À (to) and de (from, about) are the most common prepositions in French. For a review of these important verbs, check out The Conjugation of aller and The Conjugation of être.. Let’s talk about de:.

Avant and devant are often both translated into English as “before”. ... that is) are two very useful prepositions that French speakers often use to point things out. - That's good to know. Revenir de blessure pour directement courir un marathon, et battre son record personnel par dessus le marché, c'est tout simplement incroyable ! to use before it or whether you need to use one at all? I haven’t found this anywhere in dictionaries so I look at the examples on wordreference.com. De is a very common French preposition. In French this ambiguity is removed by using de and à. Test. Thanks for contributing an answer to French Language Stack Exchange! Learn infinitives french prepositions before with free interactive flashcards. In many expressions, the choice of the preposition à or de before an infinitive is purely idiomatic; that is, it is unrelated to meaning. Here's a list of verbs that take à, those that take de, and those that take no preposition at all. Is information conserved in quantum mechanics (after wave function collapse)? Others are followed by the preposition à or de before the infinitive. Or only on aggregate from the individual holdings? Can the Way of Mercy monk's Flurry of Healing and Harm feature be used on one target multiple times in the same turn? This sentence is ambiguous since it could have a number of meanings, such as: • the act of eating is difficult (because I have a sore throat), • the lobster that I am eating is difficult to eat. My instinct was to use "pour revenir" but feel like that would translate more to "in order to come back". à + infinitive s'abriter contre (le vent) - to take shelter against (the wind)accepter de - to accept, agree toaccuser (qqun) de - to accuse (s-o) ofacheter à - to buy fromacheter (qqch) sur le marché - to buy (s-t) at the marketachever de - to finishagir en - to act like/ass'agir de - to be a question ofaider à - to help toaller - to go, to be going toaller vers (midi) - to go at around (noon)aller vers (Nice) - to go toward (Nice)s'amuser à + infinitive - to amuse oneself ___-ingapercevoir - to perceive, catch sight ofs'apercevoir de - to noticeapprendre à - to learn how tos'apprêter à - to get ready tos'approcher de - to approachapprouver - to approve ofappuyer sur (le bouton) - to press (the button)appuyer sur (le mur) - to lean on (the wall)s'appuyer contre (un arbre) - to lean against (a tree)arracher à - to grab, tear away from(s')arrêter de - to stop ___-ingarriver à - to manage/succeed in ___-ingarriver de (Paris, Canada) - to arrive from (Paris, Canada)arriver par - to succeed through/byarriver sur (midi) - to arrive at around (noon)s'asseoir contre (son ami) - to sit next to (one's friend)assister à (la réunion) - to attend (the meeting)s'assurer contre (l'incendie) - to insure against (fire)attendre - to wait fors'attendre à - to expect tos'autoriser à - to authorize / allow toavertir de - to warn aboutavoir à - to have to / be obliged toavoir beau (j'ai beau essayer) - despite doing (despite trying)avoir besoin de - to needavoir confiance en - to trustavoir envie de - to wantavoir peur de - to be afraid of ___-ingse battre contre - to fight againstblâmer de - to blamese blottir contre (sa mère, son chien) - to cuddle up next to (one's mother, dog)boire qqchose dans (une tasse) - to drink something out of (a cup)casser en (morceaux, trois) - to break in(to) (pieces, three)cesser de - to stop, cease ___-ingchanger de (train) - to change (trains)se changer en - to change intochercher - to look forchercher à - to attempt tochercher dans (la boîte) - to look in (the box)choisir de - to choose tocommander (à qqun) de faire - to order (someone) to docommencer à - to begin to, to begin ___-ingcommencer par - to begin by ___-ingcompter - to expect, intendcompter pour - to be worthcompter sur - to count onconcentrer sur - to concentrate oncondamner pour (meurtre) - to sentence for (murder)conseiller à - to adviseconseiller à qqun de faire qqch - to advise someone to do somethingconseiller de - to advise toconsentir à - to consent tose contenter de - to be happy ___-ingcontinuer à/de - to continue to, to continue ___-ingconvenir à - to please, to be suitable forconvenir de - to agree toconvertir qqch en - to convert s-t intocopier sur qqun - to copy from s-ocouper en (deux) - to cut in (two)courir - to run (to do something)courir dans (l'herbe) - to run through (the grass)coûter dans (les cent euros) - to cost about (100 euros)craindre de - to fear ___-ingcraindre pour (sa vie) - to fear for (one's life)creuser pour - to dig forcroire - to think, believecroire à - to believe somethingcroire en - to believe incroire qqun sur parole - to take someone's word, daigner - to deign todécider (qqun) à - to persuade (s-o) todécider de - to decide tose décider à - to make up