The small frying pan is good for fried eggs or omelettes or a meal for one. The food doesn’t stick even with only very little or no oil and they wash up really easily with no scratches or marks at all.

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They are only a couple of mm but are refusing to budge with a soft sponge. Tefal Elementary 5pc Stainless Steel Set is exactly primary set for every kitchen!

Introducing the Tefal Elementary 5 Piece set: the ideal stainless steel starter set for durable cooking performance with a 5-year guarantee. A great set of pan that can grow with you from first set & beyond. Well packaged. The handles are also oven safe, so you can start cooking dishes on the hob and finish them off safely in the oven. Best quality cookware set I have ever used. Probably will be enough for student. If it was an inch bigger in diameter it would be perfect.

I would strongly recommend cooking on a lower heat setting than normal to avoid damaging the inner coating of the frying pans.

My initial thought was the smaller pans would be left unused, but I have found them extremely handy. Only one little bad thing is - lid holder is getting really hot and you can’t touch it or hold it without towel as rubber piece is to small and to close to glass. I was excited to receive the Tefal Emotion Stainless Steel 5 piece set and couldn't wait to try them all out. Cooked without any problems at all would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to replace their current set. Frying pans are very useful as well, I'm using Tefal products for years and I will definitely carry on. Due to the design your food cooks evenly and without burning. A great looking set of pans. The saucepans are all prefect sizes for my family needs. No burnt food sticks perfect!

4.7 5 0 46 46 Introducing the Tefal Elementary 5 Piece set: the ideal stainless steel starter set for durable cooking performance with a 5-year guarantee. They look great, are high quality and have many useful features. I really like them. Lids fit nicely and steam rises perfectly through the hole in the lid.

I Cooked a family meal of chilli and really struggled to stir it without spilling it on the sides.

Overall, I am impressed by the quality of this set.

They heat the food up much quicker than my old pans therefore using less electricity. Tefal’s iconic Thermo-Spot® heat indicator which will have you searing like a chef.

These pans are fantastic. I find both frying pans in the set are small.

These were exactly what I was looking for, strong, sturdy pans, very easy to clean. Easy to clean, no problems so far with food sticking. Get perfect steak with the tefal hot spot too. Furthermore, there is a spot that indicates when the pan is at the optimum temperature to begin cooking. I have been cooking with old pans for too long, they have made home cooking feel like a chore and the washing up process even worse. So I was delighted to receive the Tefal Elementary set to try. The frying pans also look great and are super easy to cook with thanks to the non-stick coating and thermo-spot technology.

The pots are good quality, the food can stick on the bottom but they are easy to clean as well.

Lets start with how amazing they look.

The pans are a breeze to clean by hand or in the dishwasher and are compatible with any hob, including induction.

Very satisfied with this product! I love Tefal sauce pans, they are so easy to clean, never burned and the best thing that the handle not getting too hot, so you can easy move it around even while cooking. You get 3 saucepans and 2 frying pans. Have used the item 4 times now and have noticed marking in the bottom of the pans after boiling items. The pans have a sleek and stylish design, with glass lids, that have asymmetric handles. This specific set would be perfect for a couple or small family as the saucepans and frying pans are on the smaller size.

The only thing I would probably change for it to be my perfect set, is I would take out the 20cm frying pan and replace it with a larger frying pan. They fair extremely well in the dishwasher, coming out looking as good as new. The Tefal Elementary Stainless Steel Series is a lovely addition to a kitchen! No need for oil when using frying pans as non stick so a win for my figure. I love how the frying pans are oven safe too, which is great when it comes to making food such as omelettes. I haven't experienced anything sticking to the pans or frying pans when cooking. Not a single fault with them. They heat up quickly and cook products evenly. The saucepans however were not my favourite. It is worth noting that these pans are lighter weight than many of the pans I have used previously. I've only been using them for a week, so it's hard to assess how the set will look in a few months time.

This is a good starter set. Furthermore, there is a spot that indicates when the pan is at the optimum temperature to begin cooking. This is a gorgeous Stainless Steel Pan Set. Tefal state they are dishwasher safe, however I wouldn’t want to risk damaging the non-stick coating. These can be used on any hob type and what's more is you can even transfer these in to the oven for up to an hour is come in very handy.

Includes 2 x Frying Pans (24cm & 28cm) and 3 x Saucepans with lids (16cm, 18cm & 20cm) They are a good weight not too heavy. Have a question about this product? But for family it's elementary set which must be in every household. The t Spot on the frying pans is helpful to know when they hot to use.

They are not too heavy and with measurement guide on the side of the pan they are great when a recipe calls for a certain amount of liquid. Lovely set for my family of 4. The quality of the pans is amazing.

Absolutely I love it!

They were good quality and sturdy without being too heavy to handle.

Also after a few washes, they began to look unsightly, as if they began to rust.

Tefal’s iconic Thermo-Spot® heat indicator which will …

I love the 'cut' design on the base of each saucepan. If there was anything negative to say it would be that the handles on the lids did get quite warm,not too hot that you can't pick them up though.

The saucepans are very good sizes for cooking rice and pasta for the family.

I would highly recommend Elementary 5pc Stainless Steel Set as it meets all requirements for easy cooking. I am pleased this isn’t the case, I was able to cook in a pan for long periods and still pick it up by the steel handle. They are all really heavy!

The large frying pan though I feel is not large enough. It Is good value for money & imagine them to be durable for a long time to come. Plus they are so easy to clean.

As a result, they are more sensitive to heat than I was expecting. Initially, the Tefal Emotion set delighted me with the appearance and quality, unfortunately I noticed many imperfections after a while. The pans lids are slanted, so when you have to take them off to stir the food, they sit balanced on the worktop so they don't roll around.

Perfectly fit my induction hob. The size of the pans is good if you are cooking for maximum 2 persons. I liked the fact you could stir sauces without having to hold the pans.

This is a really good Stainless Steel Pan Set. From first day I got it I started to use it. The pots have internal measurements, which is extremely helpful and makes cooking much simpler. The thermo-spot on the frying pans ensures the pan is at the optimal temperature for cooking. It was a pleasure cooking in them. Would highly recommend this set of pans. The best non stick I have used. It also has Tefal’sPowerglidenon-stick coating, reinforced with minerals for added durability. The frying pans are fantastic and let you know when they are hot enough to use.

I love my new elementary 5pc stainless steel pan set. Thry heated up well and copled food to perfection. The product looks good and sturdy. Another thing worth noting us the weight of the pans. Would of given this product a 5* if the pans hadn’t started staining. The fact that the handles are bolted in with two screws rather than one, is also a huge benefit because the handles will not loosen over time. Overall, a great set of pans, I just need a larger frying pan! All Rights Reserved. Washed up with fairy liquid and hot water and the marks haven’t shifted. It’s a great set for a couple of small family and good quality that should last some time. This set really made life easy, and cooking is very comfortable but unfortunately handles get warm during cooking, which can be quite dangerous if you are not careful. However, when it comes to pans, it surprised me positively, they heat up quickly and evenly, they are very easy to keep clean and I regret not buying them many years ago because it would make my life easier. Easy to clean and it’s nice that you can use it in the oven. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Pots/pans are smart stylish and are great to cook with. I haven't experienced anything sticking to the pans or frying pans when cooking. All Rights Reserved. Actually made my first successful omelette with the small frying pan.