Maravanthe is a village and a beach near Kundapura, Karnataka, India. It is so isolated that the place is surrounded by thick forest with only a limited connection to urban amenities. The Maravanthe Beach is the only beach in India blessed with such wonderful scenery. Create and share itinerary, download PDF Guides and free access to Holidify's full content.

Fishing, a favorite pastime for many, as well as swimming and boating, etc can be enjoyed on the Maravanthe beach. This was way back in 2015 during my MBA graduation in Nitte, a place near Udupi, Karnataka. Ottinane is only a few minutes away from Maravanthe beach and is famous for its Sunset Point and the overhanging cliff.

Right next to the coastline is the National Highway Road and on the other side, is the sacred Souparnika River against the backdrop of the Kodachadri Hills. I Give You 24Hrs To Tell How Many Pakistanis Live In Old City: Owaisi... All You Need To Know About New Law On Love Jihad, Ordinance Passed By... Congress Veteran Ahmed Patel Passes Away Following Covid Complications, 10 Sandalwood Characters That Can Have Movies Of Their Own, Indian Govt Bans Ali Express, 42 Other Chinese Apps.

One can trek through the jungles of Kodachadri Hills and appreciate the lush green nature. The next morning, we came back, spent some time on the beach and made our way to Nitte. Over the last few years the water levels have come up and you can see the waves hitting the road but about 10 years back the … Since the tides are not very high, one can also go swimming. Resorts nearby offer opportunities for scuba-diving and snorkeling under professional guidance. After trying to embrace them deep into our hearts, we headed to Maraswamy temple. When we visited there was work on a 4 lane highway being carried out which spoilt the experience a bit., We reached the place by evening and simply stood still looking at the never-ending sea on our left and the scintillating Suparnika on our right. A long stretch of white, virgin sand and the vast crimson sky during sunset is a sight that cannot be missed.

Devotees, from all over India, visit this ancient temple to seek blessings from Goddess Parvati.

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I being a travel enthusiast left no chance to explore the nearby places and in the run, I found this angelic yet sublime beauty of nature named Maravanthe. The seafood here is renowned and people come from all around the state to enjoy the delicious dishes.

Make time for Maravanthe because it is the only place of this kind in India. A busier and easily accessible one is the Mangalore Railway Station which is only 110 km away, a 2-hour drive. One can take a closer look at the lifestyle of the local folk while sightseeing. Ahh, it was a soul-treating experience. The National Highway 66 stands between the blue Maravanthe beach and the beautiful Souparnika river. Souparnika makes a U-turn on the east side of the temple forming an island of Palm trees, and Greenfield called Kuru / Kudru. Driving along the NH-17, one can witness both the Arabian Sea and the Souparnika River on either sides of the road. Souparnika River is believed to be home to over 64 medicinal herbs, capable of curing several grave and common illnesses. It was only we, empty sky and the river – words unspoken. He was 71. Kanchugoda village is a fishing village near Maravanthe Beach. Flowing down the Kodachadri Hills is the magnificent Souparnika River which happens to be one of the biggest rivers of Karnataka.

There are various small stalls set up near the beach. Right next to the coastline is the National Highway Road and on the other side, is the sacred Souparnika River against the backdrop of the Kodachadri Hills. Even just driving along the shore can provide you with a spectacular view of the beach with beauty all around. The majestic view of the beach along with the native scrumptious coastal cuisines makes the holiday even more exciting!