Though these features are desirable in the everyday carry community, we want our knives to run and cut as long as possible between sharpenings. Emerson’s choice in blade steel and how they grind those blades is another source of grumbling on the internet for good reason. The Commander especially!
Since I work as a mechanic my hands are often covered in grease, oils, or hydraulic fluid I definitely appreciate the high level of traction this knife provides. We’ll get more into pricing and my thoughts later. In my mind, the fancy materials can’t even come close to making up for an uncomfortable knife in hand and especially in use. Its something I have to be aware of but it’s not a deal-breaker. Now, this seems to be a little overkill for the standard everyday carry and more often than not I don’t use the wave feature and just carefully remove the knife and open it with the thumb disk. Emerson Knives is famous for our many Tanto style blades. For example, they offer a Mini Commander (3.4″ blade, 8″ overall length, 4.5 oz), Commander (3.75″ blade, 8.75″ overall length, 5.5 oz), and a Super Commander (4″ blade, 9.5″ overall length, 6.9 oz). Thanks for reading and let me know if you have had any experience with Emerson knives and if you were happy or not with them. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. This makes for a very simple sharpening process that can be accomplished with bare minimum sharpening tools. I’ve used it to break down two recycling cans worth of cardboard that my new patio set came in and it went through it no problem. But I have come to see the logic behind the choice. Top Rated Emerson Knives Knives. With so many companies switching to super steels (M390, CPM20CV, CPM-M4, S90V, etc) in their designs it may seem strange that the Commander sports .125 inch thick 154CM blade. The brand I’m talking about is Emerson knives and the specific model is the Commander. We’ll get more into pricing and my thoughts later. I am definitely on the utilitarian side of the fence for me value comes from the ability of my tools to stand up use and work comfortably. I had originally started with my Spyderco Manix 2 but it just got to be very dull and extremely uncomfortable in hand. Yes, many companies are designing their knives to flip open on steel or ceramic bearings providing a fast and smooth opening. See more ideas about Emerson knives, Knife review, Emerson. The general rule for a lot of people in the knife community is one ounce for every inch of blade length (3-inch blade=3 ounces or less and so on) or under 4-5 ounces.

Since the vast majority of multitools have a flathead and Phillips drivers you are more likely to have access to the tools you need to maintain your knife. The common trend with most makers these days are deep carry clips allowing for more of the knife to be concealed in your pocket so as to not draw attention to your knife. (Quick note I love my Buck, not badmouthing it one bit I just end up belt carrying that one rather than it bouncing around loose in my pocket.).
Kershaw Skyline: An Excellent Knife for Every Day Carry, Spyderco Tenacious: One Of The Best Folding Knife Values.

If this price range is still a bit out of your reach you should definitely look into getting a Kershaw/Emerson collaboration which comes in at a sub $50 price point and are still excellent knives. Not very concealed at all but provides an easy grip to pull the knife out of your pocket. Below is a chart showing the best Emerson Knives knives on the site as reviewed by multiple users. Ernest Emerson has been in close contact with military personnel and law enforcement for decades. That being said I was able to pick up the Commanders I own for $160-$200 range on the secondary market (the Super Commander will be more expensive due to scarcity). They weren’t made with the average consumer or popular knife trends in mind.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of stigmas when it comes to plastic washers due to them often being used in budget knives. 154CM is often deemed as a mid-range leaning towards budget steel. For the more casual user, it’s more of just a cool feature to have, and sometimes it comes in handy when you’re trying to quickly deploy the knife. Though the blade and handle are very important another essential component of the modern folding knife is the pocket clip. The way this feature works is as you pull the knife from your pocket you can catch the hook on the edge of your pocket and deploy the knife extremely fast. WhatsApp.

Emerson knives stick to their guns with a high traction g10 (a high-pressure fiberglass laminate) and titanium liners. After handling a number of production blades, I can safely say that the CQC-7 is a really unique folding knife. The wave is the hook located at the top of the spine near the handle. They may hand replaced steel liners with titanium but they are not milling out portions of those liners (which could weaken the structural integrity of the knife) just to shave a few ounces.