Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Whether you adhere to the naming conventions of the Rider Waite tarot deck or any other popular deck, the spiritual journey of the tarot is the same. And don’t worry — this is all part of life. A single deck of tarot cards contains 78 cards with symbolic pictures. However, I would like to suggest you to take necessary advice from a professional tarot reader before reading the cards for someone. Would you like to experience a professional reading with the possibility of reversed cards? roadblocks. When you feel ready, state out loud your intention to use them. I am always happy to help clients, but not to the extent that they depend on me to do the work for them—which is impossible anyway! So for me I feel like for now, since I just started reading, reversed cards are helping me interpret the meanings more clearly. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. She believed that she should be happy; but though others may have found her relationship perfect, that wasn’t true for her inside.

they’re at an end, or you’re trying to preserve them but they need to go See how the meaning of any reversed cards changes as you subtly shift the intention of the layout. equilibrium. The message may be that your sense of creativity and abundance is at an all time high. I don’t know, it just frustrated me and made me lose confidence in my new skill and I figured that since your blog has helped me out SO much during this exciting adventure in my life, I would ask a professional!

afraid of making plans, but you’re delaying for some reason. Maybe you’re making plans and things look like Twos indicate balance and peace. Would you like to write for us? The Ten of Wands reversed might remind you to get out from under burdensome responsibilities. Try a three card spread for yourself on an issue that is important but not emotionally charged for you. on how you feel. The tarot interpretations used here include both the upright meaning and reversed meaning for each card in the tarot deck. Only you can tell which interpretation is best.). You may lack direction or feel blocked, discouraged and restricted. Now is your chance to shine. It’s like adding a pinch of cayenne to your reading (or a red lacy thong). I charge 1.69 only psychic and intuitive readings, tarot, spiritual counseling, past lives, chakra ... God gifted psychic - love and relationship specialist - good listener. You have to pull a card according to the query and then read it judiciously.

I guessed they had been trying to have a baby for some time. Someone else might have viewed the same card differently. desirable change. It’s FUN!!! Nice disscution about the reversed cards, I had alsow an experience ,I wanted tot know what will happen in my life when in come about love, did V. has reals reals feelings for me and if we ever be together?, it will be another man in my life? I am just learning, and throwing reversals in has been a bit confusing to me. Each card has its own meaning and interpretation. I had stayed away from reversals for that same reason.

Maybe that’s a bad analogy…but you get my drift! Because I feel that incorporating reversals often adds unnecessary messiness and confusion. Something has restricted your

However, if you have mostly reversed cards in your reading, then your situation is on top of you, and the energies are challenged in some wa… The 10 of Cups showing upside down suggested there was a block to true happiness or that happiness was illusory or not achieved. Select any tarot card from the list below. up in a past-influence position, then what you’re asking about was influenced

As you evolve as a Tarot reader, you will internalize the spectrum of meaning for each card, from negative to positive. The meaning of a reversed card sometimes comes from a twist in the usual interpretation. Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Yesterday's Moon Phase Rowan, this is a wonderful way of reading the cards – thanks for sharing it here.

I told this man that once the block was removed, the chances for a child were good. Larger spreads that contain placements for a wide variety of emotional states will usually cover what isn’t working, what is internalized, or what is blocked. necessarily a physical location) and are ready to get going. It may be in its early stages, or losing power. I gently guided her to explore her feelings. I’m a teenager and I was wondering if there was an age restriction against buying tarot cards. The qualities of the card are present, at least in potential, but they can't express completely. We can direct energy consciously or just let it take us where it will. In this way, you acknowledge your decision with conviction. A single deck of tarot cards contains 78 cards with symbolic pictures.

haven’t made a plan, your course of action is clear: Get off your rear and When a card is upright, its energy is free to manifest. tarot reading can help here as the reader could be an interesting third party Those two staffs, by the way, look a lot like roses that have been hung upside down to dry. The Empress reversed once appeared in a reading for a man who wanted to know if he and his wife might have a child. And I decided that a little tough love was in order. Kind of like I’m not quite there yet…April . Wands are typically the energy and action . to keep both sides equal. Every time I’ve tried, it seems too easy to bring confusion and ambiguity in interpretation.

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