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/OpenAction 3 0 R The connection between physical geography and agricultural practices is that the agricultural practices are influenced by things like the climate soil and landforms(natural environments). /Type /Font

(von Thünen). You won’t grow coconuts in the middle of the rainforest. Write.

All of the global food distribution are affected by political systems, infrastructure, and patterns of world trade. /Annots [16 0 R]

/DescendantFonts [29 0 R] Explain issues related to the location of food production facilities. 8 0 obj

This really made an impact because it increased the population on both a local and global scale. /Resources << >> AP Human Geography (See the Current Unit for daily schedule/activities)‎ > ‎ Unit 5: Agricultural Geography ... APHG CED Learning Target 5.11--I can explain challenges and debates related to the changing nature of contemporary agriculture and food production practices. B. Development and diffusion of agriculture B.

Students took notes on the Challenges of Contemporary Agriculture and Alternative Food Movements. AP Human Geography. D. Analyze the consequences of the Green Revolution on food supply and the environment. It mainly has to do with the temperature and the amount of rainfall. x��\Ɏ#���+t6`6�0�T�>��?0����A2�H�d������XT2��X�)��)� The application of von Thunen’s land use model compared to the real world is the it is isn’t real. /ExtGState << /Subtype /Type0 �����1QU6��.

Also because of the technology there are a lot of more products being made and are grown at a faster rate as well then growing bigger more specifically towards the animals. The consequences for the environment are more of the we use artificial fertilizer as well as spraying pesticide all over the food which also affects the things around it. >> /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] >> (Food Industry). Agriculture and the Environment.

/Length 3489 /Subtype /Link Some possible questions you might have about the AP exam and some suggestions. /Annots [18 0 R] For example for the food supply although it did make it resistance to pesticide but it also made it resistant to other things that now are mutating so they virus and diseases are more resistant. /Contents 17 0 R I=�I��G1�?e5�VT�3��L)NƴWM6,�m`�8l�q��3�T. One of the most significant contemporary cash crops is --. Reflect back on the main concepts for that unit (especially any models). /F5 13 0 R /F17 20 0 R It has to be suitable. /Producer (Skia/PDF m81) 2019-20. Students employ spatial concepts and landscape analysis to examine human social organization and its environmental consequences. Some of the challenges for consumption is that most people eat fast food because it’s cheaper unlike the health food which costs more. Industrialization and Economic Development 13–17% A. Food from less developed regions are normally consumed more globally. Dairying is mainly found in these two regions – and --.

Academy for Math, Engineering, and  Science, How to Prepare for the Focused Response Questions. You can make the assumption it is true for India as well (for example) and earn some of the points). /StructParents 0 >>

All of theses things aren’t really good for the environment. Newer ... 2/18 & 2/19 Challenges of Contemporary Agriculture and Alternative Food Movements. 472 0 obj <>stream PLAY. 17 0 obj Lastly the pesticide doesn’t really help anyways because it affects all the surrounding organisms other than that they are trying to get rid of. 29. Agricultural production and consumption patterns vary in different locations, presenting different environmental, social, economic, and cultural opportunities and challenges. IV. Learn. /Resources <<

h�b```�2��B �aB��->00��h� �� ?30j12X2�]`� ����=���!�����W.|s� T3��N � /LJ 0 �����������wu�����Rǟ�ǟ����˟.ۼ�4�Yg��j�8�4�Q������C_����\D�6~�y�K���ܸ�[q.�\�.\|q�2�����������w��w���_?����� `r�����G��-�MӁ$�)H���g��A�@�����9@� �X C. Analyze the application of von Thünen's land use model to agricultural production in the real world. /F7 14 0 R

28. >> Explain the connection between physical geography and agricultural practices.

So instead of everything going in rings it waves away from the river as show on the side. 11 0 obj ƝN�4�+��L��y�HГ�:�xt�������m�]ʯ����i����� � ]�oe���v/i�{Zoq-��t���aNj�À���.�5��6^�����*�,��G{?�K�~�A�|���pm�� ����l��)�&�V�GA)c�w�u��>ۏ�L��\�+�?0���W�U ��u��;i�@Z��8SNq�F��yt2 ��@?�Ȣ�j�Ǔ,`>�~/kX��,�O�0�����~���e>��X�6g[�7l���8���F̹o��7�[�[߂ƥ�~�p�68*�^���c�8��"qc����T��#x'Σ��n&ޔ�an*,�����"�8��| d�Uh����N���x�҈���B0u�����7_��hy�G:b���L �̈�ɡ��?^�>��jς�.���7�l5�RwP�o�k�%��S�̛��� nۚ�]�1㤴 ���XYh5{C�F#����(8��9)j������#�$�߾[ 5��)*��w������@0+�"�����X�g�Z�!���6;�[�0�����cNjɸ�(;��3m��*F%�P�/H���JIY0zv��3i��vN��&�s�1�>mٱ'p&��-�^ l�b��z�t��*K��Y}`B[��2F,/���=��]L�[����H�ss�)��0M��d��V$/����]����IH,h�ŀ.��ăi�$��4��c~�&`T7U6����b�B��=V��r�J�*i������t/��^�>�A�k��R���$�����0?µ /Parent 2 0 R A. /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] endobj

Identify agricultural production regions associated with major bioclimatic zones .

endobj /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] B. Evolution of the contemporary political pattern C. Challenges to inherited political–territorial arrangements V. Agricultural and Rural Land Use 13–17% A. /Type /Font This AP Human Geography study guide for Unit 3 covers key topics with in-depth notes on Contemporary Causes of Cultural Diffusion ... 5.11 Challenges of Contemporary Agriculture.

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