Stir to combine and then squish by hand to fully incorporate the ingredients. A soft and supple crust, beautiful coloring and fantastic rise. When preheated, take one of your bannetons out of the fridge and cut a piece of parchment paper to place on top. My whole family is in agreement that our sourdough is tasting better than it has for months :) We also enjoy the sourdough sandwich bread from your site almost every day. If so why and how long is *necessary*? Alternatively, you can make one long slash down the center. I didn’t do it, but I wanted to ask for future reference. Thanks so much in advance! The stretch and fold technique is simply an alternate kneading method. And while this step does have its advantages, I stopped doing it because I was able to achieve comparable results without doing so. Is there a reason it’s different and which one would you recommend I use? This time I didn’t have enough bread flour (12.7%), and for a substitute I used about 1/3 Janie’s Mill Turkey Red (11.6%). Alternatively, use a proofing box. will give it a try and follow the guideline here!!!!!

If using measuring cups, please aerate the flour first, lightly spoon it into the cup, and then level off the excess with the back of a knife. It’s always tough for me to truly diagnose the cause without seeing picture, or knowing your exact steps and environmental temperature. Emilie, I had great success with this loaf and actually used Winter wheat that my father in law grew in his garden in New Hampshire! However, in bread baking there are rules…. When finished, transfer to a wire rack. Our house is quite cool in winter, so I’ve had success with heating a wheatbag heat pack in the microwave and sitting the bowl or pot on top, with the whole thing wrapped up in a double thickness towel. I’ve taken to using my Heath Ceramics super thick ceramic bowl. The online recipes calls for whole wheat and bread flour only. Slowly convert your feedings over the course of a day or two to use all whole wheat instead of a mix of white/wheat, if that’s your situation.↩, Truly happy I can now easily purchase flour in large quantities like this, but shipping is still pretty high for me out in New Mexico.↩. Bake the dough with the lid on for 20 minutes. If the dough still feels slack after the 1st set, do an additional 4 folds around the bowl to tighten the dough. Hello! Then stretch and fold the bottom of the dough toward the center. I started to try sourdough baking about 6 weeks ago (trying different recipes & hydrations, but just white flour). I do it all the time (I like small loaves). Excellent video – a meditation in stillness. Line a small bowl with a cotton or linen cloth. Preheat the oven to 450 F towards the tail end of the second rise. Mix in baking soda, salt, honey, and vegetable oil. overnight if the weather isn’t too warm (if it is, use cool water and start way later in the evening to avoid over proofed dough). Thanks so much for this recipe. TIP: Whole wheat flour is incredibly thirsty. I’m also lining it with parchment. An easy, step-by-step recipe and video for whole wheat sourdough bread that’s light and flavorful (not heavy and dense). Artisan Sourdough Made Simple is back in stock! You can see in the image below just how much bran was sifted out and reincorporated back in after the second set of stretch and folds. Pre-shape into two loosely shaped boules to rest for 20 minutes. The overnight chill, in particular, seems to help, and I notice the odd bubble forming in the dough as it starts to warm up again in the morning, though I’m not sure why ?! If so what temp & how long should I bake. Grease your hands lightly with vegetable oil to prevent the dough from sticking to your hands and knead the dough inside of the large bowl. Because of the higher protein amount in this whole wheat flour the dough looked plenty strong to me after three sets of stretch and folds. :), Got it! If you don’t maintain a starter that is completely whole grain you can either convert yours over, make a new one from your existing one1, or use what you have with the expectation that your loaf will have just a little bit of white flour in it — not that big of a deal as the percentage of your eventual starter in the final dough is relatively small. With Central Milling’s new website where they’ve made ordering 50-pound bags easier than ever2, I have access to some incredible flour options, including a variety of whole wheat flour. 2.) To make things easier, you could mix your autolyse ingredients at the same time you prepare your levain, but I wouldn’t do any less than 2 hours. and then the whole bowl is chilled overnight). Will work just as well! thank you for your fast response!

See my post on baking in a Dutch oven or combo cooker for an in-depth discussion on the process to follow. Some of this is due to the exceptional whole wheat flour I’m using (see below), but of course, bread doesn’t just bake itself, the process is just as important. Thanks for reporting back! I tried the recipe again by following the step closely using all purpose flour and stone ground whole wheat. Made with 20% whole wheat flour. Dutch oven made from enamel coated cast iron :). I’ve also tried some of your more special recipes like the harvest rolls and cinnamon walnut and cinnamon rolls. Probably the change in air temp. The dough might stick, especially if you’ve dusted the paper with and the flour slides around and puddles in the center of the bowl. SO helpful. Denise. How to Create Warm Spot for Bread Dough: Preheat your oven to the lowest setting for 30- 45 seconds and then shut it off. Do I need to adjust the recipe in any way? With sourdough, an overnight bulk rise in the fridge is tricky because it won’t rise much. Dough that is too warm will become wet, sticky, and a tricky to work with. Good luck! The temperature should be 75-78 F and no higher than 80 F. Use an oven thermometer (and common sense) to keep track of the temperature. Also the amount of dough in your recipe is slightly larger than the previous recipe I used. 100 g starter The dough is ready when it looks puffy and has risen slightly, but has not yet doubled in size. If using a liquid levain you want bubbles on top and throughout and still a sweet smell to it, but almost tangy. I haven’t been able to find bread flour with any regularity since the pandemic began, but I have the feeling that All Purpose Trader Joe’s and Gold Medal have higher protein content than other brands I have tried, these seem to behave closer to bread flour.

Thanks so much for your help, I am buying your book on my next Amazon order! Sprinkle with flour.

Knead the dough for about 5 minutes. I have a question, I am baking exactly per your instructions in an old small graniteware roasting pan with a lid. The dough should not be very cold prior to baking. The precision with your scoring is slightly more critical here with this bread as there is little explosive expansion, but rather, slow increase in the oven that gravitates toward your slashes. As we know, flour is an incredibly important ingredient in bread, you know, since it is one of the only three ingredients required. As you can see below, we do a gentle preshape. I have more information on generating steam in your home oven on this future post, but one thing I’ll say here if you’re studying my picture above: you’ll notice I have a baking stone on top to radiate heat downward on my loaves. Works every time, and so satisfying to make. I’m just not sure how to prepare it for baking. Place the covered bowl of dough inside to bulk up. It took a bit longer time than 3 hrs to bulk ferment at around 75F (glad the fridge helped so i don’t need to stay up too late haha). Thanks for any other tips you can offer.