We were holding apples in our hand to offer the same to Krishna. Despite many criticism, he can be considered as a profound, complexly great personality who can teach us a plethora of great life lessons. According to the dream fruit astrology, if a person sees Lord Krishna and Radha Rani in a dream, then there is a lot of happiness in their future life, there is a sweetness in the relationship between husband and wife and involuntarily destroying all their enemies. Dream of lord Krishna Meaning – Seeing Lord Krishna in a dream and other God and Goddesses in dreams are very auspicious and such dreams say to you that you are really very fortunate and a blessed soul on this earth.. Dreams of God and Goddesses are direct communication with God as well as great blessings of God on the dreamer.

The Dream: Few days ago I was sleeping and almost got up from bed seeing Lord Krishna in my dream.The time could be between 4:30 to 5:30 am.I need your help to interpret the meaning of this dream. I saw me, and my mom went to a temple of the allmighty Krishna.

It means you are mesmerized by the character of Lord Krishna in Mahabharata. 21 Dreams, Dream of lord Krishna Meaning.