Saitama’s physical advantage seems like it’s too much in my opinion. Press J to jump to the feed. Super is consider canon because IIRC was stated to be a sequel of DBZ Pos-Buu Saga.

All it's says is that movies and GT are non canon and that Toei and manga are both equally canon and that Akira gave Toei free hand to changing the story and is happy with their work. Should be noted, Saitama best feat so far was destroy Boros's Surface Buster Beam(which only grants him Multi-Continental + DC, Yeah, I know that he wasn't going all out), but nothing indicating Plot Satire. Just saiyan.

Saitama fought the supposed “best in the universe”, but we have no feats for Boros to rank him to other characters. Check the sidebar for information! Himawari simple hit Naruto's pressure point, and knock off him, not different from Hit attacking Vegeta's vital points as well, the only difference is that Naruto wasn't amp by Chakra, and to be honest, looks like just a funny moment though. I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. That was small continental in range at best and I never denied that, that is in fact a striking feat, countering Boros blast on the other hand isn't because like you said Boros blast has no feats to say how much force it carries.

Goku will try to engage in physical combat like he usually does and end up being overwhelmed by brute strength. fan content. DB Characters: Can tank Moon level attacks, and yet, still getting hurt by rocks and bullets :) and so far the only thing that threatened the planet via weight was a Genki-Dama. @joviolma: he’s meant to be a parody/satire character to mock other animes (Boros looks like Goku for example). That the manga takes precedence over the anime ? I'm curious, I don't want to engage in a debate, but, what kind of physical feats Goku have to put him above Saitama's physicals ? @joviolma: he’s meant to be a parody/satire character to mock other animes (Boros looks like Goku for example). Yes, you heard it right. Yes, you heard it right. However, with its exponential power boost, several minutes may be all he needs to get the job done and completely outmatch his opponent with a well-placed Kamehameha Wave. Definitely. The satire isnt the fight, but rather Boros himsef. Combine that with the already vast array of abilities that Goku has at his disposal after a life (or three) of martial arts training, and Saitama could quickly find himself in over his head. DB characters: Can tank Moon level attacks, and yet, still getting hurt by rocks and bullets :), Naruto and other Naruto characters gets hurt by swords, kunais and little girls, Saitama gets pierced by a cat :).

"Perhaps you're not trying hard enough? Let's not forget Tao tanking a Kamehameha and almost dying by a Grenade.

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@joviolma: Well Piccolo destroyed the moon so? Don't remember claiming that knock Toneri is impressive, but remove the Tenseigan was :). Description: The unexpected origin of Saitama's cape. A compilation of all Dragon Ball Z x One-Punch Man crossovers.

Doesn’t go without saying, if you tank one of those you have that level of durability. Heaven Official's Blessing: Xie Lian & San Lang's Romantic Tension Heats Up, Digimon Adventure 2020 Gears Up for a Mega Evolution-Filled Finale. If you disagree with anything that I said to Omega_Kai then you just need to say what you think that is wrong. Saitama by far only showed Planetary Physicals(when ''serious'') and Sub-Relativistic speed and there is nothing indicating that he will get a upgrade to Universal + Level, here in the vine we use feats or statements(that can be accurate and useful in a battle) so you better provide feats proving that he would beat this Goku with his feats, or, I'm sorry but no one will take your serious claiming that Saitama shouldn't be used in battles because we never saw all his power, and like kilgpmktra said: This could go either way.

Here. All you have is a receding hairline. Gag Characters most of the time break the forth-wall and do other crazy things.

Saitama punches his lights out!

(Info / ^Contact). It's a huge energy sword, it doesn't carry as much force as cutting power. 10 Mecha Anime for Beginners to Get Into the Genre, DBZ Vs. One Punch Man: ONE Technique Would Allow Goku to DESTROY Saitama, Dragon Ball Rumor Teases an All-New Super Saiyan God, One-Punch Man: Saitama Nears His Most Dangerous Enemy Ever. and so far the only thing that threatened the planet via weight was a Genki-Dama.

As well withstood Gaara's physical attacks that were doing this: The ones like Bora tanking bullets and yet getting pierced by High speed spears. Toei follows their own events from previous series (DBZ or newer Kai) and Toyo follows original events. You can read his work in the pages of Image+, follow him on Twitter @samstoneshow, and listen to his podcast Geek Out Show on iTunes and Google Play.

If you want feats directly from Akira (original manga + script for Super = stuff that were present in both manga and anime) you should state it in the op. Which Anime Characters Share Your Birthday? This is awesome!! for saitama, this is but a piece of cake. Well, my friends, your hunger will now be satiated. Pokémon: Secrets of the Jungle - Who Is the Mythical Pokémon, Zarude? Don't give me the "in every anime manga is canon" BS, if it was true canon Super anime would not follow events from Toei canon. Naruto while engulfed with Hamura's chakra destroyed the Energy Vessel which was moving the Moon Towards the Earth and according to Toneri was going to protect the Castle from the Moon collision with the Earth.

Yes, he would probably loose to the likes of cosmic entities however. This isn't a satire plot.

I also remember this is the same dude whos making the yamcha reincarnate manga. Weren't you accepting feats of countering energy attacks as striking feats with Naruto and Saitama? That's why both anime and manga are canon and if u want to avoid confusion state in op what canon you are using :).

@joviolma: he’s meant to be a parody/satire character to mock other animes (Boros looks like Goku for example).

And Napa destroyed an entire country with two. Where did I said that? @joviolma: Yes and no, Toei have their own canon with Kai and Super and it is canon just as much as manga. :). RELATED: Dragon Ball Rumor Teases an All-New Super Saiyan God. Description: During an outdoor training session, Vegeta encounters a peculiar-looking passerby. Impressive feats, but when was stated that Ki blasts explosions have the same amount of force as their DC ?

By Hype I think he no sells the entire Frieza Saga.

I love the people listing abilities like they just read a when the hell has he used mind reading for combat? Only the manga is canon, Toei working in the anime means absolutely nothing to the main story in the DBZ manga.

While Goku may be vulnerable to the unassuming superhero's mighty blow, this vulnerability might become a moot point as he continues to become a defensive powerhouse that even Saitama can't touch in a hypothetical showdown. A compilation of all Dragon Ball Z x One-Punch Man crossovers. Saitama VS Goku Rap Battle (Part 1) - One Punch Man VS Dragon …

If he goes against Jiren, he stomps.

Never denied that, you are the one saying energy attacks have force equal to their piercing/explosive power behind them when it's never shown with Saitama/Boros example and Naruto/Toneri one. Introduced at the end of Dragon Ball Super, Goku absorbed the energy from a failed Super Spirit Bomb when fighting against the alternate universe champion Jiren during the Tournament of Power.