The Degree program in Industrial Information Technology gives you skills Bachelor’s degrees can be earned at state universities, at private universities, at community colleges and via online universities.Industrial engineering students learn about optimizing complex systems, processes and organizations.

Also, tell us which currency you'd like to have the fees displayed in. It is all about technical textiles that offer a variety of uses with new or substituting functional properties. .rating label { font-weight: bold; } Industrial Engineers forge careers that, though admittedly varied, are often concerned with how to drastically reduce or even eliminate our waste of time, money, materials, energy, and other valuable commodities. With your scientific knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, and physics, you will not only be able to develop effective technical solutions but using your business knowledge you can implement these in an organization. Students in the master’s programme are introduced to current research areas in three fields of study: Production and Processes, Energy and Raw Materials Management, and Materials Technology. One of the most popular courses with international students at the University of Malta is the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons). ... Professional Bachelor’s study programme “Industrial engineering” prepares highly qualified, competitive and competent experts.

After you complete your bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering at this university, you will be equipped with skills in the field of economics as well as engineering, and gain a thorough knowledge in both areas. The course Industrial Engineering & Management teaches you how to use technology, management, and economy in such a way that you will be able to improve production processes or to make organizations profitable or more sustainable. .quote-request-form-form legend { font-weight: bold; text-transform: uppercase; padding: 0 10px; }

font-weight: bold !important; ... .quote-request-form-row { overflow: hidden; margin-top: 12px; } The Internet of Things, industry 4.0, and many new technologies are challenging society and industry. They are also in charge of quality and inventory control, logistics, material flow, cost analysis, and more. float: none; In developing and working with technologically and socio-economically complex systems, an Industrial Engineer faces the challenge of bringing together human, physical, and financial resources along with knowledge and information in an optimal fashion. background-color: #d81b60 !important; You can enroll in a degree programme in Industrial Engineering at numerous German universities. +, Industrial Engineers forge careers that, though admittedly varied, are often concerned with how to drastically reduce or even eliminate our waste of time, money, materials, en .input-container { line-height: 21px; } .quote-request-form .ui-submit .ui-btn-inner { text-shadow: none !important; color: #FFFFFF !important; font-weight: bold !important } cursor: pointer; .quote-request-form { overflow: hidden; If you tell us your nationality, we can show you the visa and tuition information that is most relevant to you. ... padding: 20px; .quote-request-form-head { font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; background-color: #f2f2f2; color: #000000; } Students will learn how to... Master of Welding Engineering (Sint-Katelijne-Waver), Master's Program in Industrial Management and Innovation. This Program is based on technical know-how. .quote-request-form .rating-high { float: left; clear: left; } At, you can find and compare master's degrees in industrial engineering from many European universities.

Discover the options our scholarship can give you. In the Industrial Engineering & Management study programme you focus entirely on international maintenance management. Choose up to three courses that you want to compare. width: 100%; width: 100%; .quote-request-form ul { margin: 10px 10px 20px 10px !important; padding: 0 !important; list-style-position: inside; } The aim is for them to be good at what they do, excel in the job market, as well as create career opportunities for themselves with the skills they learn at university. .rating-item input[type=radio] { position: relative; left: 7px; top: 5px; } +, The interdisciplinary course combining mathematics, chemistry, biology, and computer science allows gaining knowledge in the fields of engineering and technology, as well as a margin-top: 10px;