It’s fall here in NY. Thanks for your advise in advance! I made a mistake of putting it at the back porch with direct sunlight . You can start with a small sized container for sowing the seeds. Is it possible to propagate the pruned branches, they are a good 6 inches? I heard this can help a bit in the pollination process. Here they come! I am mixing 2-part A, and They are tropical plants that love being exposed to direct sunlight. I started putting the calamansi seeds today & as per your instruction, I covered the pot with plastic wrap & left an opening on the side. SO far it keeps my seedlings happy. I have calamansi tree that been producing like crazy but its in the ground and I thought why not make seedling from it and have calamansi pots indoor because their flowers smell so good so does the fruits..

Any advise on how to take make my calamansi grow and even bare fruits?? Hi, how big is the container that you are using for your calamansi plant? Now I’m getting hungry Let’s get started and grow calamansi indoors !!

As for the soil, I'm just using the regular one you can easily get from you local garden place. The Planting Process for Growing Calamondin Trees in Pots The actual planting process of our trees in pots is very straightforward, with standardized use of potting soil, watering and fertilizing schedules. There aren’t any green plants like normal seeds, it looks like a bean sprout haha. Just soak freshly harvested seeds in water a couple hours and then rinse in warm water. My trees are super healthy. If you have any Asian/Filipino stores in your area, you can buy the fruit there and plant the seeds , Hello Mr. Castro, For the utility lights, I made sure I  have full spectrum and at least 4500 lumens. 5) Once the seedlings reach 1/2 inch, I remove them from the ziplock bag and transplant them into their own container without placing them back in a ziplock bag. Plant more than 2 seeds as some seeds don’t really germinate too well or not all. If you have any questions or inquiries, please comment on the post and we will answer you as soon as possible. I do not know as this is a complete experiment growing Calamansi I’m sure it will help others as well. The plant looks very healthy. Follow them literally and you will have a fruitful Calamansi tree. Only the strong seeds will sprout properly and survive. Thank you for your input. I made them sprout by the ziplock back +moist paper towel method, and they are all growing really great and look healthy. Please do share your updates!

I will try your method and hopefully it works. Seeds will easily germinate at a nice warm temperature, like on top of the refrigerator. Thanks for your feedback Victor! Would you be willing to let me have a cutting from your calamansi tree? Step-by-step procedure of how to peel the said seeds: Here is a Calamansi seed. Hi Jesel! Then we moved to a place where the temperature goes into the 90s & 100s.
Since our winters are normally six months long out here, I placed mine on the windowsill of a south-facing window. I have read and tried MANY ways of starting the plant from seeds (from peeling off the outer layer of the seeds, placing the seeds between two moist paper towels, etc) but unfortunately none have worked for me. Plants grown from seed will be similar to the parent, but not necessarily the same, as they will cross pollinate. You should also keep some space between the holes. Full sun, warm temperature, moist soil, humid and so on. NEVER boil seeds. As for the light, I bought a LED grow light early this year and wanted to test how well it works. How soon will the calamansi bear its fruit? I prune some of my calamansi as young as 1yr when I see they’re growing nice and strong.

One calamansi may contain 5 or more big seeds inside so we want to avoid them.

I would love to buy one. Besides accessing to full sun, Calamansi trees require the following: In 6 weeks, you will start to see Calamnsi seedling.

A friend of mine who bought the same age tree, Already had fruit on her’s. In order to sustain and bear lots of fruits all year round, choose a location where there is a lot of sunlight. Thank you I hope it will bear fruit soon, it looks very happy. May mga kilala akong may calamansi sa Baguio. I got the seeds from calamansi fruit I bought it from a Filipino/Asian grocery store.

Don’t forget to leave a piece of the stem attached to the fruit to help it stay fresh. I just seen your site and was excited as I’m growing calamansi as well, just one question. Hi Suzie, it depends with the plant. Besides, you don’t need a garden to grow Calamnsi as it can be grown in pots easily. Generally, water the Calamansi until the soil feels damp. They pollinate themselves. Prune during spring, remove dead branches and weak limbs.

Please comment on what you Sengyan Too. But i have a major concern, I leave in Bahrain and summer is fast approaching. Also, do you fertilize your calamansi plants? indoors. Choose a pot; It is recommended to use plastic planters for Calamansi. Please advise, I’m also a new in this field. I am planning to prune it in hopes it will be like a dwarf patio tree. Hope that helps. I hope this helps! Sore throat? Thabk you.

However, as your citrus tree grows, you will need to transplant it into a bigger container. I was very surprised how good of shape the Calamansi tree was when I received it.

He is now helping me and trying to revive my calamansi plant. To the best of my knowledge they have no thorns and they don’t need to be pollinated. May 6, 2019 - Grow Calamansi Indoors Materials to Grow Calamansi Indoors Recycled plastic container or pot Calamansi ( Philippine Lime ) I hope this helps! I utilized a 12” Net Cup, Coco-Coir and Clay Pebble substrate.

Here’s what I do: 1) Once I get the seeds I place them in a pot of water and boil them on high for about 2 minutes. I exposed mine to max 16 hours of light using grow light or utility lights (full spectrum).