Not as though I had already attained,.... Or "received"; he had received much grace out of the fulness of it in Christ; he had received the gift of righteousness, the forgiveness of his sins, and the adoption of children; he had attained to a lively hope of the incorruptible inheritance, and had received a right unto it, and had a meetness for it; but as yet he had not received the thing itself, nor was he come to the end of his race, and so had not received the crown of righteousness laid up for him; he had not yet attained to perfect knowledge, nor perfect holiness, nor perfect happiness: wherefore he adds. The same is true of all Christians now. Philippians 3:12 ESV Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. But I follow after - I pursue the object, striving to obtain it. Though, therefore, there may be - as I think the connection and phraseology seem to demand - a reference to the Grecian games, yet the sense of the passage is not materially varied. There was an error while trying to create your account. Advance your knowledge of Scripture with this resource library of over 40 reference books, including commentaries and Study Bible notes. He looks for something brighter and purer in the world beyond the grave. And in Balsamon, Can. The Bishop's Bible (1568)ARRAY(0x55b3a2649678), Easy-to-Read VersionARRAY(0x55b3a2643a70), Hebrew Names VersionARRAY(0x55b3a26489a0), International Standard VersionARRAY(0x55b3a2648b80), King James Version (1611)ARRAY(0x55b3a2648d60), American Standard VersionARRAY(0x55b3a26490a8), Bible in Basic EnglishARRAY(0x55b3a2649288), English Revised VersionARRAY(0x55b3a2649468), Contemporary English VersionARRAY(0x55b3a2643890), The Complete Jewish BibleARRAY(0x55b3a26436b0), The Geneva Bible (1587)ARRAY(0x55b3a2643110), George Lamsa Translation of the PeshittaARRAY(0x55b3a2642f30), Good News TranslationARRAY(0x55b3a2642d50), Holman Christian StandardARRAY(0x55b3a2642b70), John Etheridge Translation of the PeshittaARRAY(0x55b3a263dc28), James Murdock Translation of the PeshittaARRAY(0x55b3a263da48), J.P. Green Literal TranslationARRAY(0x55b3a263d5f8), Miles Coverdale Bible (1535)ARRAY(0x55b3a263d418), Mace New Testament (1729)ARRAY(0x55b3a263d238), New American Standard VersionARRAY(0x55b3a263d010), New International VersionARRAY(0x55b3a2637ea0), New Living TranslationARRAY(0x55b3a2637ae0), New Revised StandardARRAY(0x55b3a2637720), The Emphasised BibleARRAY(0x55b3a2637540), Revised Standard VersionARRAY(0x55b3a2637180), Updated Bible Version 1.9ARRAY(0x55b3a2632e38), Wesley's New Testament (1755)ARRAY(0x55b3a2632898), Weymouth New TestamentARRAY(0x55b3a26326b8), The Wycliffe Bible (1395)ARRAY(0x55b3a26324d8), Young's Literal TranslationARRAY(0x55b3a26322f8), Lexham English BibleARRAY(0x55b3a262d1d0). Who has more elevated views of God, and of the plan of salvation?

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Salem Media Group. To complete this faithful contention is what he has in view; that he may apprehend, or lay hold on that for which he had been apprehended, or taken by the hand by Christ who had converted, strengthened, and endowed him with apostolical powers, that he might fight the good fight of faith, and lay hold on eternal life. 1 Paul and Timothy, servants 1 of Christ Jesus, To all the a saints in Christ Jesus who are at Philippi, with the b overseers 2 and c deacons: 3 2 d Grace to you and …

You’ve already claimed your free trial of Bible Gateway Plus. The prize is so beautiful and glorious, that he will exert every power of body and soul that it may be his. It should rather, as in the case of Paul, excite our ardor, and urge us forward.

18 For many, of whom I have often told you and now tell you even with tears, walk as enemies of the cross of Christ. Get your church set-up with online giving, sermon streaming, and more in under 24 hours.

Please enter your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue. It is of importance to understand precisely what he meant by the declaration here; and, in order to this, it will be proper to look at the meaning of the word elsewhere in the New Testament. Not as though I had already attained - Ουχ ὁτι ηδη ελαβον· For I have not yet received the prize; I am not glorified, for I have not finished my course; and I have a conflict still to maintain, and the issue will prove whether I should be crowned. 15 Let those of us who are mature think this way, and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal that also to you. There is a reference here to the Grecian races, and the meaning is, “I steadily pursue my course;” compare the notes at 1 Corinthians 9:24. English Standard Version.

Mangey: Ποτε ουν, ω ψυχη, μαλιστα νεκροφορειν (νικοφορειν )σεαυτην ὑποληψη· αραγε ουχ ὁταν τελειωθῃς και βραβειων και στεφανων αξιωθῃς "When is it, O soul, that thou shalt appear to have the victory? The true Christian, then, who feels that heaven is to be his home, and who believes that Christ means to bestow it upon him, will make the most strenuous efforts to obtain it. (, The English Standard Version is published with the permission of Good News Publishers. It is not indeed a declaration that no one was perfect, or that no one could be in this life but it is a declaration that he did not regard himself as having attained to it. There was to be a kind of resurrection which he had not arrived at.