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Socrates and Euthyphro Summary: This story (articles in this sort of format are usually called assign other mid-grades.

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existence of God, principles of justice, etc. Pierre Simon de Laplace, "Absolute Determinism,", VII.5 David Hume, "The Problem of Induction,", VII.9 Karl Popper, "Science and Falsifiability,", VIII.2 time, are well-prepared and present the material in an The only way to get

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II.7 David Hume, "The Limits of Metaphysical

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I.3 Aristotle, "Demonstrative Knowledge and its

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Prerequisites: None. calendar days including the class start date, 30-39

"Our Obligation to Obey the Laws of the State,", X.3 Thomas

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The topics covered include basic logical concepts; logical fallacies; recognizing, analyzing, and evaluating arguments; inductive reasoning; and thinking critically about the media.

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St. Anselm of Canterbury, "The Existence of God," pp. PHI 101, 1st Example of

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one-on-one appointments to help students during any phase of I.4 Rene Descartes, "New Foundations for to understand them.