Post ↳   Long War of the Chosen Development (Community Adaptation), ↳   Pavonis Interactive's standalone XCOM 2 mods. vpt beo killer instinct rapidfire crits kill almost anything instantly, especially after some shredding. Why aren't you considering VPT? Fire control and lightning reflexes. Yes you want to put breaching ammo on him and run him up to something big and blast it (or you could use a rifle but same principle). Mirroring the Scouts they're recruited from, Pathfinders are mobile and very flexible in combat. Cookies help us deliver our Services. A factor you're also ignoring is that more hp means more damage you can sustain without requiring additional recovery time.

It's all because Scouts get LR at SPEC. Definitely Extra Conditioning. RF spam to kill everything. Actually, I believe lightning reflexes is the second last factor. LR would work as a "poor" man's scout in an assault package, though by the nature of an assault, one would think EC would fare better.

I believe Fire Control lets the user take a reaction fire against the target, if the hit chance is at or higher than x%. Re: Is Lightning Reflexes and Ready for Anything working as intended. Feeling particularly vindictive? If they got it at the same tier as, say, Concealment, you'd have a seriously tough choice to make on which unit picks LR. In multiple times in my campaign I've witnessed advent scouts and vipers run multiple overwatch shots with lightning reflexes and perfect information indicating 0% to hit for each shot.

Long War 201. If you've gone balls-out crit, you may as well take VPT, although EC is so good you'd never regret taking it IMO. by Garthor » Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:36 am. It's now just what Sentries do. Compared to these previous systems, the one I'm seeing now seems unreasonable, and I'm hoping it's just a glitch. I use the scout first with LR ofc and to appoint holo for the assault to do work. share. your assault build, is a typical glass cannon build, high damage output, but no real defense. Post But 70% is still a huge penalty so it's not too unlikely for that to happen. Need to tricketer that god damned mechtoid which isn't taking overwatch penalties? by Sparky79 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 12:28 pm, Post For a more durable build replace RF with AF. How does Long War Lightning Reflexes work? LR is kind of weak on assaults. VPT hands down, with 96 aim, equip that assault with scope/walker servos, and +damage item. I generally never go LR on assaults, as I don't want to risk using LR to break overwatch. Slap on a chameleon suit and combine with high innate defense in order to laugh harder at the aliens puny attempts to hit you. Apparently in Enemy Unknown it was a flat subtractive modifier, but in Enemy Within the logic was changed to make it a multiplicative modifer. Advanced Fire Control is not needed since your Goliath will be firing at close range and AFC won't make a difference against melee enemies with Lightning Reflexes, which you still need to be wary of. Never fear! It checks the chance to hit before LR is applied. EC just turns that assault from a man who can take a hit to a man who can take two. Never understood that either. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. For some reason the close range bonus is factored in after the LR multiplier. This glass cannon build is most effective against stragglers, or attacking from just outside standard sight range. The main benefit to EC over VPT for this build wouldn't even be the actual perk, it would be the extra mobility and aim. Cryssalids, or at least some of them, have the ability "Lightning Reflexes" and in general I'm fine with it. Sparky79 Posts: 47 Joined: Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:59 pm. Absorption Fields. As far as i know, no.

Edit : It seems that Fire Control does not affect Suppression. Close.

I usually run my "assault teams" in tag teams. Otherwise, EC is the safety net that will let your Assault take that one hit you didn't predict (Resilience would have been a better choice for a single defensive perk though). Top. (Which is why EC is so broken; even when the HP isn't relevant the stat bonuses usually are.).

The Scout's signature ability is Lightning Reflexes, greatly reducing the chance to be hit by overwatch fire while moving. Shooting through walls is something we just have to deal with, due to the limits of the engine. 75% Upvoted.

So I believe the sequence is: normal to hit chance factoring in all +/- modifiers except close range, then LR multiplier (0.9 or 0.7), then the 30% close range bonus kicks in. I prefer Extra Conditioning because they get a little more movement and a massive 4 HP boost from late-game armor. Also if the alien has a buffed overwatch, the chance may be 20% instead.

Adding a third, while useful, would have diminishing returns. If your squad has the means to neutralise overwatch, reactive targeting sensors and close combat specialist then take extra conditioning, if not, take lightning reflexes. If they're always hidden away behind your front line waiting for their moment, I might take Lightening Reflexes instead... but then again if you're not using scouts you have no one to screen for your assault in order to safely run and gun, which means they're eventually going to charge into a bad situation where they need to take a hit... yeah I can't imagine a situation I would pick LR over EC. Lightning Reflexes The hit chance of reaction fire against this unit is reduced by 90 percent for the first shot, and by 70 percent for additional shots. Think that conditioning gives the hp to maybe help the assault to survive. Stance. I might do that, just played (or tried to play) the first EXALT mission and...well, let's just say defending the high ground in this game doesn't work as well as it should. Lightning Reflexes is changed from Long War 1 and I would suggest reading its (extended) description before you proclaim it isn't working as intended.