Everyone’s favourite Fleetwood Mac loving, cranberry juice drinking skateboarder is 37 years old. Nicks' mellower version sees the music icon, 72, seated at her piano, lacing up a pair of white roller skates over black tights while singing along — to her younger self — on vinyl.

"It's just awesome. And Stevie Nicks and even Mick Fleetwood have joined in on the #DreamsChallenge, which encourages users to remake Apodaca's laid back video. Director warns against film! All rights reserved. E! On Instagram, Nathan posted a video revealing his own merch of t-shirts, hoodies and beanies and some of it is available to buy in his new pop up shop here. I'm always on cloud nine, so whatever I feel at the time is what I'm playing. Gina@gitoni.com (management) Watch the latest video from doggface208 (@420doggface208). And that’s what makes me happy about it.”. Apodaca's TikTok, which featured him skateboarding while drinking cranberry juice and singing along to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams," has garnered over 38 million views on the platform. 1” verschieben, Die Böhsen Onkelz verkaufen ab jetzt Schuhe, Sarah Lombardi gewinnt als Skelett die Castingshow “The Masked Singer”. All of Nathan Apodaca's "dreams" are coming true this week. Über eine Millionen Spotify-Plays innerhalb von zehn Tagen, knapp zwei Wochen später verbucht der 1977er Klassiker 456.606.686 Millionen Streams. The video has been incredibly popular, and it’s safe to say social media users are completely obsessed with it – but who actually is the man behind it all? @tomhayes603 ##oceanspray. Nathan’s original Fleetwood Mac skateboarding video has now had over 70million views … NA: I want to get a house for my family and me. "In days that are really challenging…it makes people smile, and I'm so happy to be part of it. #Dreams #FleetwoodMac #CranberryDreams @420dogface208 https://t.co/eg5f54bu0b pic.twitter.com/Mj1clEpnas. Earlier this month, her bandmate Mick Fleetwood, 73, also got in on the fun with a near-exact replica of Apodaca's skateboarding stunt, which has amassed more than 11 million views on the Gen Z-facing platform. Here are 10 things you need to know about Nathan Apodaca.

", Morning vibe ##420souljahz ##ec ##feelinggood ##h2o ##cloud9 ##happyhippie ##worldpeace ##king ##peaceup ##merch ##tacos ##waterislife ##high ##morning ##710 ##cloud9, Fleetwood said he hoped the two men could meet one day, saying, "You're right in my heart. Außerdem lieferte "Ocean Spray" CEO, Tom Hayes, noch das passende TikTok, das auch ihn Skateboardend zu "Dreams" zeigt - natürlich mit seinem eigenen Saft in der Hand: "Ich kann Euch sagen, es ist noch viel schwieriger zu boarden, wenn man nebenbei noch eine Flasche Saft trinkt", so Hayes. NA: I got DMX, Hall and Oates and Marvin Gaye. I listen to everything all the time and bounce back and forth to things that make me happy.

Meet the man behind the viral clip. Nathan Apodaca went viral on TikTok and now has 5.7m followers. Meet Nathan Apodaca, the man behind that famous Fleetwood Mac cranberry juice skateboarding video that’s been going viral on social media this month. I've heard you talking about it, and it's so joyous and fun.". Meet TikTok's Nathan Apodaca, The Man Responsible For the Revival of Fleetwood Mac—And Ocean Spray E! "It’s just a video on TikTok that everyone felt a vibe with. "I didn't think it was going to be this big," Apodaca, an Idaho potato worker, told E! @mickfleetwood @420doggface208, Nathan bleibt chillig Und was sagt Nathan zu alle dem?

A "blessed" Apodaca also weighed in on Twitter with his catchphrase, "Steady Vibin. Nathan Apodaca was born and raised in Idaho, USA. Although Nathan has now become known as the Fleetwood Mac guy, he told the LA Times that he actually likes all kinds of music, from country to EDM to Reggae. ", Afternoon vibe. Und dafür bedankt sich der Getränkehersteller standesgemäß bei Nathan Apodaca. Die meisten unter ihnen kennen sich zwar bestens in Auto-Tune und Adlibs aus, von richtigen Klassikern haben allerdings die Wenigsten je etwas gehört. TikTok star Nathan Apodaca's latest fans? Nathan is a father to two daughters, Makyla and Angelia, who were actually the ones who introduced him to TikTok and convinced him to film his first video. It's such a great story, and so needed," he told the Idaho native. Not only has this 25-second clip broken streaming records for the 1977 hit song, but the worldwide attention has scored Nathan a new car from Ocean Spray and commercial with TikTok. ", Morning vibe #feelinggood #doggface pic.twitter.com/Phj9XND21b.