Really awful. When you join ButcherBox right now you can get 6 steaks for free in your first box! My sincere appologies to anyone who had read this review … Butcher Box has options that range in cost from $129-$270.

The custom ButcherBox is the most expensive option, and really.. you don’t need it! Pork butt, pork loins and ribs are often there, as is brisket. This personally didn’t sit well with me (I don’t know how meat can last a month in the fridge). Hi David – I get pitched on average to join 5-10 affiliate programs EVERY day and say no. Humane and ethical practices translate into better meat — so both parties benefit. If so, any cancellation fees? When cattle eat grass and get exercise, their meat has less fat, more healthy omega-3s, and more vitamins. When you breakdown the price per lb,  Costco is about $1 more.

Can you get items such as marrow bones or beef knuckle through them? Click here to join. Hi Scott – It doesn’t seem like them have that listed in their options but I bet if you reached out to them they could help coordinate it! Do you know if their steak cuts, ie.

Shop local and avoid Butcher Box unless you like people having your credit card number and charging whatever and whenever they want. That’s what we do with Omaha steaks. Check out our favorites! Costco is basically the same price as ButcherBox, but lower quality. . Account active I get my monthly deliveries from them and can also easily add on bones for stocks and organs for my dog which saves me sourcing them from local farms since Walden does it for me. I started with the Mixed Box, but now I order the Custom Box.

In a sea of endless subscription boxes, finding the right one can be a bit of a challenge. var s=document.createElement('script');s.async=true;s.onload=function(){};s.src='//'; The value, quality, and convenience of the service are excellent, and my meals have never tasted better. We operate independently from our advertising sales team. They accomplish this goal through low prices, convenient delivery, and carefully curated meat selections. This post contains affiliate links. You can also pause your shipment, or delay it! You’ll find that on my site – there aren’t many affiliate posts or links, unless they are for brands or products that I personally use and like.

Want to try ButcherBox? Stop & Shop: My Stop & Shop didn’t have many grass fed options but they did have grass fed ground beef. Click here to get 6 steaks for free in your first box! The product arrived on Sunday, so we were all home and we were here to receive the package.

I have a hard time finding good quality chicken and pork near me at great prices, so that’s what I fill my box up with. At Cosco, they may say organic or free range, but you don’t know how much range the chicken may have. If you’re curious about Smoothie Box, a sister company to ButcherBox- check out this Smoothie Box Review I wrote! Click here to join ButcherBox right now you can get 6 steaks for free in your first box! Butcher Box is a monthly subscription service delivering all natural 100% grass fed beef to its customers. Now I know, these prices aren’t cheap – but don’t be discouraged, you CAN get ButcherBox on a budget! You aren’t under contract with them for any amount of time. 100% grass-fed and grass-finished: the cattle live their entire life eating on a pasture, Certified humane: the chickens have access to the outdoors and room to move around and interact with each other naturally, Heritage breed (Duroc, Berkshire, and Red Wattle): do not have flavor bred out of them, which is typically done to promote rapid weight gain.

Filed Under: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Paleo, Product Reviews, Whole30, Your email address will not be published. Typically I just look for a local farm to source that when I need it! With this being said: I visited a few local grocery stores near me and found these prices.

Basically, you pay to get a Butcher Box sent with an assortment of high-quality meats sent straight to your door. NY Strip or Rib Eyes are Choice or Prime cuts?

Will cancel my subscription immediately. The last time I was there I looked at the pork tenderloin they had and it had over a month before the sell by date. Lean meats is what i was looking for and liked the way u described the chicken. Shop local and avoid Butcher Box unless you like people … When I buy supermarket meat, I know nothing about its origins or how the animal was treated. I appreciate you sent another email because i did not see this review on butcher box and my biggest issue with all meat and chicken for years now is the taste has changed and it’s definitely not appealing to me anymore.

Check out Butcherbox’s site to see all the different options for delivery .

I totally agree, Barbara. How do you cancel your membership or auto ship ? You can also pause or skip a month if you need to or set up so that your box is delivered bi-monthly. We have a ButcherBox coupon link for you! My Personal Experience and Honest Review of Butcher Box We like learner cuts of meat and because my business is dependent on recipes, I need to plan ahead and order what I need! I like variety and rarely discriminate when it comes to food, so I opted for the mixed box and was excited to see the spread. You can also select every month, or every other month for your delivery.

I’m sharing one, including if Butcher Box is worth it, what it costs, and what you get with the service!

Since see that, I’ve opted to buy pork from BB, or grab it at whole foods if we happen to run out. Chuck Roast: 2.25lbs roast/ $19.00 = $8.44/lb – Unfortunately no stores near me offered grass fed chuck roast so I couldn’t make an accurate comparison. In case you want to pause or adjust your subscription, you can easily do so from your account page. Usually I get the chicken one every other month because we eat a lot of chicken! Note: It might not be the best option for someone with a larger family, or for someone who is going to get chicken, pork + beef and plan to use this as their only source of protein through out the week.