But, oatmeal lovers can rejoice with this quick keto oatmeal recipe. I would do it in either a minute or 30 second intervals and stir frequently. I make a weeks worth and keep it in the fridge and take it with me to work because I don’t have time in the morning to make anything. Also, make sure to visit again for more recipes! It’s winter and I’m eating my noatmeal like oatmeal, with either extra Carbmaster milk or cream poured on top and a pat of butter. Added a tsp of stevia and some brown sugar and cinnamon Torani. If you had blindfolded me and told me it was Cream of Wheat I would have believed it! But unfortunately I can’t eat it. Make sure to visit again!

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Thank you! At least, I do. It really reminds me of oatmeal. For instance, I use Krogers brand Carbmaster milk. This has saved me more than a couple times in the last two weeks since I found it. Mix until thick paste forms and then stir in the almond milk. If you prefer to drink your breakfast, it’s easy to adjust this recipe and transform it into a keto breakfast smoothie. I mixed in half a scoop of vanilla protein powder while it was cooking. How to make Low Carb Keto Oatmeal Making oatmeal without oats is actually one of the easiest recipes you will ever make in your life. Keto Overnight Chia Oatmeal … You’re a genius. I’ve found that I prefer a 1:2 ratio, of flax+chia:milk (sweetener to taste). I will be making this regularly! Keto Overnight Chia Oatmeal Recipe Ingredients. That said, despite oatmeal’s high carb count, it doesn’t produce a rapid increase in glucose. Hi! More to come on the blog and my Youtube, visit back for more! Let me know how it turns out! I enjoy the many ways to make it too. By clicking sign up you’re agreeing to our terms of service and privacy policy. You can add extracts in that case if you’d like to add in additional flavor!

The hot cereal tastes like … I’ll be taking my blood sugars at the two hour after meal mark and am hoping for a good reading! Except for the Keto diet. Thanks for the feedback! Maybe my microwave is just too enthusiastic. Low Carb Overnight Chia Oatmeal Ingredients. Thank you very much for this recipe. Let me know if you have tried any of my other recipes and what you thought of them! Can this be microwaved instead of made via stovetop? So I tried the overnight method so I would have some breakfast already prepared but it didn’t work out. But they do have different nutritional values. I’m so sick of eggs! I love keto noatmeal! amzn_assoc_linkid = "4147f27f7ae1c2039ddf5cb974b94bb4";
Just found this on Pinterest and its great! Thank you for the recipe!! Reminded me of the cream of wheat my grandmother used to make me as a child. Holy smokes, that was so good! I then add a splash of Torani sugar free syrup – just under a tablespoon, to taste. KYU: What Makes This Asian-Inspired Wynwood Eatery So Popular? Cool! Hey Britt, just wanted to say thanks for this recipe! Combine all ingredients in a sealed, microwave-safe container.

The reason is the combination of fats. You may also enjoy my egg bites or my breakfast burrito. I made mine with a combo of heavy cream and almond milk, brown swerve and topped it off with sliced toasted almonds and some warmed heavy cream. Also can’t wait to see what other low carb recipes you have! Then added cinnamon and some vanilla liquid stevia- so good!! amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true";
Bacon and eggs are undoubtedly the quintessential keto breakfast staple, but let’s be real here: sometimes you just get tired of them.

But, oatmeal lovers can rejoice with this quick keto oatmeal recipe.

Thank you for sharing your experience and how you made the recipe your own! I actually keep a ziploc baggie of equal parts flax meal and chia seeds premixed in the cupboard so I can just scoop out 1/4c in the evenings when I prep my breakfast for the next day. Make sure to visit again soon for more recipes! Out of curiosity, did you use the express cook option on your microwave? Add a bit more almond milk until it reaches the consistency you like.

Lately, I guess because it’s been really frigid and wintry down here in the South, I’ve been craving big bowls of oatmeal. Also, make sure to visit again soon! You’re welcome! Have you tried my breakfast burrito recipe? (This includes the optional … Let me know if you try any new flavors or tweak the recipe! I had it for breakfast AND dessert! It is packed with superfoods like chia seeds and coconut flakes and made rich and decadent with creamy almond milk. Make sure you Like my, page so you can see when I do Live cooking videos and follow my, to view my daily meals. I can eat a bowl and still be satisfied for hours. I just started Keto and am tired of eggs for breakfast already. I’ll check out your other recipes too. I am so glad I found this. Make sure that you come visit again for more recipes! Make sure to stop by for more upcoming recipes in the future! I like simple too so I made it as you described but added Lakanto sugar and cinnamon. To eat immediately, use the stovetop method: As you can see, I’ve been a bit of a traditionalist. Oatmeal is one of those foods that is a fiber-filled, satisfying and healthy addition to any diet. There’s also the option to eliminate the seeds and cut back on the liquid. I’m glad that you enjoyed the recipe. Oatmeal is not a ketogenic food, as it is based primarily off oats, which is mostly carbs. It was amazing! Let me know if you try any new flavors or tweak the recipe! I have also learned that the hard way. Also, make sure to vtell me how you like my other recipes! Thanks for your support! French Vanilla Torani, fresh strawberries, peanut butter, S’Mores Torani, a few sugar free dark chocolate chips, brown sugar Splenda (or Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Torani), sprinkle of cinnamon, pecans, Pumpkin Spice Torani, spoonful of pumpkin puree, pecans. U can flavor this however you like and it still taste amazing. Thanks for sharing! Let me know if you try any new flavors or tweak the recipe! I added a teaspoon of erythritol for the sweetener and a small pat of butter.