But this frosting is only somewhat sweet and nice and tangy. Fiona, Thank you so much for your kind comment. I don’t think you are vegan for very long before you must surely understand how vegan honey is or isn’t. I can’t believe it! Was searching for a simpler vegan recipe than what I had and so glad that I did. I just made a chocolate coconut flour cake and was looking fior a quick frosting. Jolinda Hackett has written five books about plant-based cooking and has developed hundreds of vegan and vegetarian recipes.

unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to edit it once you submit the comment. I have had a reader who has commented saying she enjoys it with cocoa powder. It was THE best! Thanks for letting me know! Thanks so much for sharing! That’s good to know that carob powder and full-fat coconut milk work too. Using a sifter (or a fine mesh strainer), sift the powdered sugar into a large glass bowl. Whatever. First of all be nice to ALL human beings, and acknowledge Emily’s work, she had the best intention in sharing her delicious chocolate defrost. For a sweeter chocolate frosting you could try my vegan “buttercream” frosting made with cashews. Disclaimer - Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy. It’s great to hear that you enjoyed it. Do you have anything that you would suggest as a replacement to Coconut oil? Yuck, I can’t imagine only eating the frosting now.

Let me know how it turns out. If you want a beautifully decorated cut out cookie that looks like it came from a bakery, then use this vegan royal icing recipe for sure. Cinnamon and coffee sounds like great additions. Let me know what you end up trying, I’d love to know. Refrigerate leftover frosting in an airtight container for up 5 days. Hey Internet, I seem to have a penchant for making things out of tofu (mostly cheese), but this time I decided to make frosting … I am so glad to hear that you love the frosting. Great recipe!! thanks for sharing. They were both good, but not as great as this version with both. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Simple and terrific. I had to frost brownies this morning before I left for work – you weren’t joking! To the two at least blithering brain cramps who said “honey is not vegan” learn to read, she was very clear. It was very good, but it defeats the purpose of being a vegan dish. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t give Emily the benefit of the doubt and couldn’t write the same thing more kindly. How much time do you have? Great frosting recipes that are perfect to make even normal cake that bit healthier. Creating a sugar-free powdered sugar substitute is very easy. Sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy the frosting.

I will have to give that a try. Hopefully it ill be resolved soon so you can share the recipe. The only question I have, can I use this frosting for a cake which will be on a table for quite a few hours in a room without aircon. I am so glad to hear that everyone enjoyed your cupcakes! Your email address will not be published. That’s awesome, Heather. Wish I edited my comment after I dictated it! This will be my go-to chocolate icing from this day forward – thanks!! I am glad you enjoyed the recipe, Erin. I didn't have any cashews (I almost never do; they're kind of expensive) but I did have a fridge full of tofu (I always do). I hope that helps. You can use this royal icing on your favorite cut out cookie, sugar cookie, or, What you will need for vegan royal icing…. It turned out wonderfully, he loved it:) Thanks! Hi there, I'm Emily. If you are looking for a sweeter, less intense dark chocolate recipe you might enjoy my vegan cashew frosting and add some cocoa powder to taste. holy cow! Can you provide a vegan chocolate cupcake recipe?

I used this to frost a two layer cake. That’s awesome Misha.

, Very simple and tasty!!! . I have never had macadamia milk before. I’m so glad to hear that you like the frosting Denise. I added some additional coconut oil, thinking maybe I had gone light on it. Thanks so much for sharing. I included TWO sources of acid to get that bright, tangy cream cheese flavor. You CAN use soaked cashews if you like, but I used firm tofu instead. What can I do with leftover cream cheese filling? Nanu…are you really vegan??? So you can't make it without sugar. While many are made from cashews, mine is nut-free. This quick and easy vegan royal icing recipe is made with a few simple ingredients and makes beautifully decorated cookies! I also have cacao butter, but we have a coconut allergy. The almond butter sounds like a great option too.

Speaking of sweet, to stay away from refined sugar I used a few tablespoons of maple syrup in this! . Also good to know that butter works well too. i got a little overzealous with the beaters so i had to thin it with some almond milk but it was so smooth and glossy and deep dark chocolatey.