For example, it, and sleepy Starke, Florida a town of 1500 people in 1940, became the base of Camp Blanding. [174] After Kennedy was assassinated President Lyndon Johnson called for immediate passage of Kennedy civil rights legislation as a memorial to the martyred president.

[5][6][7] Some scholars have proposed definitions of the South that do not coincide neatly with state boundaries. The arrival of millions of Northerners (especially in major metropolitan areas and coastal areas) and millions of Hispanics has meant the introduction of cultural values and social norms not rooted in Southern traditions. [14][15][16][17], Historically, the South relied heavily on agriculture, and was highly rural until after 1945. Overall, the South has had lower percentages of high school graduates, lower housing values, lower household incomes, and lower cost of living than the rest of the United States. It reversed the traditional low-tariff policy of the South by imposing a new 15% tax on all imports from the Union. National attention focused on Birmingham, Alabama, where protesters deliberately provoked Bull Connor and his police forces by using young teenagers as demonstrators – and Connor arrested 900 on one day alone. Some content of the original page may have been edited to make it more suitable for younger readers, unless otherwise noted.

In addition, some of the most important writings to come out of the movement were written in the South, such as King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail". Dallas was the harnessmaking capital of the world and a center of other manufacturing.

Wachovia was headquartered there before its purchase by Wells Fargo.
1000 BC – AD 1000), preceded what the Europeans found at the end of the 15th century—the Mississippian culture.[43]. The establishment of Major League Soccer has led to professional soccer clubs in the Southern cities including FC Dallas, Houston Dynamo, D.C. United, Orlando City, Inter Miami CF, Nashville SC, Atlanta United and the future Austin FC and Charlotte FC.The current United States second division soccer league, the USL Championship, was initially geographically based in the coastal Southeast around clubs in Charleston, Richmond, Charlotte, Wilmington, Raleigh, Virginia Beach, and Atlanta. [157] By the 1940s the Supreme Court began to find disfranchisement measures like the “grandfather clause” and the white primary unconstitutional. .

Within a few years cotton production and harvest was back to pre-war levels, but low prices through much of the 19th century hampered recovery. The success of late-19th century interracial coalitions in several states inspired a reaction among some white Democrats, who worked harder to prevent both groups from voting. ", Ralph C. Hon, "The South in a War Economy". They were the largest group of non-English immigrants from the British Isles before the American Revolution. The numbers of voters dropped drastically throughout the former Confederacy as a result. [72][73] Democrat-controlled legislatures passed Jim Crow laws to segregate public facilities and services, including transportation. The Southern United States, also known as the American South, the Southern States, or simply known as the South, is a geographic and cultural region of the United States.

In the upper South, more than 10 percent of all blacks were free by 1810, a significant expansion from pre-war proportions of less than 1 percent free.

Birmingham became a major steel producer and mining town, with major population growth in the early decades of the 20th century. Crops grow readily in the South; its climate consistently provides growing seasons of at least six months before the first frost.

[66], Despite discrimination, many blacks became property owners in areas that were still developing.

By 1840, New Orleans was the wealthiest city in the country and the third largest in population. Help Improve This Page: Please contact us to become an approved KidzSearch editor and provide your credentials.

Nine Southern states have obesity rates exceeding thirty percent of the population, the highest in the country: Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Texas.

The Southern United States, also known as the American South, Dixie, or simply the South, is a region of the United States of America. [3] ", Charles H. Martin, "The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow in Southern College Sports: The Case of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

In addition, what limited infrastructure the South had was mostly destroyed by the war.

It largely displaced the old, much more moderate NAACP in taking leadership roles. The warm sunny weather of the South proved ideal for building 60 percent of the Army's new training camps and nearly half the new airfields, In all 40 percent of spending on new military installations went to the South. In some areas, many whites returned to the land to farm for a while.