If there is any surface that can benefit from this type of finish, it is a dining room table top. Those two compounds are not compatible.

Also, linseed oil takes a very long time to dry sufficiently for top coating.

How to Make a Bandsaw Box: Chicago Design, Thrift Store Lamp Upcycle. Then mix about 1/3 of each: gloss oil based urethane, Thomson's Danish oil (or Watco), and naphtha. Boiled linseed oil can take a week or longer deep in the large pores of oak.

Scrub and rinse clean with acetone. I'm not sure if I am seeing it right, but there seem to be areas actively developing under the poly coat that look like the linseed was never applied, and it's just the raw walnut with a poly coat over it. A great piece of furniture can quickly be ruined by a poor finishing job.

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Should I not have finished the table with this combination?

Dust Collection, Safety and Plant Operation, Job Opportunities and Woodworking Services, Water-based poly isn't compatible with BLO. ← Older Post It is durable, water white and much easier to apply, maintain and repair.

Add two to three coats of the oil. Since what you're finishing is a dining room table, I would not use a shellac based product. Get your signed copy! bob • The finish could also be sticky, which would not be functional at all on a floor. The New Bandsaw Box Book8 bandsaw box projects you can make and sell at craft shows. polyurethane • Newer Post →.

My question is, though, is can I apply polyurethane over the top of boiled linseed oil?

This should make sense, because once dried, the oil has cured to a hard solid film surface, and stuff will now stick to it. Turbinaire Compatible Parts & Accessories. Whatever you decide to do, do it on a test piece first! Boiled linseed oil can take a week or longer deep in the large pores of oak.

It would be like brushing or spraying a wet coat of Danish Oil and not wiping off the excess. Wipe the tung oil into the bare wood. The finish will be soft and it will scratch easily, when what you surely want on a floor is a very hard film of polyurethane. Question

Items Used in this Woodworking Tutorial Klean-Strip Green QLO45 Boiled Linseed Oil, 1-Quart pores • Most likely it was not fully cured. Now this furniture maker has to strip off the poly and apply a more suitable top coat. If you have not done that, your table will have a very grainy, unfinished appearance no matter the finish you use. If I were you though, I would offer the client the option of a professional high build finish (5-7 mil), at cost. If you apply polyurethane before the linseed oil is thoroughly dry, the linseed oil and polyurethane will mix right on the wood and create an oil/varnish blend, which will never get hard. 15 cutting board projects to make as gifts or sell!

In short; you CAN apply a lacquer or a polyurethane over a Danish oil. Squirt 2 tbsp. I’ve heard it suggested that linseed oil (raw or boiled) should be applied to wood floors before applying oil-based polyurethane. •

It would be like brushing or spraying a wet coat of Danish Oil and not wiping off the excess. Continue applying tung oil to a rag and wiping away the excess until you have covered the entire surface. In fact, you can apply it in much the same way as you did the oil -- scrub it on with fine Scotchbrite, then wipe it off. flexner • Raw linseed oil can take months to dry.

I finished it with boiled linseed oil and then put a first coat of water-based polyurethane on it. The key to success is to make sure the oil has fully dried first. First, use a tinted grain filler that is compatible with oil based finish. October 1, 2010, KnowledgeBase: Finishing: General Wood Finishing. It takes a long time for boiled linseed to polymerize dry. Make your own oil/poly blend with boiled linseed oil, polyurethane and mineral spirits. There is a durable slick finish that can be done after the oil has had time to dry. Trash to Treasure Woodworking Project, Wood Finish: How to Mix and Apply an Oil/Poly Blend. Having said that, if you have the equipment and skill, use a pre-cat lacquer. Just as you can over any Drying Oil.

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