Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kirkland Signature Organic Tomato Sauce, 11.3 Pound at Where the packaging could depict images from people who place orders. Just buy the Nassau Quattro elsewhere, it’s hardly rocket science. The problem, for Nassau, is that they manufacture balls for some of the big names in the industry.

Damn can’t even get a dozen on ebay for less that 40 bucks…. similiar production with full pricing disclosure on the website. My basis for this assessment? It’s April 1st right? Would like to learn more about where golf is heading in near future…Tore up my Rotator Cuff on both shoulders about 3 years ago and have had a tuff time getting back into playing shape, And people in the golf business wonder why golf is down across the board. Do a little research bud.

Infringement aside as in callaway case, they seem to always draw the bigger straw when dust settles. Probably $68 for 2 dozen ??? Sometimes the simplest answer (even if the background story is convoluted) is the right answer. Doesn’t really fit into the “we just ran out” story. The brand owners say COSTCO is degrading their brand because the brand owners have no clue as to where the product has come from, it could be defective or stale or whatever, COSTCO says they are saving consumers money. So the 4 dozen I have just went up in price again!!! These babies arrived in the mail today Andrew. Nope this is, once again, about Costco trying to disrupt the golf industry because nobody inside the industry trusts them enough to do business with them. According to Moneywise, a ton of Kirkland products are actually manufactured by big brands and then sold under the Kirkland name. The demand was there. It’s also likely doing its part to protect its largest customer from any backlash for undercutting the market and selling to Costco. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Regarding the dimple count. However, I can assure you from the mouth of a management level Costco corporate employee that a) there was product available that was pulled from shelves/warehouses and b) titleist is involved in this matter legally on some level. Take it for what it is worth. I believe this is why Nassau is saying the ball is a Quattro. Also, the Velocity is only a 2 piece ball, where as the Superhot is 3 and quite well priced. Standard practice in the Co-manufacturing business.. One company gets lucky with another’s need to dump inventory value before end of year. I mention TaylorMade in particular because the company’s tour balls are produced at the same factory as the Costco/Nassau balls, and there are some indications that production of new TP5 has pushed smaller companies to the back of the production line. You know there are several legal tools and procedures to encourage the ball manufacturer to stop that ball and still make more money that if he hadn’t stopped. 1. The lawyers wouldn’t do it and the PR Department would be all over it, because if that ever got out (and it would), there would be a backlash against titleist like you can’t believe. I kept a pretty big secret last year prior to the kirkland. At least some of these items are made by Starbucks. Keep up the fine work of telling us about the new products, and also the developments on current ones. We all know how profitable they are.

Still haven’t found one on a course yet. Well that’s unfortunate. it is how supply chain and many things in retail works (not gray market) but you go to 3rd world country x, give them your order for 50K shirts with your logo sewn on and instantly they go from $5 pair of jeans to $150, Or….they need to sell the massive amount of Calloway balls that they are sitting on…. I guarantee I can make a triple with any ball. I read an article that they will be back. End of story. I know…..I guess the “Heavyweights” in the industry can’t afford to let a good thing continue , huh? That said, Titleist is protective of their ball, and certainly isn’t adverse to sending nonsense letters (I can speak to that personally), so I can’t rule it out – except to say that you’re telling me something others are saying isn’t likely.

I’m guessing someone paid them off to.not sell … ie titleist .. Great story. Oh well, I thought, I’d still like to enquire about maybe getting a few thousand into the UK and maybe sell from home and just see how it goes – no one else in the UK seems to be doing it. By now you know the deal. They literally have no more balls to sell, and absolutely no means to produce more to the same spec. My buddy worked at Walmart and marked down the lethals to 9.99 a dozen.

What Kind of Appetizers Should I Serve for Thanksgiving? Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what's real and what's not, and that means MyGolfSpy's equipment coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them. As you can imagine, there’s little interest in allowing Costco to undercut the Quattro with the Quattro, nor is there any desire to see the ball market (including direct-to-consumer brands like Snell, and OEMs such as TaylorMade) undercut either. Sigh. They do not buy counterfeits, but they find limited supplies of various goods (look at their jewelry) and sell it much lower than he retail price you could get it at an authorized dealer. If you pay $7500 for a watch, you might feel differently if it breaks in 2 weeks and the manufacturer says, “talk to COSTCO and let them fix it”. Oh wait, I can’t play golf right now. Even a 50% mark-up would have been a good deal.