I tried this hair mask, first time after reading your post. Simply apply to damp hair after cleansing, leave for 3-5 minutes, then rinse. Therefore, it soothes hair and makes it shiner and softer. Another fine option is Idan Oil that's been crafted from pressed coconut. It is a little messy to apply but I love the smell and if you add a bit of water it goes on much easier and the moment I feel the mix touch my scalp, it rejoices. So far i have tried it about 3 or 4 times using argon oil and I have to say I love it. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW! I have applied coconut oil with camphor, Can I apply this mask after that? Leave on for 1-2 hours. Standard Delivery Skip amla. Hi Joya, you should consider switching to henna. You can use oil of your choice or even coconut milk works great. Hi! Also, I’ve heard making a serum with Aloe Vera gel, a few drops of tea tree oil, and a little bit of Argan Oil really helps manage your hair after washing your hair if you dislike that greasy look hair oil gives you. How it works: this hair mask improves hair growth.

Hi Denice, A very happy new year to you.

display: -webkit-flex; Thanks . It is not the easiest to wash out as there are lots of little bits from the fenugreek but it is not too difficult and with a little patience it will come. Mix until fully combined. Yes you can do this mask weekly. The coconut miracle oil hair mask with help restore and revive dry, damaged hair.

I have a few questions: When you say “set aside of 2 to 3 hours” are we supposed to be setting it aside in the fridge for those 2 to 3 hours or just at room tempeture? Is this usual and what can I use to stop it from smelling? In chilhood i have good hairs not so thick but even, shinny and smooth. Everything needed under one roof. .cu-pdp { My hair is not at all growing and i am losing many hair i want my hair to be thick and long can u plz suggest me some good guranteed remedies, Pl try hairpack using fenugreek powder,moringa powder yogartand cyrryleaf powder, It’s seems very nice but the results will come when I use it My question is u hv written so many ingredients but while making the mask u hv written mix all the 3 ingredients n keep for 2 3 hrs so which 3 ingredients r u talking about. Another problem is that, I have very few hair on my head.. like I can’t open them in front of anyone nor I attend events because of then. All you need is fenugreek seeds and spice and nut grinder. Honey and coconut oil hair mask. Very few are aware of the fact that COCONUT OIL has reverse affects on damaged and dry hair, like i did and so I could never bring the softness back to my hair but COCONUT MILK is SIMPLY AMAZING and i recommend this to everyone. Free returns in store or to any post office I could like to know, how much time it takes to show the results? Although olive oil can work on all hair types, the amount used can make a big difference. But you never know, so give it a try. Hello Mrs Shelle, use the fenugreek seed and yogurt as I have mentioned above.

I was wondering tho, would you recommend this mask over the Castor oil egg mask? Hair Mask # 3.

} Like i said, long before that i am very fortunate to have encountered Hair Buddha. Hi minaz.. can you please advise how to clean methi paste from hair?it’s very difficult to wash away.. there are remnants everytime.. is there any trick for that? Remember, using coconut oil for hair is only one of its MANY uses, besides using it for conditioning and hair growth treatments, using coconut oil for skin and face brings many beauty benefits like soft and younger looking skin. Yogurt substitute: If you are a vegan or don’t like putting yogurt on your hair, you can replace it with coconut milk. […] Remedies to Keep Your Scalp Pimple-Free What Causes Grey Hair and How To Stop It Miracle Hair Mask For Hair Growth, Thickness and Dandruff Aloe Vera for Thicker Hair, […]. Helps prevent hair thinning that occurs due to menopause.

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Search for hard water on the website. This will also cut down the smell. Applying oil to your hair before washing makes it less prone to damage. Hurry, ends soon! Is it okay to use greek yogurt for this recipe? width: 100%; So, we may say, different types of hair respond to coconut oil differently. Hi Minaz.. is there a way to remove waves in the hair because of hard water build up.

Last question, I did this today and my hair was beautiful!

Day 2: I did a mask with lemon, ACV, Honey, Sugar, and Almond oil. /*Colour varient classes --- -- -*/ Its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties make it easy to exfoliate your scalp and treat any flakes. It doesn’t lather at all, and feels more like water than shampoo, but it cleans the hair well. I luckily chanced upon Hair Buddha and the miracle hair mask which has done wonders to my hair by bringing back the softness and reducing hair fall to some extent. Tags: coconut oil and honey hair maskcoconut oil for african american haircoconut oil for hairdeep conditionerhair moisturizer. Glad to know miracle hair mask worked for you so well. I can say however, that the baby hairs around my hairline seem to be getting a bit uncontrollable which makes me think there are more (usually they don’t stand out much, if at all). Don’t be afraid to shampoo a couple of times to make sure it’s completely removed.

Put on your shower cap or wrap your head in a muslin cloth or a towel. Karishma, skip camphor, use coconut oil and lime juice, followed by the mask.

height: 1.5rem; } width: 100%; Just add equal parts of olive oil and baking soda together to form a paste. It’s also important to wash your hair thoroughly before and after the treatment. Hello Tariela, I am so glad it worked for you , i am 26 years since 2years i am suffering with hairfall used minoxdil and vitamin tablets its getting thin day by day that means new hair growth is not coming please suggest what to do im tired of using all this but when i started using minoxdil few new hairs coming once stopped falling more again so please suggest best. Hi Benita, the fenugreek powder should be very fine, almost powdery. Dry hair should use two egg yolks, oily hair should use two egg whites and normal/combo hair types should use one whole egg. I have tried amla, ritha, shikakai mask before, it works great for any hair problem, expect it colors them to black, I had brown hair with little golden touch naturally and it turned them near to black, also that mask is runny, so I had to stop it, though I have never tried mixing yogurt and fenugreek to it, so will adding amla in this mask again turn my hair to black??

Can you please tell me. Can we use the mask more than once a week? Why Vitamin B12 is Essential for Hair Growth (and to Delay Grey Hair), Anti-Aging Blueberry and Banana Smoothie: For Amazing Skin and Hair, Egg and Olive oil Hair Mask: Get Gorgeous Hair like a Celebrity, Ayurvedic Hair Care: Top 4 Remedies for Thick Hair Growth, 4 Hair Rinses for Shine and Conditioning (There’s One for Every Hair), Make Your Own Natural Shampoo: Get Soft and Shiny Hair at Home, How to Use Rice Water For Gorgeous Hair And Flawless Skin, Rubbing Fingernails Together Stimulates Hair Growth and Reverses Graying: Reality or Myth, Miracle Hair Mask For Hair Growth, Thickness and Dandruff, Why Use Magnesium to Reduce Hair Fall (A Vital Mineral for Your Hair), apply cucumber and lime detox or honey shampoo, 10 Ways To Stop Hair From Getting Oily and Greay Too Fast - hair buddha, Revive Your Hair With Homemade Protein Hair Mask - hair buddha, How To Treat Scalp Acne:11 Natural Remedies to Keep Your Scalp Pimple-Free - hair buddha, Prevents dandruff and promotes healthy scalp, Moisturises hair and leaves it feeling soft, shiny and smooth, Strengthens hair shaft and adds volume to your hair, Greatly reduces split ends and hair breakage.