Should you dream of worshiping idols, you will make slow progress to wealth or fame, as you will let petty things tyrannize over you. A strong figure picked me up and put me aside then he took it off the pan and sent it out. I have been told that this Mantra really works wonders if recited with faith and concentration. Something which is indicating that there is something beyond even Shiva or God and that something is that which holds the keys to the mystery of the real purpose and meaning of life and existence. These meanings are derived from the Indian Dream Tantra; however it would be wise to go through the post on - Which Dreams Come True and other related posts before arriving at an conclusion about your dream. What does this dream means. • The Work of Your Hands • Often the things you have accomplished and done with your own works becomes more important than what the Lord wants you to do. Yesterday in my dream, I have seen a man with blue color on all over his face. whoever sees himself worshipping an idol from the idols, that is interpreted upon 3 sides: vain lie & hypocrite lying sly man, corruptive lying woman. • As we know the scriptures are clear on having any idols before the Lord. Om Namah Shivai,Today Morning when I got up from the bed I could recall those dreams which provoke me tremendously. It is a sign that you arc about to make a great mistake if you dream of idols, so this may be regarded as a warning to “Watch your step. Hello Neel ji, Today early morning I saw a dream in which I saw I m in a very old temple where most of the deities are present, These day I have been chanting shiv rudram & chamkam but being doing it in sanskrit is very tuff & I was not able to pronounce them correctly but I m trying, So within the dream I m with a lady not sure whom but touching the feets of the GODs don't remember whom, Also at the same time I saw a heavy storm came up & couples of trees fell down half,ALso flood came & the idol of Godess kali fall down in half, At the same time i started chanting the Ganesh mantra, "Om gana-nam ganpatye gum hayve" but that storm got more prevalent & finally the flood came in & the complete Ideal of Godess kali fell on ground, Someone said that this is a very old temple & falling the temple of godess kali like this is not good, can you please help how can i interpret this dream, Is it a danger signal, Frankly speaking health wise my life is not going good & I m bit more worried now. I had a dream of my dad worshiping lord hanumans golden color idol,he is a firm belever in adays some issues are goin on with my dad for me marrying to a hindu boy, my dad is not agreeing to it,kindly let me know d interpretation of such adream at this tym. God can also represent a symbol of perfection - something that cannot be attained, achieved, or touched. Stambhan – To immobile the movements of an enemy. Hi Sir,Today I saw Shani Dev in my dream. plz explain. Bcz today morning I saw many God and Goddess.Can you please tell me how it's mean? We killed or seen some people been killed in our home compound ( not sure whether we killed or some one else or why they were killed)6.

He was very pleasant.

Really i felt very happy to see him. Suddenly my mother becomes angry and demends answer from lord shiva that why this has had happen. Last night, I dreamt that I was looking at a very beautiful white wedding dress. thank you, Yesterday in dream I m talking with Lord Ganesha and I m asking him.... Will I get visa of USA ...He shakes his head updown ....He says yes and dream is over ...What does dream indicates. They were also looking at us smiling all the time. And he asked me my wishes, I told all my wishes and then I woke up. It is an auspicious dream and suggests some sort of change in consciousness for the better. In my dream I saw my mother and suddenly she turned into Shani Dev. ...... wt is the meaning of this dream . in my dream vaishno mata is beating some others people and i was watching its very scary . I will list as steps of consequences happened.1. The Lord wanted to test level of your realization.

It is an auspicious dreams about good times in the near future. The mantra is a Stambhan mantra to stop the enemy in his tracks.

Any dream featuring idols predicts that you are about to discover a secret or to learn the reason behind a perplexing situation. At the center of clauded mountain we saw the moon. Your dream is an indication that you start your sadhana with Guru Lord Hanuman Ji.May peace be with you and heal your relationship. Hello, I am Leela. We were standing at the bottom of the mountains. Vishnu manifested as Mohini, an unparalleled beauty, in order to attract and destroy Bhasmasur an invincible demon.

I had also seen a dream where Goddess Saraswati was playing Veena and a person wearing red colored clothes was putting thala for the music and I was doing a yantra which had beej aksharas. To see yourself worshiping god implies that you have to suffer and repent for your aberrant actions. What is the meaning of this dream? It was like reality. And in my second dream, I hve seen that I m in a temple, the Lord hanuman statue is situated at the door, and the sandals and sleepers of people are kept at the bottom of the statue, what are the meaning of these two dreams? then again I think..he was flying he can't be an artist..he was hanumanji only.Everythin happened in my dream. Please guide. And flood or river was removed and small colony was there. Your religious activities are going to increase. U are blessed..and good hearted.. U dont have ego problem and clean from heart.. Thatswhy u get indication before..I can say that ur sixth sense is very high... U are dreaming of other Gods too..