You can also find links to my blog posts showing each range by brand below. In 2019 Rembrandt did an overhaul of their colours, reformulating many and adding more to create a range of 120 colours to celebrate 120 years of making watercolours. The full range is shown, 2017 - as part of the 125 year anniversary, Schmincke have completed a huge review of their watercolour line which is now 139 colours. I plan to keep adding to these 1400+ swatches as I try new paints. Schmincke also make excellent Gouache colours, which can be rewet in a pan - great for plein air, though I still tend to add a drop of two of glycerine to each full pan and spray with a little distilled water before use. ... Hi, I was looking for watercolor's brands information and came to visit your blog.

I have not shown many from Derivan, Permanent Pigments, Grumbacher, Liquitex and American Journey as I haven't tried many yet. The rectangle is painted in a juicy wash to show the mass-tone. Old Holland Watercolour Paint Review - Penholder Art.

The square box is painted into a damp wash at the top to show the colour mixed in water, with more pigment added towards the bottom. Discover Old Holland. Now, centuries later, we still use their recipes to make your colours. Read more about that on my blog post. Hover over any swatch to see the colour and brand or click to see the full painted swatch with pigment and other information. In 2019 another 8 new colours were introduced - 7 of them greys and a new primatek colour. The are consistently thick from the tube and easy to rewet in the palette, though they can take longer to dry in the palette. OLD HOLLAND Watercolour Paints // Review + First Impressions + Swatches - Warm Yellow Shade You will find what you are looking for at Old Holland. Manufacturers are listed alphabetically. See them, In 2017 8 new colours were added to the range, as can be seen. Old Holland are relatively expensive in Australia, especially for the pan colours so I haven't used many of the colours to paint with.

There are literally hundreds of artist quality watercolours available from many brands. Click on each tab below for the various colours. MaimeriBlu , from Italy, has as extra fine range which has recently increased form 72 colours to 90. Karmanski paint factory is the oldest such factory in Poland. More details here -. I have created swatches of the full range of many brands, and am gradually adding them here. a balanced colour palette in every set Watercolours: Old Holland Watercolours (review) | artdragon86. Simple sets with only tubes or pans, or extensive sets with brushes and accessories? I have concentrated on Artist Quality watercolours but there are also a few odd ones in the mix. I haven't tried any from Kremer or Caren d'Ache. My swatches can be seen here . They have reformulated or removed 5, and added 35 new colours, which you can see in my blog post. All those swatches are very informative, thanks for the great work. In 1664, various Old Dutch master painters established Old Holland. The small squares at the bottom of the swatch have the pigment number and characteristics - staining, lightfast rating, granulation and transparency, as shown on the individual manufacturers website or colour chart. (This green pigment is also available in Schmincke and Old Holland as Cobalt Green Deep and as a limited colour from Winsor and Newton.) It was founded in 1894 by a student of Jan Matejko - Józef Karmański, who added artistic knowledge to chemical studies, which allowed him to produce a wide range of paints - initially oil - which enjoyed great popularity and were accepted by the artistic world. Watercolor Paint QOR and Old Holland Challenge - Angela Moulton. I haven't tried any from Utrecht, and Lefranc & Bourgeois samples are so old I haven't added them here. The these colours are best used strictly fresh from the tubes as they don't rewet. Except we do that with the latest technology.Old Holland is a household name among artists worldwide.

The other range, called Vintage Watercolours, are in tubes but unlike many brands, the paint names, pigments and handling are completely different.

I haven't tried them at all, but the watercolour information is, watercolours from Belgium come in 12 colours and are made entirely from organic pigments - cultivated plants, gleaned plants, recycled plants and one insect.

The Ultimate Mixing Palette: a World of Colours, Painted Watercolour Swatches - Introduction, Lights, Greys and Black Watercolour Swatches. Jane Blundell Artist: Old Holland Watercolour complete range. I have tested many of them and created swatches as seen on the right. The tradition of Karmanski is successfully continued by his heirs, and in the current offer are not only high quality oil paints, but also watercolors and tempera paint, produced from selected, natural and synthetic pigments by traditional methods" (from the website, is a range of art products from Canada that claim to be ', earth-friendly, petroleum-free and cruelty-free watercolor paints, oil paints, and encaustic all plant wax pucks that perform as well as or better than their conventional counterparts'.