Add the pork in a single layer and let brown for 1-2 minutes then continue to cook and stir just until cooked through (don’t overcook, 145-155 degrees F). I did grate the red potatoes and after they were slightly brown added the thin strips of pork. Roast in the oven for 20 minutes until crisp and caramelized.

I’m sorry but pork butt is very tough so it needs to be cooked for a long time in the oven or crockpot.

Deseed the pepper and peel the onion. Right up there with the Avocado Crema are my Tomatillo Avocado Ranch and Cilantro Lime Dressing. These sensational Mexican Pork Tacos are everything you want in a taco. You are probably familiar with cooking pork butt/shoulder in the slow cooker like I do in my pork carnitas, sweet chipotle pork and my salsa verde pork, but for this Pork Tacos recipe,  I wanted to use pork that could be cooked in MINUTES and still emerge buttery tender. Sprinkle over the spices and cook for 1 min more. Reduce the heat to MEDIUM and 1 tablespoon of oil to the pot.

Let the meat marinate for at least an hour, or refrigerate overnight.

It was good and easy to spice up for grownups. Regular navel oranges will do but try them if you can. This Mexican Pork Taco recipe is super simple because we are getting flirty with the Corn Salsa. They look so yummy! I’m Jen … read more.
mix together and add just enough water to cover the bottom of the skillet Opt out or, pounds pork shoulder, not too lean, in thin 1/2-inch strips or cubes, teaspoons ground guajillo, ancho or other medium-hot red chile, tablespoons vegetable oil or good-quality lard, dozen small corn tortillas, ideally 4 1/2 inches, for serving.

That Avocado Crema is going to be used on a lot of dishes now. Your email address will not be published.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I used to make a similar recipe with beef, but I switched to pork when we lived in Singapore for 3 years. Ancho chili powder comes from ground dried poblanos and is more mild than cayenne or chipotle powder but still has a deep rich, smoky, mild sweet heat. The kids ate 'em up so that's what really matters:-) I will definitely make these again--thank you!
Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with Carlsbad Cravings. I am thrilled these pork tacos were such a home run!

), Canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (available in the International cuisine aisle of your grocery store. MAGIC! May make 6 hours ahead of time and refrigerate in an airtight container. I did do some modifications....I used flour tortillas and made a chipotle in adobo creamy slaw and a nice little sauce w/ lime cilantro jalapenos onions & lime. Sprinkle with the paprika and fry for 5 to 8 minutes, or until dark and gnarly. These tacos were worth every minute of the prep and effort required.

2. Bake for about 1½ hours, until the pork is slightly charred on the outside and deep red.

I served the meat and potato mixture on a corn tortilla garnished with avocado chunks sour cream and cilantro. Take a wooden skewer and push it directly in the middle of the pineapple. Choose all or just some: ©Carlsbad Cravings by, {"@context":"http:\/\/\/","@type":"Recipe","name":"Pork Tacos","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Jen"},"datePublished":"2019-06-15 08:58:35","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/06\/pork-tacos-25.jpg","description":"These Pork Tacos are a quick and easy explosion of flavor and texture in every bite - no marinade required!

You have great taste ;). Sweet. Can’t Waite to hAve guest over for taco Tuesday.

Prepare yourself for healthy, restaurant delicious Mexican Pork Tacos in the comfort of your own home! Absolutely! And in life. – Swap out black beans for black-eyed beans, pinto, kidney or even cannellini.

It’s just THAT good and the perfect complement to these Pork Tacos!

Warm the tacos according to packet instructions, and shred the lettuce.

Served the pork mixture on a flour tortilla topped with sour cream and shredded lettuce. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. I guess like a Baja sauce.

Oh my goodness Kylee, thank you so much for your awesome comment and endorsement!!!

Prepare yourself for healthy, restaurant delicious Mexican Pork Tacos in the comfort of your own home! Hi Jen, I used the Ribeye chops for this tonight and I dont know how this could’ve been any more tender.

– Cajun seasoning is great because it’s a blend so you get a lot of flavour from one ingredient. Transfer the browned pork to a dish and set aside. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice. I’m so pleased everyone loved these Pork Tacos and that the Avocado Crema is a new favorite as well! If I had not been using pre-seasoned meat I would definitely add some type of seasoning as without it the tacos would be too bland for my taste.

Taste and season with additional salt or cayenne pepper to taste. You are so welcome Robin! They are: In short, I am IN LOVE with these Pork Tacos! Season with salt and pepper to taste. Set an ovenproof pot over medium-high heat and add a generous drizzle of oil. Pair the tacos with a pot of garlicky black beans, an avocado salad and mangoes for dessert, and you’ve got an incredible dinner for about an hour’s work. I made these a while back. "],"recipeCategory":"Main Course","recipeCuisine":"Mexican"}, Filed Under: 30 Minute Meal Cravings, Dinner Cravings, Game Day Cravings, Meat Cravings, Mexican Fiesta Cravings, Summer Cravings Tagged With: ancho chili powder, apple cider vinegar lime juice, avocado, Avocado Crema, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, chili powder, chopped green chiles, dried oregano, garlic powder, Greek yogurt, ground coriander pepper, ground cumin, olive oil, onion powder, pork tenderloin, smoked paprika. Thanks for taking the time to comment Meg!

I’ve been using Pinterest to find recipes for years and I’ve yet to leave a comment on a blog but Oh.

In a medium bowl, combine the achiote paste, chili powder, garlic powder, oregano, cumin, salt, pepper, vinegar, and pineapple juice, mashing and stirring until smooth with no lumps.

Garnish with radishes and cilantro sprigs.

Has easy heat and even my most finicky, heat adverse child loved it! ","Corn Salsa: Prepare Corn Salsa anytime before making pork and store in the refrigerator. They are loaded with spice rubbed pork, sweet crunchy Corn Salsa and creamy Avocado Crema. You’re so welcome Marko, I’m so happy it was a winner! can))","1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar","1 tablespoon lime juice","1 avocado","1\/2 cup sour cream or Greek yogurt","2 tablespoons mayonnaise","1 tablespoon lime juice","1\/2 teaspoon salt","1\/4 teaspoon ground cumin","1\/4 teaspoon garlic powder","1 Recipe Corn Salsa","10 Corn or flour tortillas (6-inch)"," lime juice"," hot sauce"," crumbled cotija"],"recipeInstructions":["Avocado Crema: Add all of the Avocado Crema ingredients to your blender and blend until smooth, scraping sides down as needed.

It is so intoxicatingly delicious I’ve already given it its very own post – I can’t wait for you to try it! To assemble the tacos, stack 2 hot tortillas on a plate. Check your email to confirm your subscription.