Regardless, whether you’re hosting 5 or 50 summer interns, there’s plenty you can do to put together an awesome program to guarantee your interns will have a great experience and equally positive things to say about your company. The internship is similar to training that would be given in an educational environment. There is no maximum number of hours, but since this is not ordinary employment, you should not be asked to perform your intern functions for more than 40-45 hours per week. Here's how to do it. These meetings are for the managers only and provide a basic framework so that interns don't get lost in an abstract corporate environment. © 2003-2020 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved. Employer takeaway: Don't let the unknown nature of starting an internship program deter you. WayUp hired (and will be paying) interns for this coming summer as part of a development program that includes guest speakers and lunch with Wessel. For instance, your employees may be interested in learning that interns can: 6.

One of the easiest ways to recruit more interns is to have existing interns recruit their friends and classmates. When making final decisions, be sure the direct supervisor is involved in selecting a candidate.

It is important that you familiarize yourself with your employer’s policies before you accept an offer and make arrangements to come to the U.S. When making the big decision to intern in the U.S., consider all aspects of your offer before accepting. Does the intern’s work complement the work of paid employees or does it displace it? Develop your intern salary or compensation structure. If you are being compensated, find out the details. To ensure you have the necessary information, request an offer letter that outlines the terms of your employment at the company and includes basic compensation information as well as any benefits the employer has offered to you. Find ways to mix the exciting with the routine. Give them some insight into their project, and if possible, let them choose their project. Federal labor laws, as well as some state's laws, may require it. Check out our blog post on Workplace Professionalism to ensure you’re prepared to integrate into American business culture.

9. What should you cover in onboarding? See if they have plans to be in NYC before the start of the summer.

Onboarding — Most internships are 10–12 weeks. Accepting applications only from students pursuing a limited set of majors can unnecessarily limit the internship recruitment pool. Hire intern… Providing a mentor means giving interns an avenue for personalized feedback on matters that extend beyond their work. By developing and working with interns, you can foster growth in an inexperienced individual who could one day become a major player for your company. "During the internship, I teach classes on various business topics, give career advice, do trainings to make them successful at their job role and help them develop valuable skills," Benson wrote in an email.

Otherwise, they may drift from their responsibilities and lose sight of their role within the company. Develop a plan amongst the team where an intern’s teammates, manager, buddy, and an executive check in to see how he or she is feeling about the offer and whether they can offer any advice or guidance. “I check in via phone call [around the end of October] to see how the semester is going and if they have any questions on our offer. This is an important step in providing a personalized experience, but it's also crucial for you as a business owner – with the right feedback, you'll get the right kind of work from your intern. See “Setting Reasonable Deadlines for Job Offers,” developed by the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice Committee, for guidance. Change your approach: recruit interns earlier on. If you remember being on campus, word of mouth travels fast and if word on the street is that your company is awesome, then you’ve already started to build a great brand.

The person who refers the most hires wins an iPad or an Amex gift card. The key is tracking their progress and making sure there's a defined beginning, middle, and end to their work. Does the internship accommodate the student’s academic calendar?

Prepare a presentation explaining how an internship program can help your organization reach its objectives. As with any project, outlining the concrete steps necessary to reach your goal keeps you focused and increases your chances of success.

"[If they] have never worked in a corporate environment before … they might not realize they should speak up about the fact that they are lost," Wessel said. TAGS: best practices, internships, spotlight. Companies are not required to offer benefits, but if they do, understand which benefits are included in your offer so that you are not surprised when you arrive. 2019 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey Report, Percentage of new hires from on-campus interviews Then, post your internship on Chegg Internships to recruit top talent. Learn about legality. I cover various small business topics, including technology, financing and marketing.