On his earth, Joe Chill dropped his gun to search for Martha's pearls, and Bruce, in his grief, used the opportunity to pick up the gun and shoot him to death. Bruce Wayne's life follows much of the same path of his Prime Earth counterpart, until the murder of his parents. Ripped from Batman™ ’s greatest nightmares, The Grim Knight™ is his world’s most dangerous vigilante, unafraid to use any weapon and go to any lengths to stop those he deems worthy of death. I have an excellent track record with regards to shipping turnover time. Batman accessories include two blasters and a base. You are purchasing a NEW McFarlane DC Multiverse THE GRIM KNIGHT 7" action figure, complete in its original unopened packaging.

The Grim Knight McFarlane's making doesn't look like the Batman on the cover with the scythe.
The Grim Knight™ figure based on the comic book story arc Dark Nights TM Metal that stars in The Batman Who Laughs TM. Email me with any questions or for additional item specifics. He would spend the next several years of his … Please check out the pictures for the actual item and condition you will be receiving. The Grim Knight is sort of an evil Punisher Batman, and on a conceptual level, I’m just not all that interested. This is a really cool version of Batman. Armed with the finest arsenal Wayne money can buy, he is now one of the deadliest Dark Knights™ in existence, second only to The Batman Who Laughs™ .
Earth is in ruins and good guys on the run. I think Batman proper is riding it in current series. Collect all additional Dark Nights. Included collectable art card with Dark Night’s Metal artwork on the front, and character biography on the back. #McFarlane #DCmultiverse #Batman This is the DC Multiverse The Grim Knight Batman figure! General premise is that somehow the dark multiverse versions of Batman etc - won.