The only other features around the edges are the microSD card slot (a must-have for many) on the right side above the volume rocker, and the nano-SIM slot on the left. And if you don't swap the phone, you get a $100 credit toward a new HTC phone in the future.

I much prefer the ease of having the button on the edge, although having all three buttons in a line on one side did take a little getting used to.
Trying to press the power button on the top meant either using two hands, or shifting the position of the phone in your one hand in order to stretch out -- a manoeuvre that makes it very easy to drop your phone. HTC One M9: Battery Life.

On the front of the M9, HTC’s signature BoomSound speaker array is seen above and below the 5.0-inch display. cleanly polished) finish.

We found the phone getting a bit warm during some of our benchmark testing with an early version of the software, and it was also a bit toasty during our camera testing with the updated software. The One M9 is the first smartphone to feature a single piece of metal with two distinct colors: silver for the back section, and gold around the edges.

Unsurprisingly then, there's no visible difference in clarity between the two displays.

So hopes were high that the same would be true of the HTC One M9.

However, the competition hasn’t stayed stagnant. Without a standout feature, this handset definitely has strong competition out there. And, notably, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge do not support expandable storage.

In other words, the HTC One M9 costs roughly the same as other high-end smartphones, including those aforementioned major competitors, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6. The large black strip that only features the HTC logo is still there on the One M9, and I’d really like to see this removed entirely to reduce the height of the handset.

Demanding games like Asphalt 8 played very smoothly; image editing in Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop Express was a breeze; and, crucially, navigating around the Sense interface was swift, extremely responsive, and generally free of the sort of annoying lag that can really make a good phone seem bad. mRNA vaccines won't just end the pandemic.

The two-toned design also refers to the color of the metal. The second is the piece that includes the display, which appears to sit into the back shell in a design that’s less seamless than we saw in the M8.
Luckily, I can start off this review by talking about one aspect of the HTC One M9 that I love: the design. CNET may get a commission from these offers. There are, however, no options on the M9 to alter colour tones on the display -- unlike the S5 and S6 -- so you can't boost the saturation.

Their forward-facing position means that when the phone lies flat on a table, the sound isn't muffled.

The power button has been moved from the top edge of the phone to the right-hand side, below the volume buttons.

And it's getting a big upgrade, Discuss: HTC One M9 review: A gorgeous Android phone with a touch of déjà vu, may have already cost HTC CEO Peter Chou his job, Proprietary 64-bit A8 chip with M8 motion co-processor. Staying the same isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the small refinements HTC has made to the One M9 … High-resolution photos and videos also have a satisfying clarity.

You can download additional themes, although right now there aren't many to choose from. While I prefer the look of the M8’s seamless body, the choice to engineer a seam into the body actually reduces the slipperiness significantly.

Editors' note, May 13, 2015: This review has been updated to reflect further testing. Check here for restocks at Walmart, Amazon, GameStop and Target, Xbox Series X and PS5 restock coming to Walmart Wednesday at 9 p.m. HTC has also updated the metal body’s finish. If you have $100 to spend on a phone, you need one that covers its bases.

All three buttons are solid, clicky and responsive, though they don’t travel very far. While the M9's colours aren't poor, they didn't provide the best venue for the phone's camera (see that section for more details, below). The HTC One M9 inherits its predecessor's stunning metal design and strong speakers, and has a bright, sharp display. Unfortunately it could be a bit slippery, and the power button wasn't ideally positioned. The top-edge button has finally been removed in favour of a perfectly-positioned right-side button, positioned below two distinct volume buttons. You can tweak the themes too, selecting your own app icon style, colours or fonts as you desire. The width is fine, so the M9 is easy to hold, but reducing the height would make the phone feel more compact. Internally, HTC is packing the latest and greatest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC, which should be a decent performance boost with the added bonus of 64-bit support.