When all is said and done, Superman saves Robin and flies off, but they are apprehended later on and sent to prison for their crimes. [96][97], It was announced on April 26, 2018 that the game would cross over with Mattel's The Masters of the Universe series as a comic sequel to the game's "Superman's side" ending. Je krijgt een jonge vrouw te zien die snel wordt onthuld als Kara Zor-El, de oudere neef van Superman en de toekomstige Supergirl. After she leads him to the Batcave, he faces his old friend once more. [47] According to Senior Technical Artist for Cinematics Andy Senesac, the animation team used four head-mounted camera systems in its motion capture shoots, each equipped with a choice of three different 4 mm, 5 mm, or wide-angled lenses that were used depending on the actor's head shape.

Hij ontdekte dat Superman, een Kryptonian, op aarde was, wat betekent dat de vernietiging die hij al die jaren geleden had aangericht onvolledig was. Het pak van Superman is veranderd, hij is geïntegreerd met het schip van Brainiac en heeft nu de volledige controle. While the Society is doing Brainiac’s bidding (most of them unknowingly), there are still other heroes and villains doing their own thing. Fate", "Injustice 2 beta now live for a lucky few—find out if you got in", "Injustice 2 Microtransaction System Announced, Explained", "Injustice 2 'Firestorm' overview trailer, 'Source Crystals' premium currency revealed", "Injustice 2 Is Darker And Grittier Than Its Predecessor [GDC 2017 Hands-On]", "Injustice 2 Will Have a "Level Playing Field Version" for Tournament Play", "NetherRealm addresses concern around Injustice 2's new Gear System", "Injustice 2 'Everything You Need to Know' trailer", "Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Announces Injustice 2", "Injustice 2 Legendary Edition Available Now Alongside Epic New Trailer", "NetherRealm Taking 'More Aggressive' Approach to DLC With Injustice 2", "Injustice 2 special editions include DLC characters as premier skins", "All The Injustice 2 Characters Confirmed (So Far)", "Injustice 2 story trailer, Darkseid pre-order DLC and special editions announced", "Here's Bizarro and all his awesome intro lines in Injustice 2", "Here's Raiden and - surprise!

After the brief intermission where we get to find out that Kara is on Earth, it’s back to the mission that Batman sent his friends on. Wachten daar is Batman in een krachtpak waarmee hij van teen tot teen kan gaan met de Man of Steel. Er is echter moeite met brouwen, omdat Kara zich op haar gemak voelt met haar capaciteiten en erop uit wil gaan om mensen te helpen.

He fights those he once called friends, family, and allies. Ratings

Injustice 2 is an American comic book series written by Tom Taylor and published by DC Comics.It is based on Injustice: Gods Among Us and its sequel, Injustice 2.It is set in an alternate reality where a Batman-led insurgency has defeated Superman's totalitarian regime and has to deal with the aftermath..

[96][97] Similar to the Ultimate Edition for Injustice: Gods Among Us, the Legendary Edition includes all previously released downloadable content for Injustice 2. Batman and Supergirl plan to board his ship once they get a chance and finally end it all. No matter how hard they fight there’s nothing that could be done.

[105] Destructoid's Nick Valdez shared similar views, stating that the visuals were "leagues above the first title".

[117][118][119] IGN also nominated the game for "Best Xbox One Game" and "Best Spectator Game". Supergirl (Flashback and main story) Supporting Characters: 1.

Het is niet duidelijk wat ze van plan zijn, maar ze moeten absoluut worden gestopt.

Red Hood, Starfire, and Sub-Zero made up Fighter Pack 1, while Fighter Pack 2 consisted of Black Manta, Hellboy, and Raiden, and Fighter Pack 3 brought in Atom, Enchantress, and the TMNT. While the group splits up to evacuate and defend major cities (which Brainiac is trying to collect), Batman, Superman, and Supergirl focus on the main ship. Black Canary 3. “They respect what we do, and we respect all their characters. If you have an Grid (Main Story and Premiere Skin for Cy… Voordat je het weet, worden Green Arrow en Black Canary naar een mysterieus schip gestraald waar ze oog in oog komen te staan ​​met Brainiac.

Krypton’s last son is imposing as he patrols the halls of the asylum with his glowing red eyes, ready to eviscerate anyone who seeks to disrupt how things are.

Kara witnesses what’s happening alongside Black Adam and Wonder Woman. Zelfs toen Green Lantern, die opnieuw werd toegelaten tot de Green Lantern Corp. na zijn acties met Sinestro and the Regime, hem benaderde om zich bij Batman aan te sluiten, koos hij ertegen, hoewel hij geen slechte wil jegens Batman had. It’s not clear what they’re planning, but they definitely need to be stopped.

Ze komen oog in oog te staan ​​met de Society en nemen het op tegen een paar van haar leden.

[39] This led to the inclusion of Brainiac as the game's central antagonist, as there were few characters in the DC Universe that could top "Dictator Superman" as a foe for Batman. We are fans of their characters and, I think, art-wise and design-wise, we put a lot of detail that hardcore fans will like. They have an hour to decide or everyone dies. Fighting [59] The top players from each program qualified for the ELEAGUE Injustice 2 World Championship, which featured a US$250,000 prize pool. There was a lot more than just Superman waiting in there, though. Can you name the Injustice 2 story opponents? Aan de zijde van Superman ziet hij Brainiac doden, maar daar stopt hij niet. [28][58], On May 8, 2017, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the Injustice 2 Championship Series, a global eSports program. [3] The first issue was released digitally on April 11, 2017, and subsequent issues have been released weekly. Zelda Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for the Mega Fan.

A battle soon ensues between the two factions, and the player can choose which one to side with.

[16] Source Crystals can also be used to buy "Transform Gear". [51] Injustice 2 runs on the Mortal Kombat X engine (Unreal Engine 3), with the mobile version running on Unreal Engine 4. Injustice 2 is a 2017 fighting video game based upon the DC Universe.It is developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.It is the sequel to 2013's Injustice: Gods Among Us.The game was initially released in May 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; a Microsoft Windows version was released later in November 2017. The Flash (Barry Allen) 7. Uit het niets barst Superman door de muur en redt zijn oude vriend.

"[122] VideoGamer.com's Alice Bell also called the microtransaction and loot systems "needlessly complex", which require players to keep track of several different types of currency.