. Could those be used with tung oil as the top coat on pine? I can not stress enough if the oil and thinner mix is not soaking in the 40 minute application period, a thinner ratio should be used. Latest Projects |


They contain varnish and will not let the oil penetrate. Do not use cardboard, newspaper, paper or plastic. Cutting Down 30yr old Birch Tree - Worth Saving for Lumber, Shaving Horse #5: Installing the Clamp and Conclusion. With very dense hardwood a thinner ratio than described below may be required. It can only be applied to a previous coat of pure tung oil.

DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Looking for information on designing your projects? So, begin by soaking all pine surfaces with oil, excepting only those that will guide sliding movement, such as the runners of drawers. If you are a carver or want... Intarsia, fretwork, intricate design cutting and more! If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress. Right Nomad62. | Privacy Policy Wood, your hand tools, you and a little know-how. Thinner can be mineral spirits (paint thinner), citrus solvent (all natural thinner), odorless mineral spirits or turpentine. This forum is for scrollsawers: share your tips, ask questions... Have a question? Here is a way to calculate how much Pure Tung Oil and Citrus Solvent you may need to finish the floor.

paul. I love the feel of Formbys tung oil, but it hides too much of the grain.

So the worn area’s will get two coats. Using the 1 part Pure Tung Oil to 1 part thinner, apply the same way as the first application with a brush or sponge mop. Thanx for the feedback Tiziana. LJ will not be held liable for the actions of any user. If after removing finish you find black or brown stains, see Oxalic Acid wood bleach to remove them. Pure dry tung oil left on surfaces will also scuff leaving white marks like dry skin. Does it gray the wood? Allow floor to dry over night. After the waiting period, wipe the oil off the surface with a “T-shirt” type material. Continue to apply the oil from beginning to end in this fashion. Before/After photo detail of a wood floor finished with 100% Pure Tung Oil. This formula will assume you are cutting the oil one to one with solvent. If I am going to seal and preserve I considered sealing and preserving the tables with 100% Tung oil with a … For best results a previously finished floor should be chemically stripped of its finish, cleaned of residue, then lightly sanded when dry to open up the surface. The objective with Pure  Tung Oil is to saturate the surface with as much oil as fast as possible and drive the oil into the cells of the wood getting maximum penetration but without leaving a film build on the surface.

Eyes, ears, fingers, and... Are you looking for or do you have tips to share regarding the workshop? Follow by thinned coats for the remainder. Happy Thanksgiving! Old materials will absorb much more oil then a new floor Old materials may benefit from using a straight up 100% Pure coat of oil on the first coat. Please scroll down for step-by-step instructions that compliment the video above. . Tung can be applied by rubbing only on dense hardwoods, but pine needs more oil than rubbing provides. How to Finish a Floor with Pure Tung Oil tutorial. The biggest key to application of a finish is preparation. Lightly dampen a clean cloth and apply real thin. These products will not effect the cured finish. Just gently and evenly wipe excess oil from the surface.

You may have to apply 3 to 7 coats of oil one on top of the other until it stays glossy. The oil to solvent ration can be variably adjusted any direction from a thicker mix to a thinner one. Do a test spot to see if the Pure Tung oil / Solvent mix soaks into the wood. Very dense hardwood species such a Brazilian cherry would need to use a 1 1/2 parts Citrus Solvent to one Part Pure Tung Oil for all coats. Your woodworking skills are displayed for several lifetimes in each project.

Wipe all excess oil from the surface with lint free “T-shirt” type material. I finished this room but took this photo halfway to show the effects. You will want to keep some T-shirt material on hand. So Is Danish oil on pine a good finish? Looking for help with ... Are you unsure of which tools, or hardware, you need, or which brands to buy? What most of them lack is the technical experience to guide you through the process. But I couldn’t find much literature on sealing and preserving pressure treated pine furniture for outdoors. Pure Tung oil can not be applied over another types of finish. Relief, 3D, chip-carving, whittling; carving knives, chisels, pocket-knives, power tools. Manage Consent. But the combo is pricey. The really dry spots can be individually coated. Any type of oil base finish can go over Pure Tung Oil at a later date. At this point the floor should dry for 7 to 10 days before you can walk on it with soiled shoes. | Do Not Sell My Data Clean the wood surface with a damp cloth. If water is spilled on my floors, the water beads up. Share your tips and challenges ... Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop! Tung Oil and Tung Oil blends such as Milk Paint make the short list of our best pine floor finish products. Hang rags out side to dry. Pro Tip: When doing future maintenance on your oiled floor and you need to get it done fast. So lets right here make a rule to remember “The 40 minute Rule”. Put a 2 part Citrus Solvent and 1 part Pure Tung Oil into a spray bottle. Your can use a brush, paint roller, finish pad or apply the oil with a sponge mop wrapped with old nylon stockings. Need a break from all the standing and wood dust? Is this like Minwax Tung oil? When you’re done, give the surface a few minutes to dry to the touch. Due to low VOC’s and less harm for the environment. Antique or old wood floor (more than 100 years) will drink up much more oil than new wood. Which I do not like. In the years down the road if you need to add a maintenance coat, I recommend using 2 parts Citrus Solvent to 1 parts Pure tung Oil for that as well.

Each gallon of oil will cover approximately 400 square feet undiluted. How about the odour? You can walk on it at any time during the drying process as long as your shoes are clean. Sand the surface of the wood (with 600-grit, very fine sandpaper) using long, light strokes in the direction of the grain. Adjust the ratio so it will soak in the 40 minute time frame. I prefer not to use Naphtha, as it seems to dry too fast. Latest Blog Entries | Does pt pine need to be sealed and preserved?