Rumple then apologizes for all the trouble he caused his son, but Baelfire thanks his papa for showing him what it means to make a true sacrifice, and now it's his turn. He seems reluctant to accept that it's really been a whole year, and even more so that Henry doesn't remember him. Baelfire is horrified by his father's new magical abilities and evilness. ("And Straight on 'Til Morning"), Neal rests at Aurora's palace, back in the Enchanted Forest. Rumple is happy to see his son again but the feeling is one-sided as Neal merely wanted to make sure Emma was alright, making Gold slowly realize they know each other. He also gives Rumple back his cane, having found it in the hold of the ship, and Gold decides to keep it to remind himself of the man he used to be, but will never be again. However, as she's making the journey, she suddenly passes out and is visited in her dreams by Neal, who is contacting her from a better place.,, The son of the Dark One, Bae was unhappy with his father's evil ways and sought passage to a new land, one without magic. Wendy explains to Neal that she came back to Neverland in order to rescue him. David quickly blocks one of Regina's fireballs, but is flown outside by Cora and knocked out. Dylan Schmid is the Canadian actor who portrays Baelfire on ABC's Once Upon a Time from Season One to Season Three. Oops." Having been informed by three women, Neal asks his father why he never told him Pan was his father, and Rumple reveals that he was scared because he was just like him: they both abandoned their child. He then steps out of the car and the fanciful reality comes to an end, to Emma's dismay. He assures her that he does and takes the book from her, immediately receiving a series of flashes which fully restore his memories, including those of his father, Neal.

However, the pirate soon places it back and, to break said tension, Emma takes out a second box containing items such as the blanket with her name on it, knitted for her by Granny when she was still in her mother's belly, soon before Regina's curse hit, and a camcorder containing some very surprising footage involving Storybrooke's newest villain, known as the Snow Queen. Birthdate: He keeps his promise, though the people of the village still fear him, with a baker's son teasing Bae and pushing him into the mud so that he'll look like a monster, just like his father. Neal is looked over by Hook, who hugs his old friend, apologizing for all the dispute that took place between them over Emma, denoting it as silly.

Killing the shadow returns Mother Superior's, reviving her, and in her gratefulness, she both grants Tink her wings back and hands over the Black Fairy's wand.

Dylan Schmid's performances have been described as affirming, intense and precise. However, whoever uses the key to resurrect the Dark One must die in his place, and Bae starts dying until Rumplestiltskin absorbs Baelfire. He shows up at his apartment just as Gold and the blonde are in a confrontation after his father figured out that she lied.

("Breaking Glass"), Upon leaving Storybrooke with his wife, Marian, and son, Roland, Robin Hood heads to Baelfire's old apartment, for that's the address Regina gave him.

("Dark Hollow"), The Jolly Roger crew reunites with Regina and Rumple, who reveal to have Pandora's Box, and Neal informs the group that Rumple came to Neverland in order to kill Henry because of the prophecy. However, he soon resorts to stealing for a living, changing his name to Neal Cassidy, after getting a job as janitor. He comes up with the alias Neal Cassidy, and grows up to become a thief, which is how he meets a woman named Emma Swan. With the Ogre War over, Rumple is hailed as a hero by the people of his village, as well as by Bae, only for a soldier named Beowulf to interrupt the celebrations with cries that the cowardly Rumple made himself into the Dark One, the former clearly being jealous he's not the one receiving all this glory. Gold is pleased as well ("There's No Place Like Home"), Following his wedding to Belle, Mr. Gold pays a visit to Neal's grave where he recounts a story of Bae's childhood, talking about the time when a scared Baelfire climbed into bed with his papa during a storm and, for the first time, Rumple felt like an adult because he was able to comfort his child and take care of him... until the Dark One's dagger came along and changed everything for the worse.