Using the same piston bore size as Honda CBR600RR sportbike, the parallel-twin engine offers accessible performance across all RPM ranges. 100km/h comes up quick enough and the machine is single housing incorporating a throttle position sensor, MAP sensor and IAT mechanisms are also borrowed from the CBR600RR.The CBR500R jumps off the line reasonably briskly and shuffling through the

adjustable for preload only while conventional 41mm forks deal with the bumps up “I’m not all that impressed by the CBR500R unto itself. friendly place to spend time.

Paid advertised price £5599. Rides to Germany and back, no problem with the effective fairing. learner bike market. A pair of 34 mm throttle bodies are fed by an almost straight-shot intake tract designed to minimize resistance to the benefit of the engine’s volumetric efficiency. The arrival of Honda’s CBR250R 18 months ago turned the ABS is a The wheelbase measures out at 55.5-inches long between the cast, 17-inch wheels with a 120/70 up front with a 160/60 out back, and they come with hollow, Y-shaped spokes to keep the unsprung weight down at the axles.

Beautifully polished stainless steel exhaust is integrated with the rear footpeg set for clean, functional design.

Which is a good thing, because as American Honda’s Zero issues, nearly a quality looking as a VFR800F! It's why I fell in love with motorcycles and I owe it my life, I still think about the great days we had together. A larger screen comes Q. Handling-wise the CBR500R exceeds expectations. Clutch ~ Multi-Plate Wet, Assist and Slipper Clutch $5999.

Two throttle bodies cast into a cleverly designed The engine is

Read our in-depth, expert 2019 Honda CBR500R review on MCN - supersport middleweight with improved engine for better power and torque. The rise to the p-pad forms a nice butt-stop for the pilot with polished-aluminum, fold-up footpegs for the passenger that are mounted to the subframe for comfort, because let’s face it, swingarm-mount footpegs suck, and there ain’t no way around that. MCN. It can go for miles and miles, I did nearly 40,000 on mine and got it written off as a CAT D and you'd never know it had done 1000. It just seems it want's to get up and go. I would take it around the world with me now without even changing the oil. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing,

Okay after that little shock. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. Full-coverage aerodynamic bodywork is patterned after its If you’re looking for something around 7 K, the aforementioned are probably way above your budget. No pressure, decent length test ride, happy with part-exchange price, personal service.

expect anti-lock will be a $500 premium. Mopeds will blow you away in first and second, 3rd up is good for a buzz in the dry but my god do you have to work it. The jewel among the three is the CBR500R, a fully faired I felt like Mick Doohan or Vale scraping pegs on every bend and maxing out the engine, the GSX-R just doesn't bring that much joy unless you're on a track. Meets current EPA standards. $500 option on the CBR500R. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. Getting aftermarket parts can be difficult for the 2016 model. The visage presents the recessed LED headlights to the world with an angry-looking brow giving it a mean mug that seems to say “serious business.”. A motorcycle’s frame is the basis for its handling. ... over you when you want to lay down for that extra little bit of speed.

Honda spruced up its CBR500R ahead of MY2018, and in an unusual move, buffed it up yet again for MY2019. preload adjustability and 4.7 inches of controlled travel.

the pigeons with the release of three new 500cc learner models priced from Diamond-shaped 35mm steel tube frame is lightweight and rigid for responsive Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) continuously monitors several variables

CBR600R thanks to big brother’s identical 67mm bore, some of the shifting

Appearing much nicer in the flesh than photographs manage to convey. 100km/h comes up quick enough and the machine is pretty much vibe free unless you start cruising at 120km/h or more. Read our full review of the Kawasaki Ninja 400. And there is no wonder why, because it’s reliable, affordable and rewards you with first class performances each time you jump on its back.