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2 tbsps milk Posted September 8, 2015 2 Comments by bitesandplaces “What” and “If” are two simple words which when put together can have an immensely powerful impact. Add all ingredients to a small saucepan. A step-by-step recipe for a foolproof, easy sponge cake with the basic ingredients that can be made in a pressure cooker or a deep bottom pan. Open your can of strawberry pie filling and scoop it over the cake mix, using a spoon to swirl it in. Stir as the sugar begins to melt and the strawberries soften.

Tip: You aren't stuck with strawberry. We want to bake the cake and not steam it. Life’s a journey and people, places and food are all a part of it. Use a dairy free cake mix and a dairy free whipped topping. Get ready to load up on even more strawberry deliciousness with these fun ideas! It’s time to satisfy your sweet tooth craving tonight thanks to the help of your crock pot! This simple, quick and easy प्रेशर कूकर केक aka Pressure Cooker Cake Recipe will help you make a cake without the need for an oven. Place a utensil stand inside the cooker.

Get ready for smiles… but forget about the leftovers!!

¾ cup (95 g) flour / maida1…, Chocolate Cake in Pressure Cooker – कुकर केक Recipe in Hindi – Eggless Suji Cake Recipe, How to make Pressure cooker cake recipe – no oven , no condensed milk eggless chocolate cooker cake recipe video in Hindi .This suji cake recipe is super yum and quick and easy to do.Pressure cooker cakes are very easy to make if you keep few things in mind. This unique recipe cooks the cake with the strawberries to make the best and simplest dessert around.

You’ll find practical, stylish and clever decorating ideas, DIY projects, delicious family-friendly recipes, free printables, holiday inspiration and more! Here are links I told you I would link below. But in a country like ours electricity is a big constraint. Although this is a fairly thick strawberry filling, I still like to pipe a quick dam, using the frosting that the cake is frosted with piped from a piping bag. (From our Strawberry Sour Cream Cake with White Chocolate Frosting).

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Sprinkle cake mix all over the top to cover strawberries evenly. I used to be petrified with the slightest thought of baking in a pressure cooker. The paper towels keep the built up moisture from dripping down onto the cake mix. Love how it turned out btw. Serve with Ice Cream or Whip Cream. 1 tsp baking powder Just be sure to have some vanilla ice cream and whip cream handy, to send it over the top! Pour cake/butter crumble mixture over strawberries in crockpot, and spread out evenly, and cover crockpot with lid. Sprinkle over pie filling. Pour into a heat proof bowl to cool. BitesAndPlaces was born so I could share the nibbles of my sojourn with you. It…, How To Make Tasty Cake In Pressure Cooker – Without Oven Cake Recipe – Chocolate Cake Recipe, chocolate cake in pressure cooker,without oven cake recipe,how to make cake in pressure cooker,chocolate cake in pressure cooker in hindi,cake in pressure cooker,chocolate cake pressure cooker,cake in pressure cooker kitchen with amna,chocolate cake recipe,chocolate cake from scratch recipe,chocolate cake without oven in urdu, How to make Cake in Pressure cooker | Without oven cake recipe in hindi | प्रेसर कुकर में केक बनाये, 1.

And it’ll be a frosting on my cake if you drop a line or two at If you’ve been searching for a go-to strawberry filling, this is the one.

2. What if the cooker bursts!!! Recipe in English –, Cakes are often baked in the Oven or microwave.

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Also, it's wonderful to have a partner who shares your passion, isn't it.

I’ve also tried to put together a bunch of mouth-watering and eye-pleasing recipes scattered from all parts the world. The cooker went woossshh and off went the rice flying to the roof leaving her burnt and my mind, bruised for life. Step 2 Combine dry cake mix and butter thoroughly, using fingers if necessary.

Intention is not to let the base of the cake tin touch the base of the cooker.

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Cut the green parts off of the strawberries first, then arrange the strawberries on the cake with the points facing up. In medium mixing bowl, combine dry Cake Mix and melted Butter, and stir until crumbly.

Close the lid and place the cooker (without gasket, without whistle, without water) first on high heat for 3 minutes and then on low for 2 minutes. 3. Doesn’t that look yummm…

I’d witnessed this horrifying incident with my aunt when I was a little kid. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Warm welcome to BitesandPlaces! Please advise.

It is another amazing slow cooker dessert you have to try! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hi Jessica ~ no need to cover with foil if baking in the oven. Regular use might lead to deterioration.

Your email address will not be published. ( Log Out /  (If you decide not to create a dam, don’t spread the filling all the way to the edge of the cake. *See the Full Recipe Card at the Bottom of this Post for Additional Details!

Colour – 3-4 drops (or as required). 1. VIP access gets you into the Printables Vault. This was a fun and easy recipe. It’s like a summer dream come true!!