one's mind todéfendre à (qqun) - to forbid (s-o)défendre à qqun de faire qqch - to forbid s-o to do s-tdéfendre de (qqch) - to forbid (s-t)se déguiser en - to disguise oneself asdemander - to ask fordemander à (qqun) - to ask (someone)demander à (faire qqch) - to ask (for permission to do something)demander à qqun de faire qqch - to ask s-o to do s-tse dépêcher de - to hurry todépendre de - to depend ondéplaire à - to displease / be displeasing todéranger qqun de - to bother s-o todescendre - to go down(stairs)désirer - to wantdésobéir à - to disobeydétester - to hatedevoir - to have to, be obliged todire à (qqun) - to say to, to tell (s-o)dire à qqun de faire qqch - to tell someone to do somethingdiriger son attention sur - to direction one's attention tose diriger vers - to move toward/make/head fordonner qqch - to give somethingdonner qqch contre - to give something in exchange fordonner qqch à qqun - to give s-o s-t, to give s-t to s-odonner sur - to overlook, open ontodormir (la nuit) - to sleep (at night)douter de - to doubtéchanger qqch contre qqch - to exchange something for s-t elseécouter (la radio) - to listen to (the radio)écrire en (encre, français) - to write in (ink, French)écrire sur - to write abouts'efforcer de - to endeavor toemmener - to takes'emparer de - to grabempêcher de - to prevent, keep from ___-ings'empresser de - to hurry toemprunter un livre à qqun - to borrow a book from s-oencourager qqun à faire - to encourage s-o to dos'endormir sur (un livre, son travail) - to fall asleep (over a book, at work)s'engager à - to get around toennuyer qqun de - to bother/upset s-o toenseigner à - to teach toentendre - to hearentrer - to enter (in order to do something)entrer dans - to enterenvoyer (qqch) à (qqun) - to send (s-t) to (s-o)envoyer chercher - to send foressayer - to try onessayer de - to try tos'étendre sur - to spread out overs'étonner de - to be astonished byêtre à - to belong toêtre censé - to be supposed toêtre en colère contre - to be angry atêtre pour - to be in favor ofêtre vers (Paris, 3h00) - to be around/near (Paris, 3:00)s'excuser de - to apologize for ___-ingse fâcher contre - to get mad atfaillir - to almost do somethingfaire + infinitive (causative) - to cause tofaire attention à - to pay attention tofalloir (il faut) - to be necessary toféliciter qqun de - to congratulate s-o for/onfermer la porte sur soi - to close the door behind oneselfse fier à (qqun) - to trust (s-o)se figurer - to imagine, picturefinir de - to finish ___-ingfinir par - to end up ___-ing / to finally do s-tfouiller dans (qqch) - to look through (s-t)goûter à qqch - to taste somethinggrignoter qqch - to nibble on, eat away at somethinggronder de - to scold for ___-inghabiter (à) - optional preposition - to live inhabiter par (ici) - to live around (here)s'habituer à - to get used tose hâter de - to hurry tohériter de (qqch / qqun) - to inherit (s-t / from s-o)hésiter à - to hesitate toignorer - to be unaware ofs'imaginer - to imagineinterdire à - to forbidinterdire à qqun de faire qqch - to forbid s-o to do s-ts'intéresser à - to be interested ininterroger qqun sur qqch - to question s-o about s-tinviter (qqun) à - to invite (s-o) to, jeter (qqch) à - to throw (s-t) tose jeter sur qqun - to throw oneself upon someonejouer à - to play (a game or a sport)jouer de - to play (an instrument)jouir de - to enjoyjurer par - to swear bylaisser - to allowlaisser pour (mort) - to leave for (dead)lire dans (le journal) - to read in (the paper)loucher sur - to oglemanger dans la main à qqun - to eat out of someone's handmanger dans l'assiette - to eat off of a platemanquer à - to miss someonemanquer de - to neglect, fail to (do s-t), to lackse méfier de - to distrust, beware ofmêler à - to mingle with / to join inmériter de - to deserve tomésurer en (mètres) - to measure in (meters)mettre - to put onmettre son espoir dans - to pin one's hopes onse mettre à - to start, set about ___-ingse mettre contre le mur - to stand against the wallse mettre en colère - to get madse mettre en route - to set outmonter - to go up, climbse moquer de - to make fun ofnier - to denynuire à - to harmobéir à - to obeyobliger à - to oblige toobtenir qqch par - to obtain something bys'occuper de - to be busy withoffrir de - to offer toordonner à qqun de faire qqch - to order s-o to do s-toser - to dareoublier de - to forget toparaître - to appear, seempardonner à - to pardon, forgiveparler à - to talk toparler de - to talk aboutparler pour - to speak on behalf ofpartir dans (10 minutes) - to leave in (10 minutes)partir dans (les montagnes) - to leave for (the mountains)partir de - to leavepartir pour - to leave for/be off toparvenir à - to succeed in ___-ingse passer de - to do withoutpasser du temps à - to spend time ___-ingpayer (le repas) - to pay for (the meal)payer pour (qqun) - to pay for (someone)se pencher pour - to bend down in order topenser faire - to plan on, intend topenser à - to think about (imagine)penser de - to think about (opinion)perdre du temps à - to waste time ___-ingpermettre à - to permit(se) permettre de - to allow (oneself) topermettre à qqun de faire qqch - to allow s-o to do s-tpersister à - to persist in ___-ingpersuader de - to persuade tose plaindre de - to complain aboutplaire à - to please / be pleasing tose plaire à - to take pleasure in ___-ingpleurer - to cry aboutpleuvoir dans (la France) - to rain in (France)pousser (qqun) à - to push/urge (s-o) topouvoir - to be able topréférer - to preferpréférer ___ à ___ - to prefer ___ to/over ___, to like ___ more than ___prendre garde de - to be careful not toprendre le parti de - to decide toprendre modèle sur qqun - to model oneself on someoneprendre qqch dans (une boîte) - to take s-t from (a box)prendre qqun par (la main) - to take s-o by (the hand)se préparer à - to prepare oneself tose presser de - to hurry toprétendre - to claimprier - to pray toprier de - to beg toprofiter à - to benefit / be profitable toprofiter de - to make the most ofpromettre à qqun de faire qqch - to promise s-o to do s-tpromettre de - to promise toproposer de - to suggest ___-ingpuer - to stink ofpunir de - to punish for, questionner qqun sur qqch - to question s-o about s-tquêter pour (les orphelins) - to collect for (orphans)recommencer à - to begin ___-ing againrecompenser de - to reward forréfléchir à - to consider ___-ingréfléchir sur - to think about, reflect uponrefuser de - to refuse toregarder - to watch, look atregarder dans (la boîte) - to look in (the box)regarder vers (le sud) - to face/look (south)régner sur - to reign overregretter de - to regret ___-ingrejeter une faute sur qqun - to place the blame on someoneremercier de - to thank for ___-ingremercier pour - to thank forse rendre compte de - to realizerenoncer à - to give up ___-ingrentrer - to go homerépondre à - to answerrésister à - to resistressembler à - to resembleressembler par - to resemble due torester sur la défensive - to stay on the defensiverester sur ses gardes - to keep one's guard upretourner - to return, go backréussir - to make a success of, to pull offréussir à - to succeed in ___-ingréussir à l'examen - to pass the testrevenir - to come backrevenir sur (un sujet) - to go back over (a topic)rêver à - to dream of ___-ingrêver de - to dream of ___-ingrire de - to laugh atrisquer - to risk (something)risquer de - to risk ___-ingsauter sur une occasion - to jump at an opportunitysavoir - to know howsembler - to seemsentir - to feel, to smell (of)serrer la main à (qqun) - to shake hands with (s-o)serrer qqun contre sa poitrine/son coeur - to hug someoneservir - to serveservir à - to be used as/forservir de - to put to use asse servir de - to make use ofsigner pour (quelqu'un) - to sign on behalf of (someone)soigner - to take care ofsonger à - to dream / think ofs'opposer à - to opposesortir - to go out (in order to do something)sortir par (la fenêtre) - to leave by (the window)se soucier de - to care aboutsouhaiter - to wishse souvenir de - to remembersubir - to be subjected tosuccéder à - to succeed, followsupplier de - to be / beseechsurvivre à - to survivetâcher de - to try totarder à - to delay / be late in ___-ingtéléphoner à qqun - to calltéléphoner à qqun de faire qqch - to call s-o to do s-ttéléphoner pour (le problème) - to phone about (the problem)tenir à - to hold (s-o) to, to insist on ___-ingtenir de - to take after, resembletirer sur - to shoot attourner sur (l'église, la droite) - to turn (toward the church, right)tourner vers (la droite) - to turn to (the right)traduire en (français) - to translate into (French)traduire vers (le français) - to translate into (French)transformer qqch (en qqch) - to change s-t (into s-t)travailler pour - to work forse tromper de - to mistaketroquer qqch contre qqch - to swap something for s-t elsevaloir mieux - to be preferablese vendre en (bouteilles) - to be sold in (bottles)venir (dîner, aider) - to come (for dinner, to help)venir à - to happen tovenir de - to have just (done s-t)venir par (la côte) - to come along/by (the coast)vivre dans (la misère, la peur) - to live in (poverty, fear)vivre de (ses rentes) - to live on (one's income)voir - to seevoter contre - to vote againstvoter pour - to vote forvouloir - to wantvoyager en (train, taxi) - to travel by (train, taxi), French Verbs With Prepositions, A to C (s’arbriter – croire), French Verbs With Prepositions, D to I (daigner –  inviter), French Verbs With Prepositions, J to P (jeter –  punir de), French Verbs With Prepositions, Q to V (questionner –  voyager), How to Use French Verbs with Prepositions, Learn How to Use the French Preposition "Par", Prepositions: Small and Mighty Words That Drive French Sentences, Using the French Prepositions 'En' and 'Dans', How and When to Use the Common French Preposition "Sur", All About the French Regular Verb 'Passer' ('to Pass'), How to Conjugate the Irregular French Verb 'Permettre' ('to Allow,' 'Permit'), Conjugate the Irregular French Verb 'Se Souvenir' ('to Remember').