WITT products are always in great demand due to their high precision, reliability and usability: In food, beverage and steel industries, medicine, glass making, laser technology, diving and many other applications. In this case just send it back to us on receipt. Please make sure it is correct when you paid for your item. The diving gas Heliox usually consists of 79% helium and 21% oxygen. Additional information. Mix 18 is a shielding gas for MAG welding of unalloyed and low-alloy carbon steels. Weight: 1.00 kg: SKU: 1745 Category: Gas Welding & Cutting Equipment.

With this process, mixtures of almost any gases can be reliably produced. Two types of gas combinations are preferred in MIG welding for Mild Steel; 100% CO2 and a 25-75 Carbon-Argon mix. Some gas mixers can also be transported to the point of use, enabling more economical and flexible use of process gases. In contrast to gas mixers with mechanical mixing valves, the electric mixing valves are not operated by hand via a rotary knob, but by means of small electric motors. With this patented functional principle, the continuous mixing of the gases takes place purely pneumatically via a sintered body.

WITT provides a complete service spectrum from a single source – worldwide. If you have any problem at all then please do not hesitate to contact us and we WILL resolve it for you. A wide range of applications include scientific and industrial processes, food production and storage and breathing gases.

For a first-class product, a first-class assembly service is vital:  No matter what continent you are on, we are there to install and commission your WITT product on site. Our low-cost Gas Mixing Kits let … The fully electronic control optimises the mass flow of the gases, and compensates for interferences such as pressure fluctuations or temperature effects. Proportional precision gas mixers deliver accurate weld shielding gas supply for specialized TIG/GTAW, MIG/GMAW and Plasma Arc welding applications. Description Additional information Product Description. eBay Money Back Guarantee. Gas mixers / gas blenders make it possible to produce the optimum process gas at any time, whether it is the perfect protective atmosphere in a food package or the optimum mixture for welding and cutting metals, the gas supply to a burner, special gas mixtures in a laboratory or the preparation of medical gas compositions, for example for anaesthesia. You are responsible for the safe use of our products and if you are not 100% sure about anything you should consult a professional. Further advantages are a quiet and stable arc, a more intensive penetration and good flow properties and modeling capability of the weld metal. To weld lengths of pipeline on the seabed, it is often necessary to dive to extreme depths. each, Two Gas Mixer for Argon and Helium with 10 to 180 SCFH, 4.8 to 85.7 LPM Flow Rate, Two Gas Mixer for Argon and CO2 with 10 to 180 SCFH, 4.8 to 85.7 LPM Flow Rate, Two Gas Mixer for Argon and Hydrogen with 10 to 180 SCFH, 4.8 to 85.7 LPM Flow Rate. The shank & mixer for the lightweight gun. Due to the mixing principle, the IBEDA gas mixers also ensure a constant gas mixture without buffer vessel even if the volume of gas withdrawal changes. WITT offers special gas technology solutions for the use of hydrogen as energy of the future. Capable of supporting a wide range of gases and designed to allow the user to quickly set exact percentages, Weldfabulous offers a line of gas mixers from Miller Electric that allows welders the opportunity for specific welding gas mixtures. ~Welding~Gas Welding Equipment and Accessories~Gas Mixers, / WITT products are low maintenance, extremely durable and meet or exceed all standards such as DIN, EN, ISO and TRBS. If you have any problem at all then please do not hesitate to contact us and we WILL resolve it for you. Gas mixers can be operated conveniently via intranet, internet or mobile devices. See our Whitepapers and learn more about gas technology. Depending on the depth to be submerged, the gases are combined on site using WITT gas mixers. Project: The networking and standardisation of digital gas supply systems for technical gases for interoperability via administration shell. Alle Urheberrechte sind vorbehalten. Since helium as a noble gas is very expensive, it is partly mixed with nitrogen to make its use more economical. Choose between stationary or portable units for sample or continuous gas analysis for almost any gas and application. Helium leak tests are used above all to test sensitive products that must be absolutely leak-proof. The welding pool is easy to control. Sign In to access your account information. © STAHLWERK Schweissgeräte Deutschland e.K. Depending on the desired mixing ratio, the individual gases are offered a varying size of sintered body surface area to flow through. Pharmaceuticals’ packaging is usually done under nitrogen, as it is an inert gas with a high degree of purity and inhibits the oxidation and growth of aerobic microorganisms. If you are looking for flashback arrestors, non-return valves, safety relief valves or other equipment - you can rely 100% on WITT gas safety equipment. Pick up a high-quality welding gas blender at Grainger to help enhance the gas metal arc welding process. Here you can see some examples, where and how our products are used in practical.

The flow rates of the individual gases are then combined to form a mixture. WITT offers a large range of pressure regulators and outlet points for almost all technical gases, pressures and flow rates. It is characterized by a high penetration resistance and low spatter.

Get the item you ordered or your money back. Note: Product availability is real-time basis and adjusted continuously. WITT provides the technological heart of helium leak testing systems and combines gas mixing, metering and analysing systems. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Gas Welding Mixer Type 5 Oxygen Propane at the best online prices at eBay!

Stationary, mobile and special tapping points, Stationary gas manifold systems and tapping points, Burner control systems, ignition monitoring devices and flame monitoring devices, Lane burners, lance burners, form burners, Infinitely variable withdrawal of gas mixture up to 30 l/min, High mixing precision even if the volume of gas withdrawal changes, Up to 3 mixing ratios can be pre-set according to customer‘s requirement, Cost savings due to the avoidance of storage of different premixes, Gas inlet filters protect the device against contamination, Diffusion-mixing principle, no power supply required, Withdrawal of mixed gas from 5 l/min up to maximum capacity, Straightforward use due to two integrated high-pressure regulators and high-pressure hose, Selector switch for selecting the pre-set mixture, Does not depend on the input pressure difference due to integrated constant pressure regulation, Does not depend on gas withdrawal variations, Mixture production stops automatically when gas supply is interrupted. The following four gas mixer types are available, and their selection depends on the application: Gas mixers with mechanical mixing valves have been tried and tested in countless installations for decades.

The MFC gas mixers generate mixtures by regulating the volume flow of each individual gas involved.

Get the best welds possible when you have the right equipment. We provide a wide range of Argon gas bottles in a variety of different sizes so whatever your requirements we are certain to have the gas solutions for you. The IBEDA iMixone is used, for example, in the production of mixed gases for protective gas welding and covers the most frequently used gas mixtures for the MIG, MAG, TIG welding.

Suitable for unalloyed and low-alloy steels and high-alloyed CrNi steel. These electric motors are operated via an electronic control system. Gas mixers are available in different versions. The shank & mixer for the lightweight gun. Thermco has over 45 years of experience in producing custom gas mixers that encompass a wide variety of gases, pressures, accuracy specifications and construction materials. The welding pool is easy to control. Find welding gas mixers to help blend common gas mixtures such as argon and hydrogen, argon and carbon dioxide and argon and helium. Gas cylinder shielding gas MIX 18 10L Stahlwerk Welding equipment accessories Using WITT gas mixers, you ensure the quality of your beer – in packaging and dispense. Trusted seller, fast delivery and easy returns.

Thermco is the world leader in manufacturing gas mixing systems and gas analyzers for welding shield gases, furnace atmospheres, food packaging, leak detection and many other specialty applications. We excel at …

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