You will compile your own Herbal Materia medica of the plants covered on the course. Betonica Medical Herbalist Training Programme In addition you will receive – Courses ~ Traditional Herbal and Botanical Medicine Apprenticeship, Clinical Herbal Practitioner Training, Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Training, Continuing Herbal Professional Development for Herbalists in Ireland (Ire), in the United Kingdom (UK) and in Europe (EU), Face to Face Learning, Blended Learning, Courses in Herbalism, Herbal Medicine and Herbalist Training, online and face to …

On going throughout the course – Diet and Nutrition including preparation of living and superfoods for optimum health. Discover how to cultivate plants in our dedicated learning garden Explore how to identify and harvest herbs from the wild Gain practical knowledge on how to make medicines Learn how to conduct herbal consultations and formulate bespoke herbal remedies And much more! Danny is an Honorary Fellow and former president of the Irish Register of Herbalists (IRH). Whole Plant Medicine. Thank you to Fiona and Karen for being such wonderful, caring, sensitive and efficient teachers. This study continues through the 8 weeks with an informal presentation to the group at the end. An apprenticeship opportunity with Keith Robertson MSc FNIMH,

EITHER in 2 instalments: £2,500 payment deposit and Balance paid in 2 instalments of £525 by 15th January and by 2nd April 2021. – drying, storing and processing herbs. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Arrive and settle in. Plus of course 8 weeks of herbal living and amazing freshly prepared vegan food. Using different artistic media as expression of plant qualities e.g. Seeds. Apprenticeship applicants who have not completed the Correspondence Course previously can get started on this in advance of the apprenticeship programme as a foundation. – plant habitat and the Doctrine of Signatures Introduction to Massage and Physical Therapy, Herb tasting and Pharmacy. Please accept if you want to use this website. In addition to this you get 10 full days of tutorials spread over your 8 weeks here so 22 days plus 40 daily meetings which equates to at least 300 hours of formal teaching. Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution is an arts and health-education, Community Interest Company run by the Seed SistAs, Fiona & Karen.

4. In addition, Excelsior offers classes taught by an international team of leading professionals in the field. They are vivacious and infectious in their approach and zest for life, living both honorably and ecstatically, and I simply wanted to spend as much time with them as I could. Pharmacy and medicine making

there will be opportunities for work experience in the dispensary for which hours can be logged. Learn to prepare and use your own herbal remedies created directly from nature on our innovative herbal health training course.The Sensory Herb Apprenticeship is a seasonal journey into discovery of your local plant medicines held at the beautiful Monkton Wyld Court in Dorset we have a working medicine garden with over 45 differing herbs. Celtic Herbal Medicine Intensive 15th till the 27th  June.

the ‘gesture’ of the plant. Excelsior Apprenticeships is accredited by meeting the core-curriculum criteria set by the Irish Register of Herbalists (IRH), the largest professional association for herbalists in Ireland, including Northern Ireland. Gorey, Co Wexford, Y25 C6N1  Ireland, Tel: +353 (0) 87 340 2442 Use of range of physical media for making pharmacy preparations e.g.

Our school trains people in the knowledge and application of plant medicine, and if you are interested in becoming a professional, insured and accredited medical herbalist we hope you will find our information helpful.

Botany and plant identification Learn to recognize your food and medicines so that you can safely pick in the wild, supported by frequent herb walks. In About we describe the school and the team that is behind it. We are recruiting for a maximum of 4 live-in apprentices. – harvesting  and processing techniques for barks, roots, leaves, flowers and fruits Links can be found on the Herb Society links page. After the success of the past 4 years we are very happy to be hosting another 12 day intensive on Celtic Herbal Medicine; this is included as part of  the Apprenticeship programme. Celtic Herbal Medicine – New Lammas Course. Exploring differences and similarities of the above by looking at leaf sequences of the same species growing in different environments. People who want to rely less on the medical system and want to be able to help themselves, their friends and family with simple health challenges. Herbal Medicine and Quantum Physics. includes nutrition, pathology and organic gardening.

Excelsior Apprenticeships in Herbal Medicine offers Northern Ireland’s first accredited practitioner-level herbal training program. Graduates membership options allow one to continue to access the materials, to benefit from the course updates and participate in the member's area.

NB Apprentices should arrive on Tuesday the 4th of May and not before as we have a private family celebration on that holiday weekend. SSHM Application form Apprenticeship in Herbal Medicine 2020-21.

Also joining us accomplished Welsh Herbalist Nicola Dee Kelly MNIMH In About we describe the school and the team that is behind it. – water extractions – infusions, decoctions – solvent extractions – oils, tinctures In Training we explain our approach to developing an Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine, and how you can study to become a Medical Herbalist.