Longans are a brilliant white, with a big black seed, surrounded by an olive-brown skin. Part of the melon family, cantaloupes take up less room and grow more quickly than watermelon or honeydew. Per cup, jackfruit provides various macro and micronutrients including (24); Jujube is otherwise known as a ‘Chinese date’ and it has been cultivated in China for centuries. Also, is there any truth to the common claim that fruit can be fattening due to the sugars it contains? In common language usage, “fruit” normally means the fleshy seed-associated structures of a plant that are sweet or sour, and edible in […] Like most orange plant foods, persimmons are a good provider of vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene (42).

It helps in keeping several gastrointestinal diseases at bay, and is also believed to prevent kidney stones. Similar to most brightly colored fruits, they contain a wealth of polyphenols, and they provide the following nutrients per cup (140g) (38); Passion fruit is another tropical fruit (technically a berry) that is native to the South American region, believed to originate in Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. Inside the pomegranate, we can find hundreds of red edible seeds (known as arils) separated into different chambers by a white stringy material called albedo. Lime is mostly used as a detoxifying agent for cleaning body. Banana, durian, lemon, orange, pineapple ….

Quick Fact: The United States of America is the largest producer of grapefruit in the world. This small, brown fruit is covered with a hard green husk.

Owing to their flavor, they are a regular choice for flavoring and seasoning various soups and meat-based dishes. They are usually cultivated in regions with warm climates. Quick Fact: Lemon is one of the most commonly used ingredient in cooking due to its varied nature. While ripe plums tend to be sweet, an unripe plum can taste incredibly tart. With a deep blue color, they are also attractive in their appearance. Tangelo (Ugli) Fruit Native to Jamaica, Ugli fruit is a citrus fruit that is thought to be a mandarin-orange hybrid or tangerine-grapefruit hybrid. Fruits are some of the most nutrient dense, and healthiest foods around.

Like many types of fruit, they are a good source of polyphenols. Due to the unique look of the fruit, the nickname of ‘dragon’s eye’ is common throughout China, where the fruit may have originated. Apples have a reputation for being difficult to grow, and it’s true that they have their share of pests and diseases.

However, there are many different varieties of passion fruit, and some (such as the ‘golden passion fruit’) are the size of a large grapefruit. If you didn’t know about this point, then oranges are actually a hybrid of the pomelo and mandarin. Tangerine is an orange-red Mandarin with a citrus or sour taste. Native Americans pounded dried strawberries into their cornmeal and introduced strawberries to early colonists. There are definitely lots of little-known fruits out there. The sweet varieties are generally the edible kind we find in shops and in orange juice.

The orange is a citrus fruit and, surprisingly, it is a hybrid rather than an original species. However, they have a bigger taste – tangerines are sweeter and more flavorful than regular oranges. Ugli fruit. Nutritionally, one cup (122g) of rhubarb supplies (52); Starfruit is one of the most visually appealing fruits. This really helped with my school work! Replace these with a nice, juicy fresh fruit and give your body, a burst of energy and vitality. Yali Pear. This botanical family also includes the slightly better-known lychee fruit and rambutan. So, the next time you reach out for a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate, think again. Brazilian grape tree) has an unusual growing pattern: the trunk produces large, deep-purple fruit, rather than the branches. Pomegranates are a healthy fruit that is high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals; per fruit they offer (46); Rambutan comes from the tropical regions in South-East Asia, particularly Malaysia and Indonesia.

Jujube has a sweet and juicy taste when fresh, and this sweetness strengthens in their dried state. Tomatillo. Here are the 11 best fruits to eat for weight loss.

On that note, the dried form of the fruit is extremely sweet, so it’s not a good idea for those on lower carb diets. This list contains the names of fruits that are considered edible either raw or in some cuisines. It’s a common belief that they originated in Italy millions of years ago, and since that time olives spread around the Mediterranean region. Nutritionally, a 100g serving provides (31); The lychee is a tropical fruit almost identical in nature to rambutan and longan fruit. (This includes berry-sized fruits.).

Olives are one of the most polyphenol-rich foods, and they are widely known for their health benefits.

Found throughout South America, Hawaii, Africa and Asia, this evergreen plant produces large orange fruit with a thick rind. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_culinary_fruits&oldid=990568635, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 November 2020, at 06:51. Lime is yellowish-green in color and contains more amount of acid than other citrus fruits. It is essential for enhancing our immune system. They are classified as vegetables in the culinary sense (for example: the tomato, zucchini, and so on), and hence they do not appear in this list. After the pear has ripened, you will have a juicy, flavorful, sweet, nutritious snack. It’s important to recognize that the high-fat fruits have greater calorie density since a gram of fat has over double the calories of a gram of protein or carbohydrate. Similar to lemons, it is common to use limes for flavor in various drinks, cocktails, and teas. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Lemon mixed with water is used to treat sore throat and other anti-bacterial infections.

Add them to smoothies, spoon them over ice cream, or make them into tasty jams and sauces. Thanks for this information. They grow on bushes, rather than trailing vines, and have a sweet, but tart, flavor. Orange is considered as the king of citrus fruits. I feel like I might just add this info into a spreadsheet – will be quite a handy reference.

If you want sweeter tasting guava, go for one which has tinges of yellow on its skin. Found throughout Asia, it is used in Indian cooking. Sour cherries predominantly grow in Russia, Eastern Europe and Southern Asia. The raspberry has a soft flesh with a slightly sweet and juicy taste.

Per cup (165g) serving, mangoes provide (33); Sticking with the higher sugar fruits, melon is another sweet-tasting fleshy fruit. However, grapes are also one of the highest-sugar fruits.

The reason for this is simple; they’re one of the most bitter-tasting foods in existence! It has a reddish shell with juicy, sweet white flesh.

Since bananas have a very sweet taste, dessert recipes often use them.

Eating an orange is the best natural method to cleanse and beautify skin. This variety of fruit has dozens of different cultivars so raspberries can differ in appearance depending on the country.