Follows in social media and and correspondence generated by promotional events.

This plan will also include an advertising plan, promotions, personal selling, sponsorships and database programs. Public Relations Strategies and Tactics (10th ed.). Organize teams for people in the sport of dragon boating to provide a fun and affordable experience and exposure to competitions and diversity of events.

An integrated University marketing and communications plan is needed because alongside increasing competition for desirable students, Trinity has seen a downward trend in applications, enrollment, and new student applicant quality. $24.95 annually for Flickr account (optional), Face to face eventOPS staff usually, Toronto community, Ideally early in season April to June$0, 5-10hours of preparation time for presenters, Email (can use Mail Chimp or manual) and phone callsPrevious club members, Early to mid season March – June$10-30 for Domain/email  hosting. However, developing the integrated marketing plan carefully and accordingly can help you ensure the high potential of the document’s effectiveness and successful usage. So now that you have an idea of what an entire marketing campaign template entails, let’s go a little deeper into the framework of a successful campaign. Provide channels for feedback to the club executive and team captains and coaches. is important to the organization and takes time to develop.

Attainable: New teams were created with the 2012 season, allowing growth in registration and possibly revenues to occur. All stakeholders need to get on board, teams must collaborate, and there needs to be a detailed marketing plan to ensure that each element is created on point and on time.

Will you be outsourcing any part of your campaign content? The brief should also contain a breakdown of the tone, voice, and types of imagery that are appropriate for the target audience and the types of channels being used. Learn how your comment data is processed. Survey Monkey)Paddlers registering for programs, April – June or longerFree or $125-228 annually for Survey Monkey account, End of season$0 if event funded by members or TBD by exec, $20 for recognition materials, $100 for member rewards, Online including website, email Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube*, Google+* Note* YouTube and Google+ channels have not been developed yet.Club members, People in Toronto, OPS staff, Year round~$100.00+ annual website costs.

This means taking a look at how long each task took to complete, whether any items were finished past their original deadline (and why), and whether there were any roadblocks that can be avoided in future campaigns. The club has since grown to include individuals from within and outside the OPS  (OPS Dragon Boat Club, 2011). Find out more about our Privacy and Cookie Policy here. $24.95 annually for Flickr account (optional), Online, Face to Face, Website pages, eventsAll club members, friends/family of members. Year roundResult in money ($) collected by the club related to communications activities. We’ve published articles promoting dragon boating and monitor websites and hold events which include the dragon boat showcase and panel events for an OPS audiences and reach out to the dragon boat community for joint events and races. Old Spice.

These are people working for the Ontario Public Service (OPS) and often includes their friends and family. Your marketing campaign plan will come in handy here — refer to measurement goals (KPIs) you set in the beginning and iterate if needed. Once you know all of the assets that your campaign will need, you have to decide who is doing the creating. This is especially important if you’re hiring freelancers. Take it to the next level by customizing it to fit your campaign goals, deadlines, and KPIs. Lastly, the team will have to measure and report on the results to determine successes, challenges, and iterations for future campaigns. The plan is the 2012-2013 OPS Dragon Boat Club Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan and reflects actual plans executed during the 2011-2012 dragon boat season.

Raise awareness of the club and attract paddlers to join the club and register for club programs. Collect feedback > Assess existing communications > Build Awareness > Action on Promotional channels > Create a conversation > Improve Communications. Find out how the club can achieve performance, social, and other goals of members. ( Log Out /  Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. This will also help with communication and make clear who each person reports to.

Do you have in-house content and design teams to work on them? OPS Dragon Boat Club.

Provide information to attract people to register for the club’s programs and events. Email, website, optionally newswireMedia, Internal OPS communications staff operating news intranets like Topical and Ministry intranets, Operators of, Physical media (see description), digital mediaAudiencePeople in Toronto and OPS staff in areas like offices, sports centers, gyms, dragon boat sites, learning events. Year round~$100.00+ annual website costs. Will you collaborate using project management tools like BaseCamp, Trello, or a content management platform?

Collect input from members and potential paddlers on their goals and wants to dragon boat programs and related events. ( Log Out /  When you’re using a number of resources, you’ll need to have a detailed budget so you can allocate the funds accordingly. September to OctoberSurvey Monkey account, costs covered in registration tactic. Amounts to 85+ hours just for web content development, not including many hours spent reviewing and improving pages after initial publication. Old Spice: Smell Like a Man. Here are the 8 elements you should be prepared to elaborate on in your marketing plan: The team – Once you know all of the assets that your campaign will need, you have to decide who is doing the creating. They are motivated by: Past survey results indicate many paddlers find that club through the internet and word of mouth from friends. This heads up our list not only because it was integrated with great … This part is twofold: When is each asset/deliverable due?

The brief offers an overview of your purpose, your plan, a projected timeline, and the desired results. March to May, Early Season$0 or TBD by exec., recommend $50 to $100 available from Google for new accounts for free.

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