Garma's task force consisting of Gaws pursue White Base to the now ruined city of New Yark. Meanwhile, the Union, AEU, and the HRL holds a secret meeting to discuss plans for "Project G", a special initiative to capture the Gundams under the guise of a joint military exercise. While returning to the Ptolemaios, Setsuna detects an inbound UN assault force of GN-Xs and the Throne Zwei. Meanwhile, Ribbons attempts to intervene in Regene's plans by reading his thoughts, but ends up taking a bullet to the head when she shoots him. At the end of their fight, Graham and Setsuna stab each other's suits which destroys the GN Flag and badly damages Exia. In Scotland, Setsuna attempts to capture one of the bombers, but is nearly apprehended by a Scottish, Four months since Celestial Being's first intervention, the Gundam Meisters have been involved in over sixty intervention operations; as the world begins to change around them, the crew aboard the Ptolemeios and the Gundam Meisters have some time to themselves. Deciding to display a show of bravado, Celestial Being authorizes Setsuna to deliver Rachmadi to the Azadistan royal palace with the Exia unarmed. A plan to capture Gundams, dubbed "Project G," is hatched by the Union, AEU and the HRL; members of Celestial Being take a day off on Earth while the Ptolemaios undergoes maintenance. Meanwhile, Ali Al-Saachez deceives Team Trinity and hijacks the Throne Zwei after killing Michael, then destroys the Throne Eins with Johann inside. They find salt in the end. These heartwarming shows will hold you over until the Netflix show returns. Alejandro Corner learns that the GN-Xs were created by Laguna Harvey, who is later assassinated by Ali. Animax Asia also broadcast the English adaptation across Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Setsuna continues to struggle against Alejandro with Lasse in the GN Arms. With the Ptolemaios undergoing maintenance, the members of Celestial Being take a day off on Earth. Despite his apparent death, Ribbons emerges and reveals that he used Veda to transfer his consciousness into another body. 73: Stargazer, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer,, Celestial Being, an organization dedicated to eradicating war, begins demonstrating the power of their new ", The three major world bodies discuss the possible origins and impact of Celestial Being. In the epilogue, the Federation reforms as its new president disbands the A-Laws and pushes for better global peace; Saji and Louise rekindle their relationship; Allelujah and Marie leave Celestial Being to search for the meaning of their existence; Andrei Smirnov stays in the military to preserve peace like his parents; Patrick Colasour and Kati Mannequin (now a brigadier general) get married; Klaus and Shirin work as politicians in the Federation Assembly; Marina returns with the children to lead a rebuilt Azadistan; Graham Aker is seen visiting Billy Katagiri in his office. The opening theme is "Fly! Despite pressure from present Union and Azadistan forces, the hostage release is successful. In the aftermath of the battle, Ribbons orders Revive and Bring to capture the 00; the Innovators question Ribbons' true knowledge of Aeolia's plan and the Twin Drive System. Information later comes in that forces from the three supernations will converge in the. Setsuna manages to hold his own against Ali, who escapes from the battle, while Lockon and Hong Long rescues Rachmadi. Before he can pursue Ribbons, Tieria reveals his presence inside Veda to Setsuna and explains the entirety of Aeolia Schenberg's plan to him. Marie senses Sergei's immediate danger and Allelujah's alternate Hallelujah personality briefly resurfaces. Thanks to, After the Memento Mori's destruction, the Ptolemaios II descends to Earth when the Innovators attack them. Disney + Pixar + Marvel + Star Wars + Nat Geo, Stream on up to 4 devices at the same time. Lyle struggles in the Cherudim against Anew and finally convinces her to return with him, but he is caught off guard when Ribbons takes control of Anew.

Celestial Being leaks information on the experiments to the media, turning it into an international incident and a public relations disaster for the HRL. Meanwhile, Celestial Being launches surprise attacks in South Africa, over Taribia (formerly, Colonel Sergei returns to the Human Reform League to head a new squad designated for capturing one of the Gundams, with bio-engineered human, Colonel Sergei tests a new mobile suit built for Soma. © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The Thrones attack an HRL military installation, but are forced to retreat when they are overwhelmed by the HRL's new GN-X squadron. As the battle continues, a hulking mobile armor piloted by Dozle Zabi inflicts heavy losses on the Federation; Amuro and Sleggar come up with a plan to stop its onslaught. When Alejandro Corner joins the UN forces in a large, golden mobile armor and fires a massive particle cannon at the Ptolemaios, Setsuna and Lasse attack Alejandro, but could not penetrate his GN shield. Saji mourns the loss of his sister, aware only that her investigations into Celestial Being were responsible for her death. Tieria and Lockon join Setsuna in fighting the Gundam Thrones. Wang gives Setsuna the coordinates to Veda. Tieria arrives to find the Kyrios within a transport vessel, but the Virtue is overwhelmed as he attempts to destroy the escaping vessel.

During the battle, Alejandro accesses Veda and deactivates the Meisters' GN Drives, leaving them defenseless. However, they are unable to proceed with their plan to break through the siege laid by the Federation without Setsuna and the 00-Raiser.

After another difficult duel, Ribbons and Setsuna run through each other with their swords but Setsuna emerges the victor when the 0 Gundam explodes. Setsuna tries to nab a bomber, and is nearly apprehended by a firearms officer; Setsuna reveals his identity to Marina Ismail. In Scotland, Setsuna attempts to capture one of the bombers, but is nearly apprehended by a Scottish, Four months since Celestial Being's first intervention, the Gundam Meisters have been involved in over sixty intervention operations; as the world begins to change around them, the crew aboard the Ptolemeios and the Gundam Meisters have some time to themselves. An unprovoked civilian attack by Nena on a wedding in Spain forces Saji Crossroad to race to Spain after Louise is severely injured in the attack, resulting in one of her hands to be amputated. This page was last edited on 31 August 2020, at 13:34. Soma's Ahead and the Arios are shot down and declared. The HRL's Choubu Squadron continues to harass the exhausted Trinity siblings. Allelujah again becomes disoriented by his proximity to Soma, resulting in the capture of the Kyrios. Setsuna locates Veda's core and finds Tieria dead but no sign of Ribbons. Taking out a golden gun, Alejandro fires repeatedly into Aeolia's capsule, but his actions set off a system trap. Kati sends a message to Celestial Being expressing respect for, Surviving Katharon members plan for negotiations with the Suille Kingdom, the only country in the Middle East with considerable military power and political will to oppose the A-Laws. Saji, unwilling to remain with either Celestial Being or Katharon, escapes but is captured by an Earth Sphere Federation ship. Observing the situation on the Ptolemaios, the Meisters wonder if they must be destroyed to finally end war.

Eventually, with Hallelujah taunting him, Allelujah destroys the facility. Nine months into the conflict, the Earth Federation has developed its own powerful mobile suit called the Gundam. Allelujah confronts his past and proposes a mission to destroy the facility of his origin; Celestial Being leaks information about a colony where the illegal experiments on children are conducted.