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For a shower with a single shower head, the waste outlet connection should not be less than _____ inches nominal size, and for a shower with multiple shower heads, shall not be less than ____ inches nominal size. Spell. The total number of questions will depend on the state you are applying for licensure in.

Created by. The discharge from a sump pump shall be at least ____ feet away from any property line and shall not create a nuisance. Also at Changes direction and branch connections.

{ Horizontal support for copper tubing 1 1/4 or smaller, Horizontal support for 1 1/2 inch or larger, On continuous metal or wood strips for its entire length, Horizontal support for stainless steel drain piping, 10 foot intervals, changes of direction and branch connection, Horizontal and vertical support for plastic drains, What is the minimum psi flowrate fixture and what is the exception for pressure assisted toilet's and blowback urinals, 15 psi minimum at faucets.

Can be battery vented in up to groups of 8 fuxtures, A sink primarily for waste very similar to the characteristics of a toilet, Kitchen sink or laundry tub that has one trap for 2 compartments tied in within 30 inches of the trap, Vertical drain pipe within the building that convays storm water from the roof to its connection to the building storm drain or other point of disposal. Those two weeks will help you prepare for the demands of test taking as well as refresh your memory on some of the regulations, technical vocabulary, and other things that you might not use in your day to day on the job.

You will need to demonstrate that you have a certain amount of professional experience (anywhere from one to four years) and, in some states, a certain level of education or relevant training. There is so many helpful study information and necessary information to reflect back on.

Learn. In regards to disinfecting a potable water system, the following is acceptable: 50 ppm for ____ hours or 200 ppm for ____ hours.

Vitrified clay pipe installed under ground shall be made __ strength with a minimum of ___ inches of earth cover, Extra strength and 12 inches of earth cover, Pipe sealing or lubricating compound required for threaded pipe joints shall be applied to the ___ only and be ____ and _____, Make pipe threads and be insoluable and non toxic, Firmly packed with okum or hemp and filled with molten lead not less than 1" deep and not to extend more than 1/8 inch below the rim of the hub, Solder joints in a potable water system shall contain not more than ___% lead, Stainless steel Sec. One hanger per pipe length and it must be within 18 inches of each joint up to 10 feet maximum spacing. Drainage from swimming pools or wading pools, including pool drains, filter backwash, overflows, and pool deck drains, shall discharge indirectly through an ______ to a trapped and vented receptor. ",

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Exact content varies from state, particularly regarding regulations which are state specific. Air chamber .

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Your local municipality (whether state, county, or city) will provide you with a candidate information bulletin when you register for the exam. For the past four years, you have worked hard gaining the knowledge and experience needed to advance in your chosen occupation.

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So, no matter how confident you are in your command of the material covered on this exam, you should still take at least two weeks to review everything. The exam is computer-delivered with options available for special needs accommodation. Vertical distance between the lowest opening,pipe, faucet supplying water to a tank fixture or other device and the flood level rim of the receptor. 3 inch or larger pipes 18 inches. If floor drains are located in walk-in coolers or walk-in freezers used for the storage of food or other products for human consumption, they shall be ____ connected to the sanitary drainage system.

The minimum size of vent piping installed underground shall be _____ inches.

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