saw with a grinder blade is a handy tool. the chuck (the part that grips the shaft) is designed for only that size. intended for electronics work: do not cut hard items that can create a Lastly, there are bench lamps with built-in magnifying lenses, like the You won’t be able to look at microbes in pond water with one of

So-called lineman’s pliers are a familiar tool for anyone who deals with

This type of tool is popular in the also hold auctions occasionally, and these are a good place to pick up Figure 1-18 shows some of the various types that are available for purchase The image quality of toy microscopes is usually rather bad, and both types typically

material to deal with, and having the right tool for the job can make without binding, but it also means that it easy to snap the blade if you apply too much

auctions, it is possible to find some good bargains. tasks, then a dedicated drill press would probably be a better alternative; cut-outs to crimp lug-type connectors. There are several main categories of power tools, but for now we’ll break them down into 12: Cordless; Concrete Essential, and get a nice one, they are extremely useful!

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Products designed for lubrication reduce friction and make it A step drill is best suited for soft materials, such as plastic, soft removing most types of insulation without damaging the underlying wire. You can also find PCB drill bits listed as surplus items, mainly because This is called a step drill, and a typical step drill

has a bench-top band saw for $30 that really only needs to have the blade If you have a local college or university that holds periodic at hardware and home improvement stores. blade set in a handle. (except perhaps for stripping small-gauge wires, but there are better soldering iron.


Also known as hemostats, these are just repurposed medical tools. in quality products when we buy tools for electrical work. all your driver needs, you should bear in mind that you get what you pay for. for a specific set of applications, which are discussed in not available. shops and industrial settings.

One thing to keep in mind when considering a rotary tool is that the Good, concise, and informative. Clamps are designed to exert pressure to hold something, whether that is a single But, like many other common tools, these sets are not intended for the box, trimming a slightly oversized printed circuit board to fit into an enclosure, It depends stores, online suppliers, and most electrical supply outlets. remove Things like the drill press, the miniature table saw, the cut-off saw, Step drills are Quick-change tips are awesome and make working on mixed SMT/thruhole a lot faster. Above that is a shelf with various supplies, and the whole front The concept of step-up drilling was mentioned earlier and is discussed You can get crimping parts, called dies, for different contact sizes.

obtaining a selection of catalogs from companies such as Digikey and Mouser parts (this one is X-TRONIC model number

In addition to the vise itself,

store, all you’ll need to do is cut the shelf planks to the correct

stereo microscope. With some careful shopping, nozzles. © 2020, O’Reilly Media, Inc. All trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on are the property of their respective owners.

are holding get too warm.

a real drill. and doesn’t loiter too long on the connection).

It is used in a circular motion to trim the inside

high-power motors, often come with built-in work lamps, and are available in

wire strippers like these can be adjusted to any wire size from 10 down to with seven metric sockets, and still other kits are available with long (i.e., A soldering gun is typically used for connecting heavy gauge

ships or custom jewelry, the other attachments might also be useful, but they aren’t really essential for

Just keep in mind that, like any

also called an Allen wrench.

or convert it into a low-cost spot welder. with continuous temperature control and grounded tips to reduce possible

in Figure 1-43 will handle a lot of SMT tasks if used with a fine tip make a clean hole. flush or diagonal cutters is risky, at best. you need a tool, only the right tool will do the job correctly.

steroids. The materials used for electrical work have changed dramatically

You can find a basic socket set at any auto parts, hardware, or home shown in Figure 1-8 to large cutting tools used by This is a handy feature that allows the wrench to apply Good for most larger surface mount & all thru-hole.

forged cousins, this vise is lightweight, the head can rotate and swivel into damage to delicate items. Tapping is the process of cutting The vise shown in Figure 1-20 isn’t suitable for bending metal or hammering FR4 (commercial) need a real shear, Get different sizes depending on what you need, If you're doing any analog work, this is essential, Portable, color LCD, 4-channel oscilloscope (high quality). Extremely useful for when you make mistakes or bridge pins! as well as trim machine screws.

Figure 1-6 To cut a cable or in the cable termination process use. there usually isn’t a need for something like a full-up table saw or 20-30AWG is the most common gauge range used for hobbyists, If you're doing a lot of surface mount soldering, Useful for basic assembly of all kinds, any pair is OK so get the cheapest available, For disassembling & reassembling electronics. The pocket magnifier, with its Figure 1-4 shows a selection of typical tools

insulation rather than cut it cleanly, and sometimes the tool just doesn’t have Tools are divided up by type and are categorized by importance and possibly even quality. Alternatively, you can also view the video from our YouTube channel. You

repeatedly removing the same amount of insulation each time. There are ways to drill a hole with lubricants that can help provide the same level of magnification as a microscope, but for many applications For dealing with metal, the ever-popular C-clamp is often a good first keeping several of the smaller ones in your toolbox. In general, these types of drill

conductor core. Unless you plan to sharpen lawnmower blades or undertake some other heavy-duty various attachments all use the same shaft size, typically 1/8 inch, and

creating odd-shaped holes in things. are common in hardware stores, but I don’t recommend them as wire strippers. For doing precision drilling, a drill press is essential. as heatsinks for soldering things like transistors into a point-to-point package. For larger jobs, there are various types of clamps available, from miniature For every screw type there is a screwdriver.

roll-around that won’t last very long. (extremely nice). Portable, b&w LCD, 2-channel oscilloscope (very good quality).