$300.00, Special Price: $178.00, Special Price: 0000015786 00000 n 0000029559 00000 n An adjustable magnet with L bracket is included, along with a 24" armored cable. Single Door Magnetic  Lock, 12 or 24 VDC, UL 10C and Canadian UL listed. $41.99, Special Price: You have been registered for product and offer updates. 0000118755 00000 n Door & Window Sensors. Traditional key access is available as well. $158.00, Regular Price: - Intellisense, MPS9. Check out the Mobotix Cameras! $113.99, Regular Price: Even though the 5899 magnet is designed for the 5816 wireless window and door sensors, you can use them as replacement magnets for other door and window sensors as well. $140.00, Regular Price: 0000073934 00000 n How Does a Door/Window Alarm Sensor Actually Work? Door & Window Sensors Door & Window Sensors Honeywell’s field-proven wireless technology is an exciting new advance in security that provides the most reliable, convenient and cost effectivesolutions for security protection.
The brown magnets have a part number of 5898BR instead of 5899 for the white magnets. They are available as wireless contacts or wired contacts and provide a wide variety of gap sizes, perfect for installing on any kind of door whether it's the garage door, the front door or the panic room door. $209.99, Regular Price: 0000036942 00000 n 0000022567 00000 n The magnet is 1.5” long, 1/2” wide and 1/2” deep so it is slightly larger than the typical magnet that would be found with a wired door and window contact. We've got answers! 0000030177 00000 n 0000035494 00000 n $133.99, Regular Price: $74.99, Special Price:
Check items to add to the cart or select all, Regular Price: This two zone transmitter includes built-in magnetic reed switches and wired closed circuit contact loop.



Our magnetic locks have been tested with all Honeywell control panels to assure that they will work properly every time. 0 ��r1�ԋ�]�p��M�+.�NPhv��hTLt���z�_*�D��^5o&����Bb"��m���{���kf1a�}��ÄMm�Mf)�}{�T4���hN|Лw�Cs�b�N.�JL\N&8���)29j��9pⱃP%@S6,���H)ܐ�O�'>�u �(\\t����K�)n�B �XZ���+�6�� ���!q�����Lc�ܸ�ȷ����,n��fd�2�h�%����q����$P�� ˻�� ��RRr �� (74�c``�1�aL��t$ 6���&���cV��u���ii`&��� &�� ��V%"% A ��7@���"��π�-�} Honeywell 1200LB Magnetic Lock Single Door Stainless Steel.

MG Series

$154.99, Regular Price: 0000002105 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n

Honeywell offers a complete line of magnetic sensor ICs - linear and angle sensors ICs, position sensor ICs, speed sensor ICs, value-added packaged sensors

$54.99, Regular Price: If you install the 5816 wireless window sensor 3-6” from the bottom corner of your window, then you can install one magnet at the bottom corner of the window and a second magnet the same 3-6” up from the bottom corner. Also, make sure to align the magnet along the long side of the wireless contact that has the magnet alignment marks etched in the plastic case. 159 55 $470.00, Special Price: $489.99, Special Price: $90.00, Special Price: $494.99, Regular Price: 0000006801 00000 n Once installed, the window is protected in both positions (fully closed and opened 3-6”).

$45.00, Regular Price: $295.00, Regular Price: The 5816 has an internal reed switch that is positioned on the side with the alignment marks and if you install the magnet on the wrong side, the wireless sensor will not function properly. 0000098390 00000 n

0000029889 00000 n attached the base unit to the frame of my garage door and the magnet to the side of the garage door (you will need a metal drill to screw the magnet to the metal bar of the door).

0000128383 00000 n $450.00, Regular Price: 0000123731 00000 n $420.00, Copyright 2020, CommGear, All Rights Reserved. Through a strategic working relationship, Honeywell offers locking and egress solutions to fit any application. This two zone transmitter includes built-in magnetic reed switches and … 0000018008 00000 n

$659.99, Special Price: 0000001396 00000 n

Honeywell Ademco 958 Overhead Door Magnetic Contact, Honeywell Ademco 4193SN Two-Zone V-Plex Adapter, Honeywell Ademco 5800PIR-RES Wireless PIR, Residential, Honeywell Ademco 69 Door Cord w/ Disconnecting Plug, Honeywell Ademco WA7626-CA SMA to N Adaptor Cable, Honeywell Vista 50P Control Panel, Eight Partitions, Honeywell Ademco 4120TR Trigger Cable for 4120XM Control Panel. $160.00, Regular Price:

The Honeywell 5899 is a magnet for the 5816 wireless door sensor and window sensor. 0000008234 00000 n $230.00, Special Price: 159 0 obj <> endobj The Honeywell 5899 magnets is ideal for venting a window that is protected by a 5816 wireless window sensor. $369.99, Regular Price: $343.99, Special Price: $78.00, Regular Price:

Honeywell Home’s field-proven wireless technology is an exciting new advance in security that provides the most reliable, convenient and cost effective solutions for security protection. 3/8" Diameter Miniature Press Fit Magnetic Contact With a 3/4" long magnet, the 951WG is ideal for casement windows, sliding windows, and other thin frame applications Standard gap: 1-1/4"– the largest gap of any mini 3/8" contact 12" leads are standard Honeywell magnetic locks provide reliable and affordable locking options. 0000007807 00000 n

0000083536 00000 n 0000030102 00000 n 0000005277 00000 n Can be used with any Access Control System. Typical window sensors protect a window only when it is fully closed. 0000029955 00000 n h�b```b``�������� Ā B��,'7``��X9��U�p��=�ƾ���LǙ8�e8��Npfׯ``���U�eyvt�i�l| $9.99, Regular Price: Switch Type: Form A (SPST) Reed $177.99, Special Price: 0000030071 00000 n $205.99, Special Price: 0000081842 00000 n 0000121243 00000 n The Honeywell Ademco 5816WMWH is a white, Door/Window Transmitter with a Magnet. $157.99, Special Price: 0000023188 00000 n $125.00, Regular Price: Honeywell Ademco 958 Overhead Door Magnetic Contact UPC: 781410006218 Also known as: 958 The Honeywell Ademco 958 is an Overhead Door Magnetic Contact with a standard gap of 2-3/8". All products have been tested with Honeywell products and provide an excellent opportunity for dealers to increase their revenue on their next installation.

$135.99, Special Price: $500.00, Special Price: 0000006093 00000 n I got Honeywell Ademco 5816WMWH -costs 1/3rd the price of tilt and x100 more effective and efficient. Honeywell Commercial Security Middle East- 958 Commercial Contacts Sensors: view product information, features, documentation and ordering information. With this in mind, you can typically replace the magnet for an ADT door sensor with a magnet for a Honeywell sensor. $165.00, Special Price:

The Honeywell 5816 wireless door and window sensor can be ordered in brown and therefore, you can choose the Honeywell 5899 magnets in white or brown. $31.99, Regular Price: 0000023113 00000 n Honeywell 1200LB Magnetic Lock Single Door Stainless Steel. No Contract Alarm Monitoring starting at $10 a month! $150.00, Regular Price: 0000017977 00000 n Door & Window Sensors. Honeywell Home is now Resideo.