Adding something to the mixture, like a bit of cream and/or grated parmesan? Should be even better.

I also think a bit of acid (lemon juice or white wine or a drop of vinegar) helps, too. If only there was a cheaper alternative to shallots….I live in Japan and my supermarket has shallots in the special food section i.e. A second dinner with no more dirty pans and only uses leftovers and a cabbage

This looks delish…and I was just thinking I needed another potato recipe go-to to enter the rotation along side your mustard roasted potatoes, among others. Some people tie the legs together but I rarely do. I’ve been thinking about dusting off my mandolin lately but haven’t found a recipe I like. So, I’m going to make the somewhat annoying suggestion that you slice up all of your potatoes, grab a few dishes that may potentially work (a cast iron skillet would be great here), play around with the potato slices and when you figure out what dish you want to use, then put the butter/oil in the bottom and set it up. I saw the Martha Stewart version on Pinterest the other day too. Perfect timing on this recipe—I had both a whole chicken and cabbage in the fridge.

Will there be any leftover liquid from the chicken? I think they’re one of these wonder vegetables — impossible to mess up cooking, pretty consistently delicious whether you buy them… Do you think if I took the three confit legs and then nested some thighs around the legs and laid those motherfuckers on top of the cabbage, that I would have some good results? Figure out what baking dish you’d like to use [see Note above]; Martha suggests a 9-inch round baking dish (a deep dish pie pan would fit this bill) though I think you could go an inch bigger, an oval 1 1/2 to 2 quart casserole dish might also be pretty. OMG this was so good! But this recipe is so easy it’s like I didn’t even have to cook tonight! This dish actually made an appearance on the table for the first dinner I made (last evening!) This recipe is a keeper. No I need to go to sleep now – let’s say I have to make them tomorrow at the latest, which happens to be Easter. I wish there was a way I could save individual recipes within your blog, that way I could go back to the ones I really want to make, when I’m looking for something to make but can’t remember! The temperature is in Fahrenheit. It also looks like pringles :p. This looks absolutely incredible!

this sounds delicious, but in addition to that greatness- thank you for linking to hyperbole and a half! I had a 4 pound chicken and was wary of the dark meat not finishing in time, so I started the chicken by itself in a preheated cast iron skillet for 10 minutes, removed it to a plate, added the cabbage, and roasted both for another 40 minutes. I ended up with the whole head to myself since no one else would touch it, but I nestled in some baby carrots too so my children would have some vegetables. This was fantastic! There was a lot of juice by the Time i took the chicken out of the oven. I made this chicken and cabbage recipe. Thank you! yeah I think that was it actually. -remove from oven, toss in pieces of left over chicken meat. :) Can’t wait to try this! Yes, but it will be done before the cabbage is. Under the grill, it took some minutes to reduce it a Bit. luscious, sweet cabbage drenched in amazing drippings….this is a winner! I think it will work, just a little different flavor. Would like to be able to prepare in advance. We made a version of this over the weekend. This was the best chicken I’ve ever made! Maybe I just made mine quickly enough that it didn’t happen?

This quarantine has nothing on crack cabbage! I would make this over and over again! Made Alison Roman’s blistered carrots with butter and honey and a cucumber salad with herb and yogurt dressing and had a delightful meal.

My goodness woman! I’m intrigued by the Brussels sprouts in your picture – you don’t mention them in the recipe. My little suggestion, is if you can bold the recipe so it is easier to find, because when i try to find what ingredients will i need, i have to scan through the writting, which is fine cuz you write interesting stuff, but its hard to notice. Thank you! thanks so much lolo. I am loving this recipe and the minute I saw it, turned to my boyfriend on the couch and said we are making this! Made this with chicken breasts + bones. This sounds like a gorgeous healthy alternative to potato dauphinoise! Cooked the chicken about 50 minutes at 425 degrees, and then another 20 at 450 degrees. It should say on the package. It literally turned to ash on the top. Genius! I’m a mama to 2 awesome little boys and love red things, rugby, cheesecake, and bacon. Where did you get that amazing white lattice dish that you photographed the shallots in? Going to check more carefully next time! I’ve made this and it was beautiful but next time I need to season the crap out of it. another two of my favourite blogs collide! I have it open on my computer to remember to make it myself this weekend.