/17-24 and surrounding area Mobs to Kill: Bandit Spearman: Rank 46-49. Can also use them to farm silver ore if you don’t want to spend gil or rank up mining.

Targeting slow hard kills and occasionally resting for 350+sp per kill.

Watch your multi-hit/aoe attacks. Supporting the site through Patreon allows you to see and search through your inventory on this website. You should have no problem taking out things up to 10 ranks above you.

This is a -CHALLENGE-. Hi, I’m Azury Ariella of Wutai, and I have created this guide to help both new and seasoned players learn to get 8000 – 10,000sp+ an hour solo, and discover the diversity of choice in soloing your sp.

Gathering classes can not gather leather. Jungle Coeurl - Eastern La Noscea - X19-Y27 Reward - 13,500 Exp; Level 36. If you can, save tp so that you can “stun” a mob when it uses its special/tp move with a stun ability like Leg Sweep or Jarring Strike. I wouldn’t say this is the best camp but it works, and it’s a great alternative if you can’t handle puks. The thick coat of protective slime covering the loach's body discourages most predators from feeding on the tiny wavekin...most predators, that is, except hungry Lalafellin farmers who consider the brass loach a delicacy. That means check to see if its properly capitalized and the spacing is correct.

LNC only.

東ラノシア (Higashi Ranoshia?